What is it like getting a gastric sleeve?

Have any mamas got the gastric sleeve? how did it go for you? What do you need to be approved? I am so unhappy with my body and ready to get healthy


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What is it like getting a gastric sleeve?

Look up dr Michael hii at st Vincent’s private
68 kgs down 3 years po. Best decision I’ve ever made.

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Im getting the gastric bypass done next month. I highly suggest going to speak with a specialist in this area about all the different types of gastric surgeries and what would be the best one for you, bc they are based on your health history, bmi, etc. You also need to see which ones your insurance will cover, how long you need to do therapy for, will you need to visit with a nutritionist before surgery would be approved or not etc.

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While it helped lower my weight, the surgery also affected my anemia more than it already was and now my anemia has affected my heart function to 30%. I’m 9 years out, at this point I no longer recommend it


If you have heartburn of any sort get the bypass vs sleeve. Sleeve can make jt worse (I experienced it and had to get revision to bypass) either way best decision I’ve made for myself.


I lost 35 pounds by just cutting back on what I eat, it took a little bit for my stomach to shrink, you can’t believe what a difference that little bit of weight has made


Intermittent fasting works wonders! Try that first… so many take surgery first and there can be many complications. Unless you’re hundreds of pounds overweight … working out and eating healthier is safer.


I had the surgery 5 years ago this coming Dec. I would do it all over in a heart beat. I used. Weight wise in Edmond, ok.

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Not me but my aunt, she was large and got it done, now she’s so thin, frail, and sick 24/7, they messed up and she lost 80% of her stomach mass. She can’t eat almost at all. She mostly lives off of protein shakes.


I have a friend it worked for and she’s happy with no health issues and I have a few friends who have had it done and have had nothing but health issues and hair loss

Don’t do it! Join a gym. I am handicapped, worked out on the weight machines, and the cardio machines they had tvs on them you can watch TV while you do cardio, treadmill, bikes, elliptical. My favorite was the rowing machines. The weight will come off faster than you think because muscle burns fat! Eat subway chicken sandwiches, on wheat bread, with veggies and onion sauce. dont change your diet at first, add healthier choices gradually, as you see the weight come off, the diet change will happen gradually and the exercising will become an addiction!!!


Everyone I know who has had the procedure done ages 10 years after the 1st year post op and do not look “healthy”. Personally I put the time into eating better choices and exercise and am slowly losing the weight without the sagging skin left behind from drastic weight loss.


Dietary changes, not surgery!


Remember the stomach I is a mussel it can stretch and you can put the weight back on
I’ve seen it happen
You have to get your food addiction under control as well


Could also look into wegovy! Weight loss med that works! Join an ozempic/wegovy fb group to see before/after pics. It’s crazy! I just started ozempic two weeks ago.

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It almost killed me. I could keep anything down at all for a year. I had picc lines, mid lines, and a central line, got septic twice, got blood clots, went blind from low B1, had feeding tube and by the end of that year I couldn’t walk on my own.

I would say talk with your primary care doctor to see if this is a viable option for you. It may be the jumpstart you need but remember you STILL have to do the work of eating right and exercising for the weight to stay off. I know SEVERAL people who have gotten this surgery and it was a safe, healthy option for them and they still look great until thus day.

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I had the surgery 11 weeks ago. It’s a huge process but totally worth it. All the pre op appointments set you up to succeed. I’m down 55 pounds, eat balanced small meals multiple times a day and feel better then I have felt in years. Call a local center and set up a consult!

I had VSG in June 2018.

Different insurance companies have different pre-op requirements.

I had 6 months of nutritional counseling and 1 pre-op nutritional visit, a psych evaluation, pre-op blood work, EKG and a pre-op evaluation. Then a 2 week pre-op liver shrinking diet. I was 5’3” and 275lbs when I started. One year out, I was 5’2” and 155lbs. I have had some regain, but I also have zero food intolerances, so I occasionally indulge in a treat. Some people have food intolerances and some don’t, so that part depends on you.

Prior to surgery, I tried multiple different diets and exercise plans. I would lose 20ish pounds then gain it all back. This went on for years and years, struggling with my weight.

Post-op, you’ll start on a liquid diet, move to purée foods, then soft foods and finally to back to solids. To be successful, you HAVE to stick to the post-op diet and you’ll be on vitamin supplements for the rest of your life.

Keep in mind, every body is different, so any of us on here telling you our stories, doesn’t mean that will be your experience.

I struggle with being full versus being satisfied and I struggle very much with body dysmorphia. I don’t regret the decision to do it though.

Below is my before, at 275lbs and my after, at 155lbs.

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