What is the best birth control?

So I’m currently pregnant however I’m thinking about contraceptive methods after this baby. I am useless at remembering pills and hormonal contraception seems to send me a little crazy. Has anyone had the Copper IUD (Paraguard)? Can anyone share their experiences on it with me?


I mean I have the other IUD, the Mariena. I’m breastfeeding haven’t had supply issues or any other issues.

I had paragard from 2010-2013 and it did its job well for me. My cycles were a bit heavier but it sure beat having children we weren’t ready to have. No hormones,so no weight gain.

the only thing that wprked for me was getting my tubes tied

I had the mirena one. The copper one lasts 10 years instead of 5 but it had much more issues. I like the nuvaring.

I have the paragard and I love it. Havent had any issues with it at all!

I had Mirena and absolutely hated it. I swelled up, had a 2 week period every 2 weeks, and was sooooo moody. It was out within 6 months.

I had the paraguard for 2 years and loved it! Not one single issue! Normal periods, no hormones, no babies when I didn’t want them.

I am very old school (I’m 47) and IUDs were proven to be VERY dangerous back in the 70-80s. Then they got the plastic Mirena…guess what? Many yrs later they determined IUDs are Still not safe for a lg %age of women.
Perhaps a “norplant”(? ) Same hormones involved as taking the pill but you can forget about it for months
Personally, I got pg on the pill twice. After the 3rd came along I got my tubes tied at 25 yrs old

I used the depo shot for almost 8 years. Never had a problem with it.


I prefer the depo shot. It’s not hormonal so it doesn’t affect that or breastfeeding if you choose to do so. It’s a shot in the butt cheek every 3 months so you don’t have to worry about remembering it. And they can give it to you before you leave the hospital after giving birth. I’m currently 29 weeks pregnant with my second and my doctor has it in my file that I want the shot before I go home from having our baby. Another bonus most woman stop getting there periods on it!

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I had the mirena I liked it until I went back for a recheck and they couldn’t find it it migrated to my abdomen and I had to have it surgically removed. 3,000$ later. Not worth the convenience or risk. But that doesn’t happen to everyone I guess :sob:

Little extra bloating around pms and little heavier bleeding first Couple days but shorter period. I loved it. I’m super sensitive to hormones so this was perfect.

If you dont have a clotting disorder then they most likely won’t allow u to get it.

My doctor said it makes your flow heavier. That’s why I didn’t get it.

I have paragard. Have had it for a year & a half. My periods are a heavier than they used to be, but other than that it’s been great so far. No hormones so no weight gain.

I got my tubes removed today. No more worries here.

I had the CopperT IUD (paraguard) and loved it! The first time I was just experimenting so I only had it in for a few months and then got it out because I wanted to try something else (wound up getting pregnant like a couple weeks after getting it out), then my second time, I had it in for 3 years. I know it’s good for 10-12 but I wanted another kid before my youngest turned 5 (that didn’t happen because of fertility issues from PCOS absolutely ZERO relation to the IUD.) and will probably get it again after this baby is born. The awesome thing about the copper iud is that it DOES NOT have hormones so as soon as it’s taken out you can get pregnant! The down side to the copper iud, the first couple periods after you get it are really bad. Like super bad cramps, clots, and very heavy bleeding. But like I said it only happens the first maybe second time you get your period after getting the iud.

I’ve been on the depo shot for over 10 years after my son and a year or so before never had any problems I haven’t had a period in years.:grin:

I had the one that goes in the arm for 3 years I bleed for 72 days straight another friend had it and never had a period another friend got it and hers snapped in half different for everyone

I have a retroflexed uterus so I was told I couldn’t have an IUD. I can’t remember pills so I took depo and it wasn’t a good fit for me, I gained 40lbs became moody and depressed also I now have some joint issues. However I didn’t have a period while I was on it soo

I’m terrible at taking pills as well, but I’m currently on the pill. I have an alarm on my phone to remind me :woman_shrugging:

I had paragard and it was a nightmare. My period was so heavy I had to change my pad every 20 minutes, which really was impossible because I was working.

Paraguard is amazing (havent had it myself) bur im also pregnant and thats what im getring after i have the baby. Its non hormonal so it cant movw throughout your body like the mirena can. And it can last for 10 years because of it not having hormones. If your going to do birth control no hormones is the way to go.

I had a iud and it caused me to much pain, I don’t remember if I got a period but I had cramps and muscle spasms so bad that I couldn’t move. I had the shot and gained weight, I was taking the pill for a while and it seemed to be great. But I’m pretty now with my first and I don’t know what I’m gonna do after.

I’ve had after all 3 of my kids. I love it. Didn’t make my period heavier or anything. I really liked the non hormonal part.

It’s GREAT!! Non-hormonal. Best decision I made.

I’m currently on paraguard and have been for about 5 months. I don’t have any issues other then period was slightly heavier and longer.

I personally didn’t get this one because it lets the egg be fertilized but not implant. So I just couldn’t do that one.:neutral_face: but I have not heard great things.

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I just got mine a few weeks ago and haven’t noticed anything barely even have a period

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I had nexoplan. Was HORRIBLE with side effects and snapped.
I got the Mariana IUD this week and love it so far.

Paraguard is AWFUL! Currently have it and my periods are so bad and long and I hurt so bad I am literally curled in a ball crying and having a hard time walking. Getting it removed soon!

Nexplanon arm implant. Good for 3 years and good with breastfeeding.

I had mirena and loved it !

Paragard is the only birth control I could be on after having a stroke from taking yasmin when I was 29. I had it 6 years before deciding to remove to have a baby in 2013. I had the next one 3 yrs before it started implanting itself but my hips go out of place so think that was the cause. After that had last baby & tubes removed. My period did last longer but was few days spotting norm period then few days spotting so all together 10 days. No big issues with it till 2nd one implanted. Safest choice with no hormones.

I had it and had to wind up having surgery to remove it way earlier than planned due to many many many painful complications

I have Kyleena iud. It’s smaller than mirena. If you get it a few weeks after you have your baby you won’t even feel them putting it in! It’s been great for me so far. After the first month of bleeding, I stopped getting my periods altogether