What is it like having a VBAC?

Opinions on VBACS ??

I have had 3👍
There is still a risk but for me the benefits out weighted the risk

My first was an emergency C-section and I asked my doctor about having one with my second child. he refused and said that there was a high percentage that it would end up in a C-section anyway so I did not have that option for my second and third. my best advice would be to find a doctor that is open with it because mine surely wasn’t

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I had 2 and I had a doctor who was very supportive in that decision

I tried for one, but unfortunately my body wouldn’t let me… but at least i tried n but wasnt scared of another csection either

I had a Vbac :raising_hand_woman:t2: honestly I prefer that over csection!! The recovery is faster & better :sob:

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My 3rd was an emerg csection, my 4th a vbac! Vbac all the way. Much better recovery time.

Your allowed to tell your doctor that a csection is a no go. And that you WILL try a VBAC. Unless your very high risk you have final say. They have to treat you how you want. Ive lived in 15 states and every hospitial and every doctor is the same. You just have to put your foot down