What is the best birth control?

Just looking for some advice. I’m 23 years old and pregnant with MY 3rd child (my husbands 4th.) I have a 3 year old, a 4 year old (and a 9 year old step daughter). I’m due March 2nd. My doctor just asked me about what I would like to do for birth control after I have my daughter. My husband and I have agreed 4 is plenty so I signed paperwork to have my tubes tied afterwards. I’m wondering about some experiences of how this went, is it extremely painful? Anything feel much different afterwards? Just the pros and cons I guess from people who have been through it. I’ve also never been put under before and I’m kind of terrified to do so :sob: I’ve gotten pregnant on a birth control pill, and birth control shot so normal birth control isn’t really an option at this point. I’d just like some personal opinions on it, please and thank you!! :pray:t2:


Just out of curiosity have you discussed with your husband about him getting snipped? It’s less invasive and quicker recovery time. My husband is getting himself snipped after I have our second in March. Also easier to get it reversed if you guys ever change your mind. Otherwise no advice and wish you luck mama!!


Had mine done at 21 after 2 children best thing i ever did not having that worry about getting pregnant i dont remember much pain they make a small hole inside your belly button maybe a little tenderness for a few days that was 26 yrs ago but I dont think much will have changed


I was thinking of getting it done too. I have 3 kids. High risk when I get pregnant. My daughter is now 1 and I still cant make up my mind.

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I had mine tied during my c section with my son. No major issues with it. Only problem I have is irregular periods that are sometimes more crampy and irritating but overall I’m glad I did it. Everything healed at the same time with no complications from the procedure. My only real problem with it was that I had postpartum preeclampsia and had to be hospitalized for that

I had mine done 10 years ago. They make 2 incisions and its uncomfortable for maybe 2 weeks

Do you have to have so many kids to get your tubes tied or can you just get them tied?

Had mine done at 29 after baby 3 and the procedure itself wasn’t bad- it only took about 30 minutes. I had a bit of an issue with recovering from general anesthesia though (was at the hospital the whole day because I was dizzy & vomiting). I was home from work for a week so the physical recovery from the surgery wasn’t too bad. I was up & around in a couple days. My kids were 6 months, 2 yrs & 7 yrs at the time.

I’m thinking about getting mine done after this pregnancy. It’s my 3rd and I have discussed with my husband and we both agree we are content. The only difference is I’m not getting mine tied and burned but my doctor takes out the entire tube (helps with prevention of tubal pregnancy, cancer, and the possibility of it healing back together.) I’m still in debate though on if I truly want it done or not.

I will tell you that once they pit meds in your IV it is less than 10 second and your sleeping. You wake up feeling like it has only been 30 second. Places on thr belly buttom are tender but nothing a few days can’t heal. I was horrified as well but my ob was really great with me and told me everything step by step. It really jusy feels like you’re in RIM sleep. You wake in recovery sitting up. My hubby helped me grt dressed because i felt like i was a bit drunk but that was the meds they gave me. They gave care instruction. Honey. I was back holding and nursing my 4 month old 4 hours after the surgery. It really isnt that bad.

Had mine done December 2017. In hospital at 6 a.m. and released by noon. A little uncomfortable from the surgery, but it mostly subsided that evening and I returned to work the next day. They do advise no heavy lifting for about a week. It’s really not bad at all recovery wise…most of the pain I had was actually on my right shoulder,but I was advised that it is common because of the gas they use during surgery and even that went away about day 3 post surgery.

I’ve had my tubes tied for 4 years now. They went in laparoscopically i was back at work 2 days later the worse part was the gas they use to bloat you during the procedure

Im 6 weeks postarm they tied mine while doing the section have had no problems with it

I had my tubes tied after my 6 week check up after my 3rd child. I was 23! Best decision i ever made :relaxed:
It was day surgery, key hole. A fair bit of pain afterwards but they give you pain killers. Within a week i was up and about. My periods are alot lighter and last 3-4 days :relaxed:

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I was planning on getting mine tied after my 4th baby. I had her 10/20 and ended up not even seeing my ob at all he didn’t even deliver her. And they wanted me to wait an additional 2 days in the hospital to wait for him to do my surgery and I had 3 other kids to get home to so I didn’t end up waiting. I hope to get it done soon though so skimming through the comments!

