What is the best birth control?

Experience with the lo loestrin fe birth control any weight gain? And debating on iud or the arm one or pills help ! I know everyone is different but I want to see others experiences.


I have this and I love it! No issues at all

I have this and I love it! No issues at all

I’ve been on the pill with no issues too!

Im on it and have no issues

I got pregnant on the pill! Never missed one and always took it at the same time every single day. I have had the paragard IUD for almost 2 years and love it! It’s non-hormonal and its good for 10 years. Haven’t had any problems with it.


I have used lo loestrin fe after all of my children. I love it no side effects and you usually don’t get your period either.

I had bad luck with that pill. But then i found out the women in my family have problems with birth control.

Pills or Iud. I work at a obgyn and a lot of nexplanon (arm one) get removed due to people that not liking it

Loved it! I had to switch to a generic version of it but both have caused no issues!

Paraguard has no hormones so you’ll experience no hormonal changes. The pill made my hormones out of whack, I gained weight on nexplanon and it was inserted too deep in my arm. The Mirena is a good one too but the hormones are tolerable. They have a new iud, I can’t remember the name but it’s less hormonal that Mirena I believe.

I’ve been on it for almost a year and I’ve had irregular periods and have gain almost 20lbs… When I first started it the first two months I lost 12lbs then gained that back plus and had 2 day periods for the first 4 months then it changed

I have nexplanon (arm one) it’s rough. If you switch definitely research

I have had mirena for 2 years now and I LOVE IT!!! I’ve had no issues no weight gain. I don’t have to remember to take a pill everyday and the plus side I could breastfeed on it didn’t mess with my supply. I’ll be getting a new one when the 5 years is up

I loled it when I was on the pill. I’m actually thinking of removing my IUD or switching to the non-hormonal one. I have gained weight.

Loved that pill… I was on it a year with no issues

I had the iud in my arm many years ago if u get it hope they improved it I bleed for over a year went though all kinds of test stopped bleeding after they took it out

I have it. No weight gain or having my hormones out of wack.
It’s taking some getting used to not having a period.

I’ve been on the loestrine fe for almost 9 months now without any issues except my period starts 4-7 days before the period pills. It’s like that every month so I just take them normally and my dr doesn’t seem to care. I haven’t gained any noticeable weight. I was going to get the non hormonal IUD as I hated the Mirena IUD. But when my baby was stillborn I just want something I can just stop taking without walking into a doctors office.

I got pregnant soon after nexolplanon was removed. I removed it because it was causing weird sensation in my arm… Felt like ants some times, or really hot. Then got an IUD. No issues for roughly a yr. First few periods were extremely heavy & painful. Ended up stopping completely. Had an ectopic pregnancy that lead to miscarriage, removed the IUD shortly after. Was then on the pills, very moody at first. Then got an UTI, was prescribed antibiotics & wasn’t told that the antibiotic would counteract the birth control. Currently 38wks pregnant. Hope this helped.

I liked it as it didnt mess with my mood as most birth controls do. With that being said… i gained about 10-15lbs in the first few months… and also got pregnant while taking it correctly. Im due with a little boy the end of july.:open_mouth: