What is it like being induced?

I’m being induced TOMORROW. Bright and early and let me tell you what I am NERVOUS and really excited…

This will be my first so I have absolutely no idea what to expect and my doctors suck and wouldn’t tell me much about what to expect.

So… Any tips or induction stories would be SO helpful.

Like how long is it going to take? Will they let me sleep? Can I eat? They have clear liquids checked off on my doctors orders so does that mean they won’t let me eat actual food?? A girl loves to eat… So should I eat a big breakfast before I go in? After I get induced how long will it be until I can have my baby? How do they induce you? Will my husband be fine to go to work that day or should he call off?

I’m so clueless about tomorrow it’s ridiculous. All I know is I’m supposed to show up to the ER with these doctors orders paper and let them take me. TIA!


Yes please eat as much as u can because u will have to starve untill baby is born…and u not allowed water either

I was induced with my son it went nice and smooth had no issues and I slept 99% of it… I was induced 10/31/15 at 9pm and my son was born 11/2/15 at 1:45am only pushed 45 minutes… they broke my water at 6pm on 11/1/15 and my son was born 11/2/15 at 1:45am

Just dont eat very bad idea

I was induced the 9th. Unfortunately it didn’t work. But once they start the process of inducing that baby has 72 hours to be born. Since my daughter didn’t come out my doctor had to do a c section. The 11th. I haven’t heard of many stories like mine. So I’m sure you won’t have to worry about that. I would suggest eating a meal before you go in. Yes they tell you not to. But they do not feed you until after the baby is born. So for me that was 72 plus hours. Nurse was able to sneak in some jello but that was lucky.

I was induced on the 21 due to high blood pressure they started in the morning at 10am and I had my son at 5:57pm that day, i was 2cm when they started the process and at the end I progressed super quickly, 6cm to him being out in 20 minutes, I don’t know if it was because I was lucky or not but I was allowed to eat food

Everyone different… inductions in general especially first time moms can take a while. That said I would have your husband there in case something becomes more urgent and baby doesn’t tolerate the induction/labor process. How they induce you depends on how favorable your cervix is… sometimes Foley with a prostaglandin ripening agent… sometimes just pitocin… often a combination of both. Usually is okay to have breakfast before you go in as you are not scheduled for surgery.

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I just got induced Friday. No one can tell you how long it takes because everyone is different. For me start to finish was 8 hours. 3rd baby. Only was allowed ice and water. I will say it was more painful than your body doing labor on its own. But I swear the forced contractions helped me have a fast labor. Pushed 3 minutes and she was out. Good luck !!!

I was induced with my first. I was miserable with pitocin. I wasn’t allowed to eat once they started my labor. I didn’t know what to expect either. The nurse let me have a bag of Cheetos on my way up to labor and delivery :joy:. That was all I had for the next 11hrs. Labor was long and hard.
My other two were quick, I went into labor on my own. But they also came a few days after their due dates. If I had to do it all over again, I wouldn’t go through being induced.
Everyone is different, every baby, every labor. I’m wishing you the best! I would eat before you go though

With my first, I got to the hospital for induction and was put on pitocin around 1PM. Felt no contractions at all until around 6 or 7 PM when they came on so strongly. Had an epidural around 9PM and was able to take a nap. Woke up and was about ready to push. 50 minutes of active labor and baby was born 2AM. I wasnt allowed to eat during any of it, but they kept delivering food to my room :rage: I would reccomend husband being there, because they kept threatening a c-section if I didnt dilate so much by whatever time.

There’s a chance it might not work though. That’s what happened to me and I got sent home.

It took a week and more than one trip, so definitely everyone is different. Don’t stress about it you’ll be fine

Your husband should call off. You’re not going to want to me alone when the contractions start… use your support system if you have one. I personally have no tips, just assume the worst and try to make yourself comfortable. I was all about the ice machine and my fan during labor, but I was in labor for about 27 hours before I had my c section, if your labor goes on along time and you can sleep (I was only able to because I got the epidural) I would highly suggest sleeping. Its exhausting.

But you could be like my sister in law and pop out babies within an hour of having her water broken.

There is no rhyme or reason to it.

I was going to write out what happened with me but i dont wanna scare you. So all i gonna say is DONT . unless its life or death DONT.

I was induced with my first baby, it took 18 1/2 hours, you can sleep if you get the epidural, I didn’t so I didn’t sleep. No you can NOT eat. Not until after the baby is born. Everyone is different on the time it takes to have the baby from the time you are induced. They will start an IV with meds to kickstart labor and eventually they will break your water. They should have told you. You are not to have anything to eat after midnight the night before the induction. Your husband should call into work, you are having a baby. :woman_shrugging:

Weren’t doing epidural routinely 27 1/2 yrs ago; admitted for induction by gelling cervix to soften & in theory to start labor 3:30 pm. Not much progress so broke water @ 9:20 am & started IV pitocin (pit) afterwards. Finally progressed to 10 cm @ 6:50 pm & ready to push; however, their were 5 of us in active labor @ same time & we were all managed by same OB practice. My son was an abnormal presentation (posterior)–> horrific back labor & OB repositioned him in utero before delivery & he was the last to be delivered @ 9:53 pm-- finally after a labor of love!

Hubs should definitely be there especially since it is your first. Yes, eat a moderate bkfst as you will only be allowed liquids. After I delv’d my friend who was an LPN working 3-11 after finishing her shift went to Burger King to bring me back food👍

Ask lots of questions; nurses are there to educate & support you through your birthing experience. Breathe; you’ve got this! Good luck!!!

Everybody needs is different and all drs don’t do the same things talk with God he is in control no one but him truely the time you conceived.so he know when the baby fully ready to be born may God be with you and your husband