What is it like healing from a tubal ligation?

Needing advice. In May, I will have my baby girl via C-section, and I am also going to have a tubal ligation done. I’m curious about what to expect healing wise with the tubal ligation. I know what the c-section healing process is, as this will be my third. But nervous oh what part the tubal ligation plays in the healing process.


I had a tubal done and the healing process was super easy and lasted 2 days.

Tubal ligation I rested for a day took it easy the second and back to normal the third.

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I had my tubes removed right after my c section. There was no difference in healing.


I’ve had two c-sections and with my second one I also did tubal ligation. I didn’t feel any more discomfort then the csection itself.

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I felt awful the 2nd go around. Way more stiff and sore.

This post is helpful to me, as I’ll be giving birth on June via C-section and will have my tubes tied as well. Thank you for your helpful answers :heart:

If you’ve had a csection before it’s not that much more painful healing wise. I did have it done with my 3rd as well. The only thing I noticed is that the healing took slightly longer for me. Remember though, every body heals differently!


I had my tubes taken out not during a c section though. I felt okay about 3 days after and better after a week.

I’ve never had a c-section but I just had a tubal ligation 2 weeks ago and other than being a little sore and some discomfort at my incision sites it was easy!

Iv having my second c section in two months and getting my tubes removed. With a 4 year old I’m wondering how much harder it’ll be

I had mine done while I was on the table for my 5th c-section. The tubal made no difference in the recovery process.

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You probably want even noticed you had that knowing what healing from a c-section is. After my son was born at my age of 40 I had the tubal done 5 hrs after having him. Another epidural and they went in right at my belly button. Lol

The surgery is super quick! It takes them longer to prep you than the actual surgery! Minimal pain afterwards and no lifting for 2 weeks. We had our last in May 2019 and I had them removed end of July 2019.

Literally no difference. Just had my csection and tubal on 1/29


I had mine done and three days later made a 4 hour trip up north to visit family. Wasn’t bad at all, just stiff and tender.

It depends on how many csections you have had. I had a tubal done after my 3rd csections and I was in so much pain, but they say the more births you have the more painful it is each time (as far as the cramps go). I will tell you this, it has been a year and my periods are horrible. They last 10 days, heavy bleeding and horrible cramping. Make sure it’s really what you want. I regret mine.


8 csections had my tubes tied and burned 3 weeks ago with my last csection and feel like shit I have pain like a burning pain dr said its normal

Wont really feel much different than a regular csection… only difference after mine-- is now my period are SUPER heavy!:woman_facepalming:


Had mine done with 2nd c-section and it was a little more painful than the first. Don’t know if it was from tubes removed or it being my 2nd one. Before and through period I am in more pain and its not cramping pain

I didn’t even notice notice any extra pain just the usual c section issues. It was a breeze.

Just had my 3rd c section in January along with tubal the recovery wasn’t any different.

I had a tubal with my third csection and didn’t notice any difference in healing as opposed to the other csections. It did make my periods heavier and last a little longer, but I’m glad I got it done. Csections take a toll on the body!

It really varies. I just got one in July. The healing was fine and you don’t really feel it alongside thecsection healing. However my periods have become very unpredictable and during my first ovulation it was extremely painful but hasn’t been since

Just had my last csection and tubal in july and honestly the recovery was no different. I think this was my easiest recovery. But yes the periods suck afterward. Alot heavier and i was never one to have cramps but now i do.

It will be no different for you.

I had 3 c/sections and had tubal ligation when I had my 3rd and super easy and periods are light.

Its not bad. Same as healing from a c section

I had two vaginal births, and a few months later had the tubal. Super easy no pain.

Like everyone else said. Since you’re having a c-section, there’s no difference in healing time. However, I did get night sweats for a while… Really bad. :heart:

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It really fine nothing worse or bad little cramping in a month I was good

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I had mine done right after my 2nd csection couldn’t really tell nothing different but my periods are heavier. I would say that’s the only bad thing about it.

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I had 5 vaginal births and after my 5th had a tubal 2 months later. They ran into some complications during my tubal, had to do with my reaction to anesthesia, but the pain lasted about a week. My periods are now very rare and when I do get them they are heavy for 3 days and that’s it. I have had 6 periods in almost 3 years.

