What is normal weight gain while pregnant?

How was everyone’s weight gain during pregnancy? Specifically first baby? Pre pregnancy I was 164, I’m 26 weeks, up until now I went up and down on weight going from 164 to 161 to 164 to 166. As of my last appointment I’m now 170, so 6 months in I’ve only put on about 5 pounds so far but I finally put on the weight in a month. My doctor said as long as I’m not gaining 5 lbs a week it’s no concern especially since I wasnt gaining for awhile.


I’m almost 38 weeks and I’ve gained about 31lbs. I didn’t gain much the first few months because I was so sick. But I agree, as long as your OB is ok with it, you’re good!

I was 200 before i got pregnant and im 20 weeks and 215 now.

I got pregnant at roundabout 120, (I’m 5’2”) lost 5 pounds once my morning sickness started. I didn’t start gaining alot of weight until 17 weeks then I blew up, I was 205 the day I went in to give birth. And I was extremely active my whole pregnancy. Everybody’s different, I wish I could’ve stayed closer to my original weight as long as you did!

Gained 20 pounds. Lost weight in the beginning, due to nausea and morning sickness

I gained 19 pounds with my first (181-200) and 20 pounds with my 2nd (185-205). I weighed less than when I got pregnant after I had both of them.

I’m 35 weeks and I only gained 23 pounds. It’s a lot for me, but my friends say that’s not bad. Everyone’s different tho. My friend who was 30 weeks had only gained 6 pounds.

This woman shouldn’t have said that to you. Its healthy to gain 30 pounds during a pregnancy. You should not be cutting calories, skipping meals, or dieting when you are pregnant. Eat organic whole foods and take a probiotic, drink lots of water. Take an organic food based multivitamin. Eat clean and organic and you will gain however much your baby needs.

You want high antioxidant values in your fruits and veggies because antioxidants are responsible for helping your body flush out toxins.

My first I gained 70. Second gained 25…third gained 20

I only gained 12 lbs with my son

I put on 14lb my whole pregnancy but i lost it so fast, by 8th day post partum I was less than my original weight. It was just baby and fluid!

With my first I gained 15lbs, but looked like I gained 100 :sob::joy: and over half of it came on within the last couple months. He was 9lbs 1oz. I gained the least with him out of 3 kids and he was my biggest :joy:

I gained only 2lbs my whole pregnancy and gave birth to a healthy 7lbs14oz little girl. Very proud to say I had a 32 inch waist at 9 months.

With my first and only so far I gained 52 lbs. I was 110 prepregnancy and 162 2 days before having him. Hes now almost 2 and I’m back down to 115.

I gained only 17 lbs with my first.

In same boat, gained 30 plus with my first and with pregnant with second and I’ve only gained 10 pounds and I’m gonna be 26 weeks tomorrow

I was 115 before pregnancy but and i was 155 by the end.

1st [email protected] 30lbs. 2nd baby (he was 10lbs at birth) - 17lbs

I’m 30 weeks and my pre pregnancy weight was 177… I’m at 198 now, which our WIC office seems to classify as ‘obese’ :roll_eyes: