What is the best baby formula?

Hey mommas, I need some help with which formula and diapers you guys used for newborns/infants. I’m about to start stocking up on the things Ill need for when baby gets here and I’m think pampers for diapers but I’m completely clueless on formula. I’m 15 weeks and about to start stocking up on diapers first and then in my third trimester get formula


I wouldn’t stock up on formula too heavily until baby is actually here. They will give you formula in the hospital to use and I would go from there. Just because of things like acid reflux and lactose intolerance.


Do not stock on anything. Put the money back because you have no idea what the bundle of joy can use

Formula is a hard one to stock up on as you won’t know what will agree with your babies belly until they are here. Maybe just stock up on gift cards so you can buy the formula after the baby is born. For diapers I love the pampers baby dry or the Kirkland brand from Costco

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With all 3 of my kids they gave them similac advanced (blue can) so I think that would be a good one to start with but don’t stock up too much until you know if baby can handle it

Diapers are fine to stock up on! I had like 5 months worth by the time by babe was born! It’s a good idea!

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throw a diaper party!!! get a variety of diapers to try!


Nope. Don’t stock up. What are ya gonna do with boxes or wipes, diapers and cases of formula if your babe don’t like it or is allergic?

Stock up on gift cards.


Infamel…similac sensitive… diapers>> pampers

Ask the pediatrician what formula they recommend, then it still could be changed 3-4 times depending on how the baby tolerates it.

Buy gift cards each week. That way once baby is here you have the money to figure out which diapers and formula work best.


I used pampers swaddlers for my son for the first couple months, then I used huggies snug and dry, and now I just use targets up&up brand diapers. If you get a certain kind of diapers and end up needing to switch brands, you can take them back and exchange them. And I use huggies natural care wipes. And I used similac advance formula. But formula depends on baby’s tummy, you won’t really know how their tummy will react :woman_shrugging:t3:

Diapers can always be exchanged as long as they are unopened so that’s okay but wouldn’t stock up on formula you bever know if they are tolerant to the kind you have and who knows til the end of your pregnancy you may even choose to breast feed. Pregnancy has a way of making you see things differently and even change things you thought you had planned.

Don’t stock up like that. My son was allergic to every brand but huggies. And he had to have a special formula.

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I like huggies due to the fact that Pampers have a scent to them. Baby girls butt didnt like them. I used up&up too but they dont hold as much as huggies

I absolutely love huggies natural care wipes! THEYRE THE ONLY THING TO NOT BREAK HER OUT AND THEYRE REALLY WET! She can use pampers but I literally hate their wipes… I buy huggies snug and dry diapers which I love and she’s yet to leak through… I use pampers too… but I like huggies better

I used Wal-Mart diapers and Good Start Gentle or Enfamil.
I also kept Gold Bond baby powder for any butt issues.

I would save the money and stock up when you figure out what baby can wear! My baby could not use huggies and I made the mistake of buying 5 boxes at once before trying them!
But you can defiantly start stocking up on wipes! You can never have enough of those!

Id wait on formula incase baby has an allergy…or doesnt tolerate it very well…

I’d buy both huggies and pampers for diapers see what works better formula. I’d say wait and see what they give u in the hospital

Just buy gift cards every week . You never what your baby will like or be allergic to. Especially formula .

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I like luvs for my son and the formula he’s done best with is enfamil infant

Wait until baby comes. Took forever to find right diapers for my son he was allergic to a bunch.

I stocked up on hello bello diapers they are hypoallergenic and for sensitive skin. I bought pamper sensitive wipes

I love Luvs diapers. I just had my 3rd baby and I’ve tried honest brand, huggies and pampers and I keep going back to luvs. The honest ones were nice too but Pampers get moist on the outside and huggies are ok but they left deep textured Mark’s on my babys butt. Not sure on the formula, it’s been quite awhile since I’ve had to purchase formula

Gentlease enfamil & luvs. I literally had no issues. I also used tommee tippee from the beginning. He never had an issue with anything.