I didn’t have any extra healing time when I had my tubes removed after my 2nd c section I was swollen for a little bit longer than expected

Mine wasn’t any different that from the cesarean. I had mine done during my 2nd C-section so both healed at the same time. I had no pain from the ligation.

I was literally back at work in 8 days

Get your tubes removed not tied. Do your research

Last April I had a Cesarean for my fourth baby and they removed my fallopian tubes. The pain from this recovery was way worse! It was so bad this time. When the uterus was contracting after birth to go down to normal size it hurt really bad and was the worst recovery out of all of them. This was my 4th cesarean. Also was very painful with cramps while he was nursing and I do not remember that with my other 3. I know most people say they don’t even notice but just be prepared with some help just in case it was like my recovery.

Had mine down after 4th child (2nd c-section) heaving was no different but my cycles are way worse.

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I had 2 csections and a tubal with the last, I honestly didn’t feel any different than with my first. My periods have always been regular,but now they are heavier. Still about 4 days but have to use extra heavy tampons now. Yay moms!

I had my tubes removed instead of ligated. Healing was the same as my first c section.

I had mine in June after I had my daughter had her csection while I was open they did the work the recovery to me was the worst I had three kids before never had a csection after I had them I was ready to go this time not so much I nerves cut and still don’t got feeling there and burning on the incision u need lots of rest Tylenol heating pad and cool compress it took bout 3 weeks for me to start being able to move around

you won’t even notice. they are already inside you and your already having surgery.

It won’t be any different than your previous c section healing

I be had 4 c-section and tubal ligation with the last it was truly excruciating but my uterus was so thinly stretched with my last that they had to create a new incision which did not hold stitches so they had to sew it twice and then the original incision opened up so I had a lot of extra work inside not sure if that is the source of pain or the tubal but I can say for sure my cycles are horrible since then and very painful

Just had my third cesarean and had my fallopian tubes removed. The recovery was the same, pain wise and bleeding. Everything turned out fine and I’m on week 3 of recovery and feeling great, still have restrictions until week 6, but that’s expected.

I had a csection and tubal ligation last May and didn’t feel anything different as far a healing goes. I’ve had a previous csection and there was no difference…now, as far as my cycle goes. its completely different as in …worse. If I could go back in time, I would not have gotten it done and just have my guy get snipped instead.:roll_eyes:

I’ve had 2 c sections and decided to wait until having my tubal. I just had it 3 weeks ago. They did a laparoscopy surgery and actually removed my tubes. Recovery was much much easier than a c section recovery. I haven’t gotten a period or anything yet, but other than not being able to lift my kids, it was a simple recovery for me.

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I had both done in July and the tuble part I bleed for months and they finally gave me a pill to stop the bleeding

I have had 4 c-sections and with my last I got a tubal ligation and couldn’t really tell that I had that done, it was same recovery as my other c-sections

I had my tubes tied a long time ago. I didn’t have a c-section done at the same time, it was done laproscopically and the healing time was very minimal. It was an out patient procedure…had it done on Wednesday and was back at work the following Monday. Seeing as I didn’t have a c-section at the same time, I’d assume the healing from the c-section is going to be the worst part of healing.

No difference in the healing. I had my 3rd csection n a tubal in May n it was the fastest I’ve healed from all of them. The only thing was that during the tubal part I could feel pulling worse than normal during a csection n it made me sick n hurt so I just needed more meds from my anesthesiologist.

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I found that my pain was alot harder to manage having the two things done at once compared to my other cesars. I felt guilty and like a sook for asking for more meds. I could not understand as my male chauvanist gynie had not mentioned a thing. Turns out he had written me up for more meds but always instructed his nurses not to say to mums, only available on request. The nurse sat me down and explained that really l had two major ops in one and therefore more trauma. U do not want to know what l said to my gynie when l went back to see him.

I had my tubes removed in July and I didn’t think it was painful at all. Some cramping the first and second day and having a heating pad helped so much.
But I was up driving around the next day getting my kids too and from summer school.
Everyone is different though. I think it depends on your level of pain tolerance.

