What is the best baby formula?

I use aldi napps and cow and gate food used them on both of my kids xx

Don’t go crazy with diapers and formula. My kids grew out of newborn diapers super fast so I was stuck with a ton of newborn diapers that we couldn’t use and no one else seemed to need them so that was money wasted ugh. The hospital will most likely give you similac pro advance see how your tiny human does on that then buy some. Both my kids weren’t able to use that one. My first son had to use similac sensitive and my second son (it was loads of fun finding him a formula that worked) is on similac alimentum (or however you spell it). If anything id get gift cards and then when you know what your baby needs then just use the gift cards, way easier and a lot less stressful.

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I never buy too much formula nor diapers because every baby is different, you don’t know for sure if your baby will need a specific type of formula or be sensitive to a certain brand of diapers. My advice is just save money for the two until you know for sure.

I would only get one or two tubs of formula, we tried stocking up on our second and he had a milk protein allergy so needed perscription milk, maybe try keeping an envelope with the price of the formula you would be stocking up on instead, ps congratulations x

In case of allergies make sure to buy all natural products such as honest, babyganics, seventh generation, huggies(the green packs). Chemical fragrance and dye free.
Formula I suggest talking to your doctor and see what they would recommend or go to WIC they will recommend and give you formula when your baby comes.

Ignore this if you are doing extreme couponing… I would stock pile gift cards instead of the actual products. My oldest was severely allergic to several brands of diapers and my youngest had issues with certain types of formulas. Best advice don’t stock pile the product, stock pile the funds for them.

Buy the diapers from Walmart or target they will exchange size if need be. I’d wait on formula cause you never know what the baby will have to use

Thats a great idea until the baby decides they are allergic lol!
We stocked up on pampers brand dipers & wipes, & desitin, & my daughters son was allergic to it, so we were doing the trade off with other Moms lol. Sometimes its best to put money on gift cards & just wait til baby arrives :slight_smile:

Formula I would not stock up on because baby may not like it. My daughter went through 3 kinds before we found one that works. Also we started with pampers then changed to hello Bello and have been super happy with hello bellos.

Huggies are way cheaper and worked better for both my kids.

Another mama suggested gift cards and I agree on that!! You don’t want to stock up on something baby can’t use. Start buying some gift cards only to be used for baby stuff. Pampers are great but when I’m tight on money my go to is Target up&up brand. Cheaper and I think they’re great.