I’d definitely wait for formula til babe is here diapers can be tricky too we always use Pampers but some kids have reactions to them so I think the idea of buying a gift card each week with so much on it so you have it set aside for them when babe gets here is a fantastic idea

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In all honesty your baby can be allergic to certain diapers so it be better to wait to stock pile

Keep all receipts for diapers in case the baby is allergic. My son was allergic to pampers and we couldn’t return a lot of diapers we got at our baby shower.

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It depends on your baby honestly.

i would wait on stocking up on formula just so you don’t waste money on a formula that doesn’t sit well in baby’s tummy, we went through two different ones before putting him on soy because he didn’t do well with milk based formulas. pay attention to how much baby spits up formula and if baby is more grumpy than normal it’s probably because their tummy hurts from the type of formula.

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Wait on formula. My son came early at 29 weeks and now he’s on a special high calorie formula until he is 1 year old. Diapers and wipes are good to get though.

I love parent choice only brand my son can use other than Huggies little movers

Do not stock up on formula, there’s no telling which will be best for baby when they arrive. Just apply everywhere you can to get the sample cans for free!!!


Huggies only for both diapers and wipes. Pampers of both suck! The diapers aren’t nearly as soft as huggies and don’t fit as well. The wipes are WAY thinner than huggies and you have to use more making them less cost effective. Luvs and parents choice leak through and get moist on the outside. It was Huggies only for me.

I did wipes fragrance free and a box of diapers in each size or two. My wipes stock pile lasted me over a year!

Get a variety of diaper brands and see what works best for your baby. Skin reactions can happen to certain diapers too. Just saying.


I had to use pampers for my first and huggies for my second. Pampers wipes for them both.

Biodegradable diapers, organic formula, you avoid over 15 toxins by choosing organic and if you buy biodegradable diapers, you are saving the landfills and planet and your baby from being exposed to harmful chemicals like formaldehyde…if you buy conventional diapers, it takes up to 450 years for one to decompose.

Biodegradable diapers, organic formula, you avoid over 15 toxins by choosing organic and if you buy biodegradable diapers, you are saving the landfills and planet and your baby from being exposed to harmful chemicals like formaldehyde…if you buy conventional diapers, it takes up to 450 years for one to decompose.


Huggies. N you won’t know what time of formula your baby will like so I wouldn’t waste money on that right now

I would not stock up. Bank that money and see how your baby reacts to each product as far as skin or digestion goes. Every baby is different, and has sensitivities or may not


I looked up the top diaper brands. I have huggies, Pampers, luvs, and parents choice waiting for him to wear to see which works best with his skin

I always get a few packs of each on the diapers huggies pampers and luvs cause u never know if the baby maybe allergic to a certain kind and hold off on formula

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I wouldnt stock up on diapers or formula… I did the same thing and my son was allergic to anything other than huggies little movers & we had to switch formula 3 times before we found one that worked for him.
Most stores wont take formula back without a reciept or at all.

My daughter did fine in every brand of diaper but the Pampers Baby Dry. The Swaddlers were ok, but she broke out very badly in the Baby Dry.

My kiddo went through 4 different kinds of formulas before we found something she wasn’t allergic to. I suggest waiting on both diapers and formulas, just incase your baby has any reactions

Pampers &’ Gerber formula are my favorite.
Some babies at allergic to certain brands of diapers &’ certain baby’s can’t drink certain formula; just keep that in mind when buying diapers &’ formula. I’ve always heard you can take unopened diapers back &’ exchange them for a brand you need. So my best advice is to buy a little pack try it &’ if it doesn’t work take the big packs back.

I would also get a few cloth diapers, I don’t personally like them; but we put them on our son when he gets rashes &’ it makes it go away faster.

Don’t stock up on formula since baby could have formula sensitivities. Instead, buy gift cards for the amount of a can of formula that way you aren’t buying non refundable formula that baby may not be able to use.
We use luvs diapers. Much cheaper and just as durable but they run a little bit smaller.
I suggest having someone throw you a diaper raffle or diaper party.
We were able to make it to 11 months before we had to buy diapers or wipes for our first and 7 months with our second. It helps a lot!

Unopened diapers can be exchanged or refunded if a certain brand ends up not working for your baby. Formula cannot be returned or refunded because it is a strictly monitored consumable. So whatever formula you buy you are stuck with it even if you can’t use it.

