What is the best birth control?

I’m currently pregnant with baby #2! The closer we get to the due date, the more we talk about contraceptives. We already know we want to wait til this baby is at least 2 to start trying again. Problem is, I’m so worried about being on birth control! I didn’t get on it after I had my daughter. By the grace of god, I just never got knocked up until she turned 2! I’m worried the birth control will screw up my ability to conceive once I stop taking it… I need options!! Best birth control or other contraceptive?? Are vasectomies completely reversable?! Help!! :weary::weary:


I’m on the mini pill and have been for two years I have an alarm set everyday so I don’t forget it is AMAZING

I never was on any contraceptive and both of my children were 100% planned (birth control made me feel weird too). If it makes you uncomfortable don’t do it, but obviously accidents can happen! I’ve heard good things about the Skyla IUD

Paragard. No hormones, no remembering something everyday, no need to set alarms to take. Had it for almost 2yrs, it’s good for 10

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I used depo for 6 plus years and everytime i got off i was pregnant within the month i know its diff for diff people but heard thats the most common to get pregnant right after coming off

I went on the implant. It was great and once it comes out u are fertile again


I have the IUD on and off since 2004 and I love it. I’m a mom of 5 so it never messed with me conceiving. I didn’t have periods which was the best part

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Bc is actually used in many fertility patients to help get them pregnant, so there really isn’t an issue there. But if you are planning to breastfeed, the mini pill is the best option imo


Vasectomy reversals are not guaranteed to work and I hear they are very painful. I would only go that route if you know you definitely don’t want anymore children.

My Paraguard IUD has been wonderful, no hormones and can’t even tell it’s there

I’m due in August and I have been looking into the nexplanon the implant in your arm it stays in for 2-3 years which is perfect because I don’t want another baby until 3 years

We dont use contraception but my older sister told me she loves spermicide, just ask your dr about it :slight_smile:

I actually had to take the pill to get pregnant with both of my boys bc of my PCOS never had a problem

Women will do crazy things to have sex without a freakin condom!

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What’s so hard about putting a condom on his dick, that doesn’t need no needles no changing of any woman’s hormones and it’s easy!


I became pregnant with my 3rd while on bc patch

Have you thought about that even for yourself? Or just him?

Birth control for women is so dumb, change your own hormones just to not get pregnant. When a man can go have sex with someone else that’s not on birth control and make a baby there and not home?

I had the copper IUD it didnt mess with anything in my body. I got pregnant within a few days of having it removed…we were trying…and it didnt mess with my hormones with the mirena totally did.

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I was on the pill and still got pregnant 8 months later. Then after that I I got the IUD mierana and it’s been almost 6 years and still haven’t got pregnant. I’m late getting it out gotta go next month and have it removed.

It’s the best non hormonal bc I’ve ever used. And I’m 30 and have been on several bc

You could use a female condom or a male condom

I’ve been in the pill and deposit and never had a problem and my SIL used an IUD and no issues for her either but a vasectomy while can be reversed should be looked at like a tubal

I just had my second baby a week ago. And it took me almost a year to get pregnant once I stopped birth control. I stopped my birth control once my daughter turned 2 and she is 3 now. But the doctors told me it will take a couple month for the birth control to fully be out of my body once I stop taking it.
I plan on getting the one that you put in your arm and it’s supposed to be good for 3 years. But I heard you can take it out before if you wanted too.

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I had IUD followed by the arm implant followed by the pill for a total of 9 years. I got a positive result 3 months after I stopped taking the pill. The IUD or arm implant are both good options to consider.

IUD’s are amazing in my opinion. But I got pregnant with my first son on BC.

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Copper IUD. Had one for year and I got pregnant the month after I took it out.

Condom or pull it out, pretty simple, no?

IUD doesn’t mess with hormones and there is a variety of different ones,and depends on which one you choose how long it lasts or you can get it removed when your ready.

I was on the depo for 6 months and it took me about 1.5 yrs to have my other children

Best thing for you is to follow your body’s signs of fertility, it’s called a few things, the rhythm method or natural family planning method. You do it by taking your temperature every morning before you get out of bed as the body’s temperature spikes at ovulation. They have apps that help you decipher your temps. You also check your cervical height and mucous, as that changes when you’re fertile. You can use ovulation test strips as well, you can order a bunch on Amazon for cheap. I used the natural family planning method and didn’t get pregnant until I wanted to.

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I’m in the same boat. I’ve seen way too many horror stories about implants and IUDs and stuff that we’re just going to use condoms until we’re ready to have another


I got pregnant the first month after taking birth control even though I had trouble getting pregnant and needed fertility drugs for #1. I wouldn’t worry. If you do get the copper iud make sure you do not have a copper allergy first!!

The Mirena allows you to get pregnant right after it’s taken out

If you are looking for a hormone free birth control that can’t potentially perforate your uterus or other organs such as the IUD can, you could try a diaphram, they’re not as common now adays and have a slighly lower percentage of effectiveness but it’s still a pretty good form of birth control, the only draw back really is you have to put it in yourself and a lot of obgyns don’t fit women for them anymore, there are some you can get online though that don’t need to be fitted

I was on the pill and I got pregnant and I know a lot of people who was in it that either hot pregnant on it or right after the stoped taking it 🤷 I seriously may talk with a Dr about it because they gonna know more than us

I was on birth control pills for about a year and a half. Stopped taking them when we decided to have baby #2 and got pregnant the first month. Was never on birth control before baby#1 and took over a year to get pregnant.

I was on nexplanon for almost 8 years before I got it taken out to try. I got pregnant within a month of getting it taken out. It had no effect on my fertility afterwards my doctor told me as soon as I get it taken out I’ll be able to conceive again and she said its more effective than visectomy. I loved it, no mood swings, only got my period twice a year on it and I got another one put in when my son was 6 weeks.

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Condoms for sure alot of those birth controls cause fertility issues

IUD paraguard isn’t hormonal and you can start trying in just a few days after it’s removed and it last 5 yrs.

I was on Portia for several years, then came off three months before we wanted to start TTC. I conceived the first month we tried. I’m on it again and plan to come off in a couple months so we can start TTC for baby #2.

Your options are limited if you are planing to bf.

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With my first I was off the pill for 2 months and got pregnant and didn’t go back on it and it took a month to get pregnant with #2 I’m currently on the mini pill

There are always condoms, spermicide, pulling out, the morning after pill if there is a slip up. (I know people say the pull out method doesn’t work and you can still get pregnant but it has worked for me and my OB says it can be a form of BC if done properly)

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Skyla an IUD worked for me. When removed it only took 3-6 months to get pregnant.

I took the pill for like 11 years straight. Got pregnant within 6 months of being off of it. Have 2 healthy little boys now. I most definitely do not think birth control affected my ability to get pregnant.

don’t opt for surgery if you’re only wanting to reverse it…
stay away from the inplannon…

Paragard!!! Non-hormonal and so far I’ve had NO issues!! They say it works as soon as it’s put in and quits as soon as it’s taken out. I’m also bf and no supply issues here :slightly_smiling_face:

The best birth control is being smart and knowing what days to not have sex

iud both of my grand daughter have them. And they work great.

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IUD I have heard is best. Birth control can affect women in different ways. My niece had several miscarriages when she went off them. I quit mine cause my weight and swelling of legs were horrid. Vasectomy reversal is not 100%, spendy too.