What is the best birth control?

Looking for experiences with different birth control. I tried the Depo shot, and it seriously messed with my body. I don’t want to go through that again, so I’m looking at other options. I find that sometimes the pill makes me feel gross, and I tried the patch and was always so worried about it falling off. I am making an appointment to talk to my doctor, but I wanted real womens experiences with different options, whether it be the pill, patch, NUVA ring, IUD etc. Want some ideas before my appointment, as I don’t 100% trust my doctors opinion because she recommended the shot to me.

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Nuva ring can also come out. IUD there can be complications with insertion and removal. There are different kinds of the pill. Some are progesterone only and some are combo of progesterone/estrogen. I have tried different methods and find the progesterone/estrogen low combo to work the best with me and my body. Maybe try asking her what type of pill you were/are on and try a different pill form.

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I had depo and really messed me up but because of medical precautions I can’t have the normal pill however they put me on lostrin 20 it’s like the normal pill but I’m a lower dosage so you have to make sure you take it on time every day . Not much room for error but it didn’t mess my body up or make me put on weight etc :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve done the pills. I’ve done that patch (never had an issue with it falling off) but after my second kid I got my IUD

I LOVED my IUD. Yes, I had a few issues: the strings needed to be trimmed about 6mo in as my hubby could ‘feel’ them and it took a bit of fishing to get it out a couple years later. But I still think that is the best. I’ve had the implant and taken the pills, and IUD is my favorite.

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I got the depo when I was in high school and it made me feel very self conscious. After that I got the Nexplanon Implant in my arm. At first it didn’t seem to cause any problems but my family noticed that my personality had changed. I was always moody and easy to make angry. I don’t know for a fact that the implant was the cause for my behavior but I got it taken out. I got pregnant within 3 months of having it out. I plan on using the pill whenever I’m no longer pregnant.

I had the skyla IUD and loved it. Never had an issue with it. After having baby #2 in about 2 weeks I’ll have another IUD put in.

I had the nexoplan done. Worst mistake ever. I gained so much weight that I can’t lose, bled for 8 months and have nothing but crazy periods and worse symptoms. (still 2 years later. )
Mine also snapped in my arm so I’m scheduled to take it out

ive had the nexplenon for about 2 years now. the only side effects ive had with it is my periods, they are all over the place. I have gained some weight but definetly not as much as i did on the depo shot!

The depo fuucked me up. 5 years later and loads of fertility issues and menstrual issues. I have to take birth control pills to regulate my screwed up hormones which only happened after I received the depo shot. I tried both the copper and mirena IUD and I hated them both. One got lost inside me and was extremely painful and traumatizing to remove and the other made me flood bleed for weeks on end.

I take seasonale which is the pill but instead of a one month cycle it’s a 3 month cycle, so only 4 periods a year, which is a bonus. I did depo for a few years when I was younger and didn’t have any issues with it but everyone is different with any type of birth control

I’ve tried the shot, patch, nuvaring, nexplanon and pills! The shot and nexplanon made me gain a lot of weight. I got pregnant on the pill even taking it everyday at the same time. The ring I just didnt care for. After having my daughter I decided to try and IUD. I have the paragard and I love it. Haven’t had any issues with it. Everyone is different though.

I have the implant… Only side effects is irregular periods but Dr’s can help that if you check with them…i never gained weight on it and my moods didn’t change much…

Iud has been a blessing for me. If it’s uncomfortable tell your Dr. Other than that, I get my period every month . haven’t gained weight from using it.

I had the IUD. Looooved it. Not a single issue after a day of some cramping and then having the strings trimmed a week later. I was playing badminton 3 hours after having it placed. I used mirena as I have hormone issues and it was super helpful in that way. Lighter periods, less cramping, knew exactly when they were coming, etc. I took it out after 3 years and conceived my third after a few months. I’ve gotten pregnant in the pill… never doing anything but IUD again.

Tubal ligation was the way to go for me. I did depo between my 1st and 2nd kid and it really messed with my body too (there’s a 6 yr age gap between them because it caused fertility probs)1st and 3rd kids were conceived when different OCPs failed, so obviously that wasn’t a good choice for me either lol.

I have the arm implant and I love it. I haven’t had a period since I got it in October and have experienced no side effects. I’ve tried the pills and like you they made me feel gross plus they made me gain a ton of weight. I was allergic to the depo shot and allergic to the adhesive on the patch. I’ve had 3 IUDs and I don’t recommend them. 1 I had removed because I could feel it and it was uncomfortable. Another had to be removed because it started to embed itself into my vaginal tissue. The third had to be surgically removed because it actually did embed itself into my cervix. I was hesitant on the nuvaring because I can’t see myself having to put it in and out every week.

As my permanent solution I had my fallopian tubes removed. It’s like 99.9999999999+% effective unlike having your tubes tied and reduces the risk of breast and ovarian cancers. Yay!!
But out of everything else I tried (iud, depo, ring and pills)
I really liked the ring. I had a predictable period and it made my periods lighter and I didn’t have to remember it everyday that was the only draw back of the pill for me.

I had my iud in for only 3 months and went in to get checked for some pain i was having and they couldn’t even find the iud. Turns out when it was put in, it was slightly in the wrong spot so my uterus was contracting on it the whole three months i had it until it finally embedded itself into my uterus and had to be ripped out which was super painful :joy: so yeah even though its SUPER rare for that to happen, it happened only 3 months of having it so i wouldn’t recommend it

Nuva ring has never come out for me. And it can come out for no longer than 3 hours anyways, I have 6 kids and for me it works of you follow the exact directions. Has to be put in around same time and daybuts taken out. In 10 years, I’ve been pregnant 8 times and have 6 kids, so I’m very fertile and for me it works…I opted for it bc if it effected me badly, I could remove it…

I had good experiences with the Mirena IUD, had it twice. Nexplanon implant was ok, I had more side effects with it.

IUDs are awful. I had a horrible experience with one. Never again.

I used Nuvaring for almost 2 years. I loved it. It was simple, didn’t take remembering and was effective. It made my periods lighter and scheduled. No weight gain. My only complaint is it made me kind of crazy. Now idk how much of it was the postpartum depression and how much was the birth control but it did make it a little worse.

Mirena! Low hormone, they ultrasound the location to make sure they are placed correctly now and I have no periods or side effects and its 5 years!

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I had Mirena for three years and I had constant cramping even when I didn’t have my period and it was painful during sex. When I went to get it removed the doctor said she couldn’t find the string they usually just pull to remove. So she had to DILATE my cervix and go digging for it. No pain meds nothing it was extremely painful

I had the nexplanon and it was very effective (no babies) and I had no period. However, there was excessive weight gain, mood swings. I’m trying the copper IUD next, non hormonal.

If you CAN’T trust your DOCTOR…get a new one .

IUD coming from an ob nurse and user very safe effective and you can get pregnant shortly after removal