What is it like having a vaginal birth?

How would you describe a vaginal birth? I have only ever had c sections…so i was just curious


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What is it like having a vaginal birth?

Like you’re shitting out a double edged sword sideways


Painful! Especially when the head starts to come out feels like your on fire down there, know as “the ring of fire”. Can also feel like breaking a bunch of bones in your body all at the same time.


Everyone handles birth different. As for myself I have never felt more pain and thought I was going to die while giving birth. Very painful. Even more painful than the surgeries I’ve had throughout the years. But some women can just pop a baby out without problems

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Pain like you never felt before.


For me it was not super painful (pushing was like oddly relieving like pooping lol) but it was exhausting- both of mine I had to push for an hour so by the end of it I was like ok… ready for this to be over now… :joy:

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I loved my vaginal births… They were quick and easy… No pain relief or tearing with either… both were induced… both only pushed a few times… the whole process only took a couple of minutes from the first urge to push until baby was completely out and the pain of labour was instantly gone… Both were born while I was standing upright…

1st I experienced no pain at all from the moment I had my first urge to push… 2nd I felt a tiny sting for a second as the head started to crown and that’s it…

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The worst most miserable expirence a human being can ever have. You’re lucky you had csections.


Imagine shitting a watermelon out…Haha


Painful, especially twins both breech!

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My mum pushed out a shit at the same time I came out. I landed in a pile of her poo. I’ve had a crappy life ever since :sweat_smile: wouldn’t recommend

I had epidurals so it just felt like a lot of pressure. Like honestly trying to poop out a giant poop from the wrong place :joy: but painless.

Painful. A LOT of pressure everywhere. I had the gas and a water birth which helped a lot. I actually told my midwife I wanted to just go home :joy:

I didn’t scream or anything, but I did cry a bit during crowning.

Once the shoulders are through the rest just falls out. BEST. RELIEF. EVER.

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On a good epidural, felt like absolutely nothing with my first 2 babies. Recovery pain wasn’t that bad either, a little tender but that’s it.

Feels like someone is ripping your vagina apart from the inside.

I just had a vbac less than 2 weeks ago. They pushed the epidural due to the fact theres a possibility of the contractions rupturing the csection tissue from the inside. And once i had that i felt nothing else. No pain whatsoever. I felt the water break and a poop sensation when it was time to push but pushing her out didn’t hurt at all. Its was just a really good epidural lol

You can’t really explain it to someone who hasn’t had it


It is different for everyone. My first three I had an epidural so I really didn’t feel anything, just an instant release of pressure when they emerged.
My fourth was unmedicated and I still didn’t feel anything. I felt the severe contractions but once I actually started pushing I was numb (adrenaline I suppose) I didn’t feel the “ring of fire” or any pain from the actual delivery. I felt only an urge to bare down. Again an instant release of pressure and all was well. I asked immediately if I could just go pee.
I will say the more I breathed the more my body did the work itself. like on cue.

If I didn’t have to be pregnant or actually keep a child, I’d have babies all day long. I found it enjoyable :woman_shrugging:t4:

I thought it wasn’t bad at all breathed them out and when I get to that stage I’m happy because it doesn’t hurt - I feel contractions are a bit sore, but that’s all. First two where water births and the third was no water - that felt different but not sore just different

For me the labor was harder than the pushing. It was tiring and there was some burning from the stretching but then again that was just my experience.

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if you are wondering about pushing, only way I can describe it is, you are constipated and trying to poo :joy:
Contractions were the worst part


The worst shit /period cramp youve ever exp x100

I threw up multiple times.

Epidural hurt like hell! Giving birth vaginally, piece of cake. I felt nothing and recovery went pretty smooth too. I’ve had friends who were in labor for days though and had a very rough time so it just depends on your body and your baby

I had 3 vaginal births with big babies and all 3 were different. The first (8lb 4oz) I pushed for 4.5 hours and he was suctioned out. #2 (9lb) pushed for 1.5 hours. #3 (9lb 3 oz) practically fell out lol, maybe 3 pushes.