I had mine tied after my last csection he did it while I was already numbed. I felt nothing, but I also just had a csection lol. The only difference I’ve noticed is I bleed heavier and more during my period, other than that nothing else.

I had a c-section and they tied my tubes at the same time and I thought recovery was much easier for me with those done than natural delivery. Never had any issues at all.

In my experience almost 7 years ago, the surgery itself was quick & like some have said the pain from the gas in my shoulders was the worst & it’s definitely tender where they make the incision but I recovered quickly. I had mine done pretty much right after I delivered my 4th child. I’m glad I don’t have to worry about getting pregnant again because I’m perfectly content with having 4 children but I will say this…my menstrual cycle has been all messed up since I had it done. My cramps are so much worse & my cycles are a lot heavier & my cycles seem to run really close together. Otherwise I don’t regret my decision. I also had mine tied & burnt. I don’t know if that makes a difference. Good luck mama!

I had my tubes tied during my c-section 20 years ago. No problems there. My periods afterward were sometimes painful so a few years later had NovaSure done. Best decision EVER! No more periods!!

Just had mine done last September. I’m 26 (25 at the time) and have 1 child but I also have lupus, which makes pregnancy dangerous. My OB didn’t even question me other than “are you sure?”. Best decision I EVER made. They go into your belly button so the scarring is minimal. I had no real pain- just discomfort from the gas they used to inflate my belly. That’s also when I found out I’m allergic to hydrocodone so I couldn’t take any pain meds besides Tylenol. I’d recommend getting it done on a Thursday- take Friday off work and then you should be ready to go back by Monday.
Be aware you can’t lift anything heavier than 10lbs for the first week, nothing heavier than 20 the 2nd…so you may need someone to help you with your kids if your SO has work or whatever.

Please research and consider having tubes REMOVED. No crazy periods. 100% effective. Dramatically decreases the chance for ovarian cancer!! I did it 2.5yrs ago and have loved every minute of it.


It’s considered a major surgery. Why isn’t he stepping up to the plate since you have had to birth all the children!

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I had mine done 2 months ago.
Best decision ever.
I had no pain and was home within 4 hours

I had my tubes tied after my 5th child. The surgery went well and pain wasnt too bad but have had a lot of body changes since then. Weight gain, irregular periods, migraines etc

Don’t do it. It was the biggest mistake I ever made!!! Make him get fixed, it’s cheaper and easier.

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I had a tubal ligation done in may. The gas is what really sucks. They have to fill your stomach with gas and it takes a little while for it to get out of your system. It can push on your diaphragm which makes your shoulders hurt. Not sure why, but that part sucks. Other than that I had/have no complaints. Used ice and ibuprofen for pain which only lasted for about 2 days. I did have my fallopian tubes removed. I have heard too many horror stories about the clamps and other options they offer. Also my dry told me that they learned in the last 3-5 years that it is actually for fallopian tubes that can cause ovarian cancer. So removing them can lower your risk of ovarian cancer

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I have 4 kids as well and signed the paper to have them removed so there are not any 1% scares. My period has been heavier than normal. Staring to ease up though

I got mine done the day our youngest was born (1/23/17) amd since I have been in horrid pain and have been extremely irregular to the point I’ve been put on the pill becaise my hormones won’t straighten out on their own. I also lost all sex drive and the birth control is the only thing that helps. I had bad cramps before and worse ones after. It all depends on you personally. It was the best decision as we really don’t want more as we have 3 and carry a rare genetic disorder that our 1st has. But in a way I guess for us it would’ve been easier for us if he would have been the one to get fixed.

If yoy have it done when baby is born, you’ll get a spinal so won’t be asleep. It took me about 5 days to feel “normal”. It wasn’t horrible though.

Why doesnt he get a vasectomy

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Ask him to get snipped. Much shorter recovery time for him.

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I had all vaginal births and never had any kind of surgery before. The pain was horrible for me. Recovery takes about a week or less. It was after my third and I can tell you that it was not easy caring for my three kids and recovering at the same time. I was so thankful to have my mother to help me a lot. Anytime I did more than just a couple things in a day, I’d be in terrible pain and wanting to lay down. But I couldn’t slow down because I have a house to manage(clean freak) and kids to care for. It took a good couple months before my scar stopped hurting when I’d move in different ways. The worst was sleeping at night because I can’t control the way I move. I took ibprophen and Tylenol around the clock for the first week. Even when I didn’t feel pain to control swelling and to keep it from getting painful. Aside from that, I think it was worth it. Just an FYI, your tubes can grow back together. Even after being cut, cauterized, and tied. It’s a very slim chance but still there.