Easy,not a lot of pain.I was back to work in 3 days

The worst part for me was the first hour after it was done. After that it was back to normal pretty quick

it will be no different since it is being done with you C/S.

You won’t even notice it at all

I got my tubes tied during my csection and i didn’t notice a difference as far as healing and I had 2 csections before that one…the only thing I have noticed is my periods are so much worse since having my tubes tied…very heavy and bad bad cramps and i don’t get it the same time every month…sometimes it’s every 3 weeks sometimes even 2 weeks apart…i HATE it! But I don’t regret having it done as I knew I was finished having babies

It’s easy. You’ll be healed there way before the c section heals.

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There is no difference.

Only had one C-section but had my tubal at same time …personally I healed quicker than natural birth.

I’m about to be in the same situation. 3rd c section with tubes tied in May

There is no additional healing for the tubal. You will be healing from the c section and won’t even notice the tubal.


My experience, was simple. A few days of taking it easy

I had my a tubal ligation and would have never done it if I know what I know now. My doctor was very pushy and talked me into it before I delivered my 4th child. I regret it so much! I went through tubal ligation syndrome. Look it up. It is a real thing and I never thought I would want another child but I’m not with my kids father anymore and now 9 years later I do want another one.

Super easy. Very light cramping. Almost nonexistent to be honest.

The recovery is easy… It’s the cramps and pains that come months after your Tubal ligation was completed…

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There nothing different about it. Very smooth. Just don’t pick up anything too heavy. Also, be ready for some crazy periods. Always have a tampon with you.


I didn’t notice anything different. I had a C-section and then 8 years later I had another with a tubal and noticed nothing more significant than normal C-section healing


Healing is the same I had it done the same way an it s not a problem it is one cut an it will heal up good if you have any old scars the Dr will clean it up ,


Didn’t even notice any additional pain. My periods was still regular every month like clock work.

You won’t even notice

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Easy, had it done after my third.

You wont even notice .

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Didn’t hurt me but didn’t have c-section. Relieved knowing my 3rd was my last

You won’t even know it’s been done with a Csection. Nothing different except the healing from the Section itself. I had my Son, and a tubal almost 18 years ago like this…

Nothing to it. No heavy lifting, mild discomfort, gas but since you are having it with your C Section you will be healing from both at the same time. Congratulations on your buddle of joy.

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If there was anything different I didn’t notice anything. Had mine done during my second c section

I went out to celebrate the same night i had my tubes tied.

Didn’t feel any different.

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Feels like a bad period! Cramps. Use a heating pad, and ibprophen.


Easy. I felt nothing the next day. The day of the surgery, there was very light cramping, and not all day either.

If you can handle a c section recovery, this will be cake… its nothing. A little sliver that requires one or two stitches right by your belly button. I had to take birth control after wards for a couple months to get my hormones back to normal. Its been a year and my periods are literally 4 or 5 days now

i had my done about 23 years ago – i had it done on a Friday and was back to work on Tuesday. it really wasn’t bad and i don’t regret doing it either. you should have no problems since you are doing it right after your C-section. good luck, and keep us posted!

A little cramping. Not much else.

It’s not that bad. I couldn’t carry the baby in his car seat or do any heavy lifting. But that was in 2000. I had a complete hysterectomy in 2013.

Mine were tied after they got my daughter out. So mine were tied during my c section.

If having it done directly after the C-section same rules apply as if just having the C-section - no heavy lifting, preferably no intercourse until your check-up after birth - not sure how long that is now but 35yrs. ago when I had mine it was 6wks. Just take it easy and let your body heal.

I had 3 csections. My last i had a tubal and there was very little difference in healing or pain between them. They were all hard but the last one wasn’t any more difficult because of it.

There’s nothing to it. You won’t even know you had it.

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They will do it after you deliver the baby and you won’t even feel it. Since you will already be open from the c section they will do it then. You will just heal like you have with your other c sections.

Expect really heavy periods

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Tied during my third and I think the recovery was more crampy than the rest

Easy. Very easy… a little gassy which will pass…I didn’t even have to take meds cause I had zero pain.