I had 2 both so different
1: contractions where the worst part labour was a breeze apart from the burning sensation when the head is coming out
2: labour and contraction where equally as bad… had to get stitched so was pretty bad

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You can only experience it yourself to have a perfect discribtion

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Depends if your epidural works or not … 1st child I couldn’t feel anything below my waist , not even if I had to pee, they had to tell me when to push… 2nd child, it failed… felt everything… feels like your insides are ripping, it burns really bad when they get to the shoulders part and then after the baby comes just instant relief

Go on you tube and watch


The contractions sucked. It took forever. But the PRESSURE is what I remember. OMG :flushed: I remember that more so than the pain and I got an epidural and it was fine but my nurse accidentally let the medicine bag run out and it wore off right before the baby came out, she said it was too late for another but I screamed for one anyway because I was scared lol. They hooked it up and it kicked in after the baby was out :rofl: but for me the pressure of feeling like every bone in your body is going to split at once was crazy. But it is instant relief when the baby is out.

I was laughing through labor with all 4 of mine! My oldest son was born in the bathroom floor at the hospital and my youngest daughter was born in the observation room before I could get into the delivery room :woman_shrugging: contractions weren’t that bad for me.

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The actual pushing part wasn’t nearly as bad at the labor portion. More like you are severely constipated, feel like you have to take a massive shit but you’re fighting for your life to get it out lmao

Oh and the ring of fire is not an exaggeration. :fire:

Frankly I was so busy trying to get through the pain of the contractions and then focus all my energy on pushing. So like any traumatic event I don’t remember much except for the very beginning and the end when I saw my babes for the first time

Both of mine were quick. Painful as expected but once the shoulders are out not too bad. Glad I didn’t opt for an epidural a couple of my mum friends say they have suffered back pains ever since

Everyone says pushing hurts so bad but my contractions were so bad pushing felt good and relieving!

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I have had two natural births. 2 epidural births.

It’s painful. If you let the pain take over. It feels like you’re whole body hurts.

You have to focus. Watch the screen during contractions.

There isn’t another thing to compare it to.


It’s like having a very painful, gigantic poo, there is so much pressure, and your body just takes over really, the “ring of fire” was not that pleasant :rofl:


Squeeze a watermelon through a walnut. That’s all I can say really :rofl:


Like you’re being ripped apart, because you are.


Everyone’s experience is different. But I guess in general, contractions are like MASSIVE period cramps, it’s usually a long, exhausting process, pushing feels like you’re constipated and your vagina is on fire after. BUT, all the pain goes away when you hold your baby​:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: lol. Wishing you a safe and speedy recovery!:heart:

The most beautiful pain in the world. For me it wasn’t near as painful as others told me it would be.


I thought I was gonna die like my insides being ripped open. I had no pain meds. But once baby is out u forget about the pain so worth it


Honestly I can’t really describe it

With my son I had an emergency episiotomy because they lost his heartbeat for 8 minutes when he was on his way out so they numbed me and cut me and I didn’t feel it

With my daughter she came so fast that I felt my organs were going to fall out I don’t remember the pain of pushing her out I do remember saying it burns but that’s all I remember

I had non medicated births both times though and really I focused on the pain of the contractions way more than the pain of pushing a lot of people say pushing hurts but I don’t remember it hurting I remember it feeling relieving and almost good to push however I had a midwife both times and was able to listen to my body they didn’t really check if I was dilated that much they just let me do my thing and I only pushed when my body started pushing on it’s own my son was out in two pushes but I had an emergency episiotomy and my daughter was out in three

Even to this day the only pain or feeling I remember is the pain of the contractions but second go around I was able to figure out what worked for me to relieve the pain a little but I don’t think there really is anything you can compare it to or really describe it as other than it burns a little but even the contractions (if unmedicated) take over that pain so you don’t really notice

Hard painful can take ages during all the pain your most likely say never again but you soon forget after the birth and the baby is put into your arms enjoy :blush:

painful, i had to have 2 epidurals the first one didn’t hold, i had a long 13 hours of labor, vomited and defalcated due to all the pushing and it getting to my head- my child had broad shoulders so it ripped me out so it was so much more painful, my second one they let me do c-section it was a week late again and we worried about ripping out again even worse. very uncomfortable , painful, and interesting experience

but yes definitely different for everyone based on your body and situation.