Sign up for enfamil beginnings. They will send you some samples of formula and a few cans all at no charge. That way if your child needs a different type no biggie

Get Huggies… they don’t come with a sent and some babies don’t do good with perfume.

For for less comforts diapers. Work well for my son from birth and even now. He’s 7 months and I only spend 4.99 per pack. Their Dr Brown bottles are 2 for 10. I use pro some but he’s lactose intolerant. Before enfamil did well enough.

I love Pampers but they’re expensive. We use parents choice which are a lot cheaper. We use similac pro advance formula. Really expensive but it gives her the least amount of gas and fussiness.

You can get samples of a enfimal and similac from their sites. I really didn’t like enfamil… she’d scream and cry while trying to burp her on that formula

I would wait on formula and see if the hospital brand formula which usually ends up being the Blue Similac or Enfamil brand work for your babe. My kids did really well on that formula for a few weeks before we had to swicth to a Soy or Sensitive formula due to gas issues and reflux

targets up&up diapers are my fave. pampers work great but they’re very perfumey. i haven’t tried the pampers pure yet, so those might be less perfumey.
my twins were on enfacare in the NICU because they needed higher calorie formula, but we transitioned to enfamil infant after that.

My daughter liked LUVS. she breast feed and if necessary used a formal for breast feed babies. You could also ask the hospital where you’ll deliver what formula they will be using .

Gerber gentle is the brand I used and my son loved it (because I literally couldn’t BF) but I know Gerber also has soy and sensitive too in case your baby is

I use luvs diapers and Enfamil soy. I wouldnt stock up on formula cause you dont know if the one you pic your baby can even use and you baby may be allergic to certain diapers i would just wait till the baby gets hear then create a stock pile when you know what kind you need

Pampers diapers worked great for my two kids.

I honestly would not bulk up on anything. Sometimes it takes multiple brands of diapers and formula to find out what works best for your baby!

Also I know you didn’t ask but I’d also recommend on getting different types of body/shampoo because my son has sensitive skin and broke out on Johnson and Johnson but seseme street hyperallergenic he could handle. But i love huggies. They give you room for a few months. My son is now a year and is just now in 5 so

I suggest Huggies since you can afford it. I use the Walmart brand personally. Works just fine.

Parent’s choice diapers. They are great and affordable!

Target brand diapers are surprisingly wonderful and very budget friendly. Never had an issue with leaks, rashes, absorption, etc.

Don’t stick up on formula at all! Just had our second and she started on soy due to family history with lactose intolerance now she’s a month old and on gentle. My son started on regular milk formula then sensitive. Wic even tells you not to buy all of your milk at once in case your baby gets switched. For diapers some babies react badly to certain diapers too. I’ve never really stocked up on diapers for this reason. Had a bunch from each baby shower and bought some diapers cheap on Facebook and once upon a child but that’s it. Don’t want to invest a bunch of money in something we might not be able to use.

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I love Huggies but they’re pretty pricey. Costco and Winco brands are decent :blush: pampers gave 2/4 kids burn like rashes and parents choice they seemed to constantly have diaper rashes no matter what I did.

I used/am still using Similac formula and pampers diapers and wipes.

We love pampers and luvs! We tried huggies and parent choice and they broke my kids out. Gerber formula sucks well for us it does. My daughter who is 4 now was on Gerber and made her stomach hurt alot and always constipated we had to switch her to nutramigen. My son is having a hard time on Gerber right now so im hoping to switch.

I’d wait on the formula sometimes the babies formula changes… I’d also buy a different couple brands of diapers and wipes in case he/she breaks out .I couldn’t use any other diapers besides Pampers diapers with my 1st and when we transferred to pull ups I couldn’t use but luvs on her and certain kind of wipes.

We love Hello Bello products. Pampers caused a rash on our little one.

Side note: costco brand called kirklands is made by the same manufacturer as huggies. They are basically the exact same diaper

Honest diapers and earths best organic formula. Target always has deals on cartwheel and in their registry bag for coupons off both. They do things where you buy 100 or 75$ in baby stuff and get a 15-20$ gift card

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Use the money you are going to stock with and put it on a gift card. You really won’t know what you should get until baby arrives. Maybe buy one of each brand of diapers/formula/wipes, until you know what works and what doesn’t. Then use the gift cards to get what you like best.


