What is the best breast pump?

I’m just wondering what everyone thinks the best breast pump is. My situation is like this: after I give birth I get the usual 6 weeks at home. And when I go back I’m going to be working 12 hour shifts, so I’m going to be doing a lot of pumping. When I had my oldest I got a pump from insurance and I got rid of it because I didn’t plan on having another child, so I don’t know if I’ll get another one through them (it’s state assistance) so I’m thinking I’m going to have to pay for this myself and I don’t want to spend a whole bunch of money on something that doesn’t work for me. I’m just trying to be prepared.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What is the best breast pump?

Hands free elvie stride. I just got it!
And insurance should cover.

Spectra the blue portable one


Wic gave me a new one with each of my 3 kids

You’ll be approved for a another one through insurance. I got rid of my first for the same reason and got a new one through insurance with my daughter.

Follow Be My Breast Friend on Instagram. I would disagree with the elvie stride. This woman daily as her job does reviews and videos using alllll pumps. I’m leaning towards willow go. She loves it better than previous willows and the elvies. It removes milk better and holds more than some elvies… she goes a lot into portable pumps like willow and elvie that are good when wanting to walk around how etc etc etc errands whatever driving versus regular pump. She really recommends a better pump versus the portable for first 3 months while you’re getting supply regulated but says some people do ok stictly using a portable (elvie or willow) some don’t- so that’s up to you. If they’re draining you well and you’re producing enough etc should be fine.

Spectra that can run on battery or wall outlet (the blue and white Spectra) is really one of the best you can get. I’m weird and want smthng that looks amazing too and works amazing so I’m ordering the Spectra Gold Synergy through insurance and will pay the extra. Only drawback with it is it doesn’t work on battery- so you have to be near an outlet. So you’re better off with the blue and white specta possibly for portability, or willow go etc

(Aeroflow website does all the insurance stuff for you it’s amazing, you put your Insurance in and they request a script from for obgyn if insurance requires (mine does) and then they show you everything that’s 100% covered and you order right there or what’s covered some but you’ll pay a portion- on more expensive pumps).

But anyways with my 1st two kids I used Medela pump in style advanced- that was an open circuit smthng we didn’t know about and many moms didn’t etc and technology has moved FAR beyond- for sanity reasons they really don’t even make open circuit pumps anymore. You want closed circuit. Which most are. Again- follow her watch daily watch her reviews etc she compares so many. I’m going to get a really good Spectra pump to use in bed by my bed etc whatever. And possibly get the willow go bc I have 2 other kids and want to be able to pump while doing stuff whether that’s cooking etc etc etc.

You are eligible for a free pump for each pregnancy so definitely go through insurance again. Babies are expensive enough so please utilize the resources available to you.


Wic can give you one or you can apply for another one through insurance

Consider the wearable pump the willow. It’s completely cordless and you can pump while working. Has an app for your phone and will tell you when it’s full.

Check with your insurance even if it’s Medicaid. All insurance companies have to provide a breast pump under the Affordable Care Act

I’m a fan of Spectra. I used the S1 for 24 months of exclusive pumping and then upgraded to the Synergy Gold and use them both.
They are the best pump brand as an exclusive pumper imo.

I love the blue spectra. However the “Best” one really depends on you and how your body respond to the pump.

I’d get a hospital grade modela. Those are amazing

I’ve tried so many and breastfed for over 5 years total. I got the most milk the fastest by hand expressing. Second best was a manual pump. Otherwise all the other electric pumps seemed to work the same as far as time and output. Biggest thing is being relaxed, and thinking about your baby while your pumping/expressing.

Hear me out. I LOVE my Elvie. But nothing compares to the $20 manual pump. It totally empties me and only takes like 5 minutes to do so. I love manual pumps. Way more than automatic pumps

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See if your OB or PCP can write you a prescription for the medela symphony

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