Contractions were horrible. Once I got the epidural it was smooth sailing from there on out. I had to get 2 with both kids cause they wore off before they came out. Never thought I would be so relieved to get a needle shoved in my back lol.

Everyone is different and I was terrified with what people told me to prepare for. It was nothing like that for me. I did have an epidural. I was lucky enough to have no pain during contractions or really anything. It felt more like a lot of pressure but no pain at all for me. The only part that actually semi hurt was getting Stitched up. I think because I was so excited and felt so powerful and amazing that may be why I didn’t have pain… not sure! But everyone is totally different :heart:

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A pain soon forgotten!

I’ve had 2, one natural and one induced with piticon. The one with no drugs was SO MUCH EASIER…

I’m not gonna lie, mine was horrible. Water broke on May 24th, put on pitocin. Took 2 days to get to 10 centimeters. Was given the epidural. Finally on May 26th, he was born. Don’t remember much cause I was in and out of it those few days till I was pushing him out. Just felt lots of pressure like I had to poop!! Horrible part for me was pushing him out, cord wrapped around his neck twice, the cord broke apart, and my dr was literally putting her hand inside me to dig out the placenta which was in pieces. 3 weeks post partum, started hemorrhaging at home, placenta was still stuck in my uterus. So my delivery was horrible and caused me ptsd.

My first was and I ripped and had horrible blood clots afterwards. Like so much the nurses had to scoop them out of me for 2 days. I had to have a catheter for a week after I came home. My next 3 were csections and went quick and easy w no issues.

Honestly, it’s not to bad. I wouldn’t have done it 5 times if it was. I did an epidural with #1 because I thought that’s what was expected. Did the rest naturally. Lots of pressure like you have to :poop:. Crowning burns, but once the head is out, it’s like instant relief. It’s different for everyone though.

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You definitely don’t remember or
Feel the pain once they put the baby in your arms

And yes everyone is different

I don’t think you should be asking on here because EVERYONE is giving you horror stories. Everyone’s birth is totally different. You just need to do your research, concentrate on things that help and dont let any midwife make you back down. It’s honestly bearable, I managed to do it unassisted and with no epidural

Well, it feels like you’re being ripped in half lengthwise. I wasn’t prepared. If you can do Lamaze, I hear that helps a lot. I do know it gets better once you can push. Then once the head is out, and they can get the shoulders loose, it’s sooo much better… it’s done. Nowadays, they put the baby on your chest and once they do that, the rest doesn’t matter. You’ve got that precious little being that makes it all worthwhile.

Excruciatingly painful but so very empowering

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Wonderful! Honestly, for me it felt like the best release in the world. My first pregnancy wasn’t cause I did have to get cut but even the pain of that was gone before I could really even think about it.

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Pressure like no other. Ring of fire is painful but once you start pushing it gets better quick

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1st its pain worse than stubbing ur little toe then it’s like pushing a huge poo (the ones that get stuck and u sit there straining)


Everyone will have something different to say about it but for me personally, all of my vaginal births felt different (my girls were front labor but boys were back labor… boys felt like a tree coming out but the girls came out faster and didnt feel as “bulky”) BUT vaginal birthing is my favorite way to do it if possible because the pain goes away instantly as soon as I push my babies out! And I always have a decently pleasant healing process as well with that birthing method. I always look forward to it! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’m personally terrified of having a c section. Endless kudos to those who have to or simply choose to go with it! But it makes a supermommy either way whether vaginal or c section.

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I was fine until they gave me oxytocin then contractions and everything went bad. I ended up agreeing to the epidural and from there it was smooth sailing. I only pushed twice and she was out. Healing sucked but I found around 4 week mark I was in lot of discomfort and pain and felt like I had weights holding me down.

