What is the best birth control?

I just had a baby 2 weeks ago i am breastfeeding an im debting what birth control to get ive thought either iud or depi heard both bad an good but kinda scared about iud but whats everyone elses experience or thoughts


I have depo it works well for me

I had the mirena I loved it.

I have mirena and it’s great. No period! And no worries!

Make sure you research all and see which one works with breast feeding as some can make your supply drop or loose your supply all together. I know a lactation consultant said looking at pills would prob be your best bet in case it doesn’t work for you and your supply you have to the chance to change it versus a shot that lasts for months. I have chose not to use birth control as the hormones affect me and I never want to jeopardize my milk supply as I nurse my LO as well

I had the nexplanon and am getting it again!

I have an IUD and after the few months of anxiety from reading horror stories I love it

I had the Mirena and loved it, the only down side is if you get chronic UTI it makes them worse :pensive:

The depo shot was not worth it to me. I gained so much weight from it and my ex boyfriends baby’s mother was four months pregnant with their son and didn’t know until they did blood work so the depo I would try to take off the list considering you could still get pregnant while getting the depo shot

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Both gave me periods that lasted way longer then a normal period.

I will never ever ever recommend the mirena. Terrible pain getting put in, horrible periods, horrible pain getting removed and terrible cramps. Legit worst experience of my life. Just get on the pill. They put me on a Bc pill when I breastfed.

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Nexplanon is by far my favorite of the three…I’ve been on

Depo shot made me gain so much weight, it was awful

I have the Nexplanon implant. I love it

I love love love my mirena

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Depo shot has worked amazingly for me! I’ve been on it for just over a year with no complications, zero periods or cramps

I have the mirena and ive had it twice now and will have a third lol i love it! The first week cramps can be pretty bad but other then that no period and no complaints!

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You’re going to hear horror stories about all of them. You’ll just have to try different things to figure out what works for you. I LOVED depo. It worked well and I had no side effects. Nexplanon made me bleed heavily and made me have severe mood swings. It was horrible for me.

I had the Mirena and it was amazing!! Had it for 3 years, zero issues!! Highly recommend it. Just do your own research and consult your doctor!

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I had an IUD for 3 years and it was great. I didn’t worry about anything at all and had minimal periods. Got pregnant 1 month after I had it removed. No hormone side effects.

I got the depo shot 6 weeks pp. It made me very emotional… more so than just normal post partum stuff.

I then switched to the breastfeeding friendly mini pill. It has been fine, however I suck at taking it on time every night.

Overall, I’ll be getting another IUD once the option becomes available again.

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Right, everyone’s body interacts differently but my experience with depo was awful. Never had the IUD

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I had the mirena after I had my daughter and I had it in for a year and I never had any problems with it. I didn’t even have a period with it in

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Mirena for me was awful. Was on pill before with no side effects and wanted to try long term. Mood swings, hair loss, major chin acne (never ever had issues with acne even as a teenager and im 38), and a period that lasted 2 weeks, every 2 weeks. Had them remove it last month, back on pills and period went back to normal

I tried both and hated them. Mirena caused me to bleed year round. Got it removed. And depo made me gain weight and experience alot of anxiety and mood swings

A warning about the depo shot: if you have a history of depression, you’re more likely to have post natal depression and the depo shot can make that worse. I didn’t know or find that out until I went through my options of BC. Since it has a higher dose of progesterone, it can exacerbate the depression

I had the mirena and didn’t have problems with it. But you’ll have to decide what works best for you

The depo made me psycho, gain weight and I bled for 5 months straight no stop. I havent had an IUD before but that’s more than likely what I’m going to get after my baby is born.

Mirena was amazing! I had one put back in after I had my daughter in 2016, had one put in in 2010 removed in 2014

With both types of IUD’s that I got, I had terrible experiences. The hormonal one caused pretty bad moodiness & complete loss of sex drive. Then I got ovarian cysts with the copper one and both were extremely painful to get inserted! They WAAAY downplayed how much it would hurt and the bleeding afterwards too :unamused: I would definitely ask to get put under if I had to do it again.

I got pregnant on the mini pill but this time around got the arm implant and it’sbeen great! I had uterine prolapse with this baby so I couldn’t do an iud until I dod physical therapy for that.

I’ve had both…depo gave me sooo many more side effect than the marena (IUD)…but it’s different per person

I’ve had my IUD since my son was born in 2007 (I’m on my 3rd one). Best thing ever! No period at all for me.

I don’t recommend IUD. Passed through my uterine wall and needed to be surgically removed.

It really depends on the person
I personally got the depo shot just bc the thought of an iud sketched me out esp when you hear horror stories of migration or perforation
Not that that will happen to you just weigh your thoughts and feelings on diff ones and go from there and if one doesn’t work you can always switch to another

IUD, get the copper one. No hormones to fight with.

I was on the pill for 20 yrs, had our baby one year ago. Husband got snipped. Was waaaaay cheaper.


The copper IUD. I love it. But I will say it was painful getting it placed.

Been on DEPO for 23 years. Never had any issues. Completely stopped my periods also.

Love love love love my mirena! Just make sure who ever places it does it a lot. Do it closer to your period bc the cervix is already open a bit making it less painful

See I had the marena (IUD) the worse thing I have ever did because I had it for a year in a half almost 2 years and for the time I had it bled for 2 weeks straight it was really heavy bleeding too and it made me dizzy and felt sick all the time and made me lose weight a lot of it but it’s different for people but I can say that it really works tho like the plus side I didn’t get pregnant.

I had the mirena iud after about 4 months mine fell out but I’m pretty sure it’s either because it was inserted wrong or my bfs dick is too big

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I got the Mirena it was great and it’s for 5 years and you can take it out if want another child

I got pregnant on the Depo but I have the mini pill now. I was terrified of the implant cause of all the horror stories I heard and nobody was sticking anything anywhere down there for awhile so no IUD

Ive had both, i thought the iud was better. The depo made me gain to much weight but everyone is different

Depo can make you gain a lot of weight

Nexplanon. I’ve been on it for 7 years and I love it. I cycle every 3 months, with light spotting in between.