Depending on your hospital they’ll probably start his out on the small premade bottles of similac and provide you with pampers diapers . Our lo managed to pee through the pampers so we switched to huggies and have no problems and as for formula I would just wait until you know what your little one can use. We stocked up on the regular formula and ended up having to switch to similac alimentum bc of tummy issues so now we have 2 huge opened containers (one downstairs and one upstairs to try to make nighttime feedings easier) of the regular formula we can even use or sell.

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Huggies little snugglers and pampers pure!! Super soft and never had issues with leaks!

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Honest company diapers made with all natural plant material my little broke put de Huggies and Pampers.

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Honest diapers all the way! 7th gen wipes ! & similac pro advance formula!

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Pampers for sure and similac sensitive.

Instead of stocking up and risking not being able to use it due to baby being allergic or sensitive, instead put a $20 (or more) in an envelope for this purpose and save throughout the pregnancy.


I would just buy 1 small pack of diapers and thats it. That way if baby is allergic youll know. Or just set money aside each week for a baby fund and buy it all after baby gets here. My daughter was super allergic to everything so i got the huggies from costco the purple box. And she was on nutramigen formula. Due to alot of allergies. And bottles are hard to baby may not like them. I had to try 5 different kinds before i found one she liked


Pampers snuggle for new babys then change to Pampers 12hour hold, similac is a common formula (my baby drinks it,but my first had to have soy) so maybe wait on the formula but buy gift cards for your local grocery stores so you’ll have the money available for after you give birth to buy the kinds you need( I know its not as fun to see cards and not actual baby stuff)

Pampers. And I’d wait to buy formula. Also love Seventh Generation wipea

It all depends on the baby. Don’t stock up. Put the money on a gift card or something and wait until the baby comes to see what works then.

Buy multiple brands of diapers, you never know what baby might react to. I would say the formula just get gift cards or save the cash, get one tub of the blue similac formula (the same kind the hospital uses). And save money each paycheck for diapers, wipes and formula for after baby is born and you see what he/she does okay with. I have had six kids and so far all of my kids have had a reaction to either diapers or formula or both. Better to just save your money till baby is here.

Id wait on baby. May be allergies or anything or need certain things. Best thing to do. Start buying yourself gift cards for stores and hiding them or having a family member set them aside to bring to u after baby comes

We love the Huggies Little Snugglers and water wipes I also highly recommend!! Honestly, wait on the formula though!! Never know how baby will react to it…
Congrats Mama!!

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We use Huggies Little Snugglers and Similac Advance, but I would buy a few different brands before you stock up. Just because something works for one baby doesn’t mean it will work for yours. So definitely buy a few things and test them out before you buy a bunch of one thing.

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Sign up on different formula sites (most offers a new mom sign up were they will send you samples and coupons and some send a starter bag with diapers,couponds for diapers formula and other items) check with local hands or health department about local free baby showers for new or to be mom’s and they give free stuff and coupons. Also some diaper sites does the same thing

SMA gold , pampers , huggies wipes

Treasures are great or lil pumpkins

I use pampers and cow and gate formula, I don’t know if you can get that where you are from but my little girl went through 3 different formulas before finding this one that worked!

I would stick with buying gift cards for now vs supplies. I did that and my child decided to be allergic to almost every brand of wipes and diapers possible.


Save money all babies are different

Depends on the baby My daughter could not keep Similac Down for nothing we tried all kinds of brands only thing she could keep down was Enfamil Gentlease that and breast milk every child is different but the best thing is breast feeding.

Formula depends on baby’s tummy, baby’s need, weight and when baby is born. Doctor will say what formula to use once baby is born. Nappies, everyone has different preferences and every baby reacts differently. I loved huggies in the beginning and now I don’t really like them anymore, 6 months later.

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Huggies snug and dry. She didnt like anything else. She had to be switched to enfamil ar. If you do buy diapers or formula keep your reciepts in case you need to exchange them out

I’d definitely wait on baby cuz you never know how it will grow or how big baby will be also start small in case of allergies