Quite painful and forgetful after seeing that cute little face. Then you just go on and have another pregnancy.

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Birthing is different for everyone. For me the pain is the afterbirth. The manual extraction of the placenta is the most painful I found. The ring of fire and urge to push isn’t too bad. The relief is unimaginable once baby is born. And the strongest and longest contractions is the worst point.

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Laboring worse than delivering.
Uncoated birthing and listening to the body can result in such a beautiful experience.

For me, contractions awful. But walking, breathing techniques, and mantras really helped deliver unmedicated.
As for delivering- letting gravity help, and it just burns as babies head comes out. The ring of fire.

A lot of pressure and burning

Lorna Ashley Taylor read some of these I’m sat cackling they’re so true hahahaha

A blow torch to the vag :joy:


Try to pass a watermelon


I have 3 and it was nothing for me but everyone is different. My first 20 min 2nd was 10min in the hall of the Hosp the 3rd 4 hrs because I went to the Hosp to soon.

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Had 3. Tore with each babe. 3rd babe I was doped on pain meds (I DESPISED the feeling), it felt like I had to take a massive number 2. I was induced with him. I will say that going into labor on your own is significantly much different than being induced. The pain is much more easier to handle when you go into labor on your own.(no pain meds with my 2nd)

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Without epidural… painful
With epidural… like you’re shitting out a watermelon


Burning ring of FIRE :fire:


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Extremely painful yet beautiful :heart_eyes:

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for me three times it was no big deal. No pain no cutting no stitches. the last child hurt for a second when he stopped at the shoulders stuck. no screaming and no drugs

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2 pregnancies. First one, they knocked me out with good drugs. He weighed 10 lbs 13 oz 22 3/4 inches long. I had lots of stitches and sat on a blow up donut for a while. Second one, had a saddle block. I started labor, it stopped, they induced me. As they were wheeling me in, my husband said if this isn’t a girl we can try again. I said I don’t know how that will happen but it will not be me. He weighed 8 lbs 14 oz 23 1/2 inches long. My first born was delivered in a civilian hospitals and my second was delivered in a military hospital. Don’t regret having either one.

Pure hell. Do not recommend.


Yes having a watermelon :sweat_smile::watermelon:


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Both mine were vagina births n both were breach as well as natural, pain was unbelievable, no pain meds to after I gave birth

Gena Neal :laughing: have a ready lol big fan hahahaha

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The burning…O M G. And it truly feels like you’re being ripped in half.

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It hurts but it’s a different kind of hurt
The c section that’s painfully

Feels like your insides are ripping apart, also burns like hell

Every one is different. Preparation is key. Don’t be scared.
Push from the diaphragm when you are told to push.
Had my son naturally. Yes it was hard.


Feels like the pressure of Niagara Falls. The ring of fire worse than The Lord of the Rings :joy:


Lamaze classes are a good preparation. If you don’t have a high tolerance for pain, it is uncomfortable. I had my child naturally without an epidural and it wasn’t bad but I have an extremely high tolerance for pain.

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Sorry, have to say it. It can’t be too bad if y’all want to do it more than once.


Feels like you are taking a HUUUUGGGGEEEE poop! That’s the best way I can describe it. I had an epidural with all 3 (best thing ever) and just ALOT of pressure!!

Pushing out a bowling ball, except it feels like your pushing it outta both holes. :joy::joy::sob:


6 children naturally lol it fucking hurts

The intense pressure and feeling of having to poop but can’t
Never have experienced anything like it
Not so much pain but pressure
The contractions were painful but the baby itself coming down the canal is intense pressure if that makes sense
My second came flying out and didn’t have time for an epidural :weary::weary::weary::face_holding_back_tears::face_holding_back_tears::face_holding_back_tears::face_holding_back_tears:

I didn’t feel the ring of fire bc she literally came out so fast everyone was left with their mouth open lol she was like a wet bass

I would do it again. It hurt, but you know the pain doesn’t last for ever. It was like really bad cramps. My body like just took over. When they tell you to stop pushing I couldn’t my body was automatically doing it.