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Also, mine was done the day after I had my last. While we were still in the hospital.

I am the OP!! And after reading all of these with my husband we’ve decided on HIM getting a vasectomy, thank every single one of you for your help!!! It is sooooo appreciated, I feel so much better now lol :pray:t2::yellow_heart:

I take the depo shot& I’ve actually lost weight, my periods stopped and i have no other bad side effects

I’ve had the mirena for almost 3 years and I’ve had no issues with it. And I don’t have periods so that’s a plus.


Getting your tubes removed on Friday, you are back at work Monday

I’ve have no side effects with my mirena and NO PERIOD!! I’m on my third one now (over ten years ,it gets replaced every 5years)… Overall super happy!!


I have three mirena. I had for 5 years and then had a new one put in last year. No complaints, no issues

6 kids isn’t that enough

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The IUD is good - second one with zero issues. Most health insurance will cover it 100% as well. You just have to pay for the pregnancy test to be sure before they insert it.

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I have the nexplanon in my arm. I love it. No periods, no worries for 3 years but I can take it out at any time

I just got the Mirena to help with periods. I’ve heard good things. And you don’t have to worry about it for 5 years!

I have nexplanon and love it. No babies and no periods! Lol

I have an iud. No babies, no periods.

Love my mirena iud and I don’t get my period.

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IUD— there are different ones. Talk to your OB about which one would be best for you.

Dont get depo it makes you gain weight and you can have other issues a good friend of mine had it and it was the worst for her but you can always get the pill or if your worried about remembering then maybe a iud would work just do your research on what your looking for look up all side effects and weight the pros and cons and I know you said it but yes speak to your gyn she or he will be most be most useful to you in this process maybe you can ask for some labs check your hormones maybe that’s why they are irregular

I got a hormone free (copper) iud works incredible and kept my period super scheduled, my only side effect is heavier period.

I just got the 10 year IUD, Paraguard put in because I do best on non hormonal birth control. Some medications cancel out hormonal birth control and that’s how I got pregnant with both my daughters lol I wasn’t taking a chance this time. It was not painful what so ever and my body is use to it so I can’t even tell its in

Mirena all the way!!! No babies, no periods, no worries! They have a 3,5 and 10 year! Most incredible thing given to the female community by the FDA! Lol it was sent from god! :innocent::joy::heart:


When I’m done having kids, he’s getting a vasectomy and I’m getting an endometrial ablation to stop my periods.

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I have the mirena iud. I still have my period. Have had it in 3 years now I believe (possibly 2 years idr) but haven’t used any other forms of prevention and no babies.

I got pregnant 4 times using different birth control (I also planned one). After #5 (who was a surprise), I no longer trusted birth control and got my tubes tied. No change to my cycle, but it has been successful for almost 7years now.

Every body is different. I personally do better on the pill. I did depo shot and it made me really bitchy. I also tried the Mirena. I had it in for one day! I couldn’t move out of a bent over position. Was sick to my stomach and the pain was unbearable. Ended up in the hospital for a few days because it gave me a severe rare infection. Almost had to have surgery. Each person is different and different birthcontrols effect each person in a different way.

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Im on the mirena. My body didnt handle the shot well, and i knew id mess up taking pills, so i went with mirena & love it. Dont know its there & after a few months my period stopped. No bleeding & no issues. In the beginning i had some cramping when my body was adjusting but it was worth it because now i feel nothing. I have a 5 year one.

Unfortunately that is one of those questions that for every body its different. Even same bodies at different stages in life. What might work for some one now, might not in 5 yrs.
I am here though to throw some advise out as I had NEVER been asked by my doctors before and my current doctor was shocked… if you get migraines and have auras with them, you CANNOT take estrogen. The estrogen raises your chances of a heart attack or stroke significantly. I had never been asked or heard that before even though its in my record that I take migraine meds.

Patch!! I love it. No side affects or anything.

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Get your tubes tied!!!


I love the Neuva Ring!

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I had endometrial ablation.best thing I ever done

He could get a vasectomy. It’s way less invasive and much easier than it would be for you to get your tubes tied. Just an option.


I was told by my gynaecologist that the hormonal IUD is better than tying your tubes. That’s what I had put in place because I am also done.

I had the Mirena for 5 years. No problems and no periods


The IUD Mirena, the arm implant plus condoms or getting your tubes tied and burned

Abstinence, hey I’m old…


IUD and they are actually available at your local health department and you can pay a cheap cost, I paid 14$.

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Forget you doing something, let him get snipped!!!

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IUD - I’ve had paragard (was not for me), Skyla (before baby), and Mirena (now) and I love it.


I had the nexplanon and my body did not like it. I bled for 8 months straight. I got it taken out. Went to the shot and still had irregular period. Now I’m on the mili hormone pill.

I just took out my Nexplanon but I had no issues with it. Better than reminding yourself to take a pill everyday.

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Don’t do anything permanent until you know he’s the one… I’m not sure how old you are but things may or not work out and you may want a child with someone else oooor you and this guy may decide you want one of your own… I would suggest the pill or nexplannon

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I’m currently on my second Mirena. My first was at 20 yrs old for irregular periods and then I had my current one put in after my son was born. I LOVE IT !

Loved the Neuva ring as well!! Used it for 3 years straight & no pregnancies or problems! O loved not having to have a period also if I didn’t want one!! Lol! Was great!!

This is my post. I’m 100% done having kids. I’m 37. I’ve had 2 bad pregnancies/births & a miscarriage at 20 weeks. I work in law enforcement which only adds stress to my body. I do not want anymore kids. I’m ok getting something permanent when I’m able to pay for it and take time off from work. Right now i want to regulate my cycle and prevent anymore kiddos. I’m not gonna ask him to get snipped (he didn’t ask me to get on anything but I’m doing it for us). Thank you for the suggestions. I will speak to my doc in depth about my options and my medical history.

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Xulane patches are great! I’ve been on them for a year or so. You switch your patches once a week for three weeks and on the fourth week you take it off and have your period. Which I love only because not having a period freaks me out. Good luck!

Depo stops em all together qnd one shot every 3 months

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Idk what state your in, but in SC, Family planning, will cover 100% of getting your tubes tied.

I’m on depovera and I love it I don’t get any periods àt all so ya it’s easy to use so try the shot again

I had a uterine ablation which is a surgical procedure but you can work usually within a week… there was stomach cramps but nothing awful… but mine was for severe periods and cramping.

Get your tubes removed. Recovery is less than a week. You can have it done on a Friday and be back at work Monday.


I have the Mirena. I highly recommend.


I had the ParaGard before my hysterectomy. No hormones and it was great!

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Nexplanon I’ve had it for a year and half and I love it

I love my iud. I dont have a period abd i dont have to think abt anything. Just occasionally check the string placement


I’m on the Mirena. Easy procedure, set and forget it.


Mirena for 5 years no issues, now paragard for 5 years (and it should last another 5 and hopefully take me right into menopause :sweat_smile:), also no issues, was nice having no period with Mirena but also nice having no hormones with paragard


I had terrible side effects from the Nexplanon. 3 week periods, acne, mood swings, weight gain. I had it all. I’ve known a few people who’ve had to have the Mirena surgically removed due to it. Wing imbedded in their cervix. The best thing I’ve tried is the Yaz pills. It’s for Premenstrual distress disorder. It’s helped regulate me, my mood swings, acne, periods and all.

I had a bad experience with the mirena iud and got pregnant while on the pill. :woman_shrugging:t2: everyone reacts differently to the different birth controls maybe see what your OB recommends

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Over 30 years Do, I had an iud. It wD great.

Tell him to get a vasectomy. Much easier.


I love the pill needle. No side effects for me. Sadly I had to get off it cause of my age

If he’s “great” and knows you’re looking at having invasive surgery to avoid having a child (which he also doesn’t want to happen). Why would he not take his great ass and get a vasectomy? :eyes:

I just had the surgery yesterday to get my tubes clipped it’s honestly not that bad the only bad part is when your kids is to young to understand and hits and knees u in incision

I would get them cut tied and burned but that is up to you

Smart women’s Choice.

Ask your gyno about an ablation!!! Takes away your cycle almost completely but leaves your ovaries so no hormone imbalance issues! And permanent birth control!

Family of 6 here blended as well my husband got fixed

I loved my IUD!!! Got it at the six week post partIm check up and had another 6 years later. Periods were minimal and no side effects!

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