What is the best breast pump?

Breast pump suggestions. I did borrow one from the WIC office with my first baby but they only get me use it for a month then it had to be returned or they were going to bill me a whopping $600!! I was actually terrified of even trying to borrow one from them again, they were very strict and any I mean ANY scratches they made it clear that I would be billed. Thank you ladies I’ll definitely be looking further into different types of pumps I honestly have just been so rock bottom and strapped for cash I couldn’t even afford the $15 pump (sounds terrible coming from a mother) my husband just recently got a new job with great pay so hopefully within the next few weeks I’ll be about to talk him into getting me one because this is awful but I’m doing the best I can, and my milk supply is really on point so I definitely need something. I’ll look into using the WIC office again as they were very strict the first time I used them, and I’ll definitely be looking into other types of cheaper pumps as well as calling my insurance company again


I got a hand pump at Walmart for maybe 20 bucks. Worked great

Try contacting your local La Leche League organization…they might be able to help

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Most health insurance give u a free one. If you have insurance contact them

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Not sure where you’re located but sometimes you can get a free one with Medicaid

Check to see if you can get a free pump from aeroflow breastpumps. If you have wic or pregnancy Medicaid it’s really likely you’ll qualify. I got a new spectra for free

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Wic will provide you with a manual pump free of charge that you get to keep and if your getting insurance through hubbys work they may provide you with an electric one free

Pumps dont even cost you 600 so it’s OUTRAGEOUS they’d think to bill you that🤦‍♀️
Was it lined in gold with 100+ accessories?!:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Tommy tippee was like $60 at target or I actually bought one used

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If u r on Medicaid, they will send u one for free


Aeroflow.com. they will give you a free one depending on insurance. I got mine through them.


I ordered one through target and it was charged through my insurance (it was the ameda- I didn’t care for it) ended up using a Nederland my friend gave me that she used once… at the beginning of the year I used edgepark and they charged my insurance (got a spectra which I LOVED) apparently through my insurance I’m allowed to get a new one once a year :woman_shrugging:t3:… I loved the spectra I got the most milk production from it thankfully Bc I worked full time

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i bought an $18 pump from walmart and it is fantastic! i love it!

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If ur on medicade Dr will write script for pump they cover in full

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I have one i only used a hand full of times u could have it if u live near me just get new tubing and sheild

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I wont be needing it as my tubes r tied no more babies for me

Call your insurance- they buy them

You could probably get a free one through insurance.

The medela one that I got through my insurance are available on ebay for like $100. It works great too.

Aeroflow.com will send you one for free. It’s through your insurance. I did mine & it is suppose to ship to me in July. They have a link on their Facebook page that leads you directly to their application for it.

Edge park.com sent me my spectra through insurance I love it

Do you have Bullington in your surrounding area if so they do have layaway. Did you have baby shower. You can get one for about $50 up at Walmart, Target. If you on state assistant snd have insurance the insurance should pay for one.

I have a pump battery or electric, we could PayPal with shipping and I’ll ship it?

I loved my Medela. If you cant get one free through insurance or WIC check with your hospitals lactation consultant. You can also buy a used one on craigslist offer up let go or fb marketplace. If you get used just buy new tubing shields etc. Ask friends and family members too, everyone knows someone who had a baby! Good luck!

Aeroflow.com check them out. Your insurance covers it. Mine arrives at the end of this month.

You could also check the hospital where you delivered ,My hospital had them!

I seriously got mine from the clearance aisle at Walmart this time around. My first pump was horrible. My supply would not drop when I used the pump. I dreaded pumping this time. But I got a new pump from the clearance aisle and it’s been great! 100$ pump for 20$ works like a charm.

Insurance supplies them call insurance

Most hospitals rent them also if the other options above won’t work. But definitely check with your insurance, it should be covered.

Spectra. It is by far the most efficient pump. Do not go with Ameda. Parts have to be replaced often, they are only purchased online and it gets expensive quick

If you have insurance they will pay for one at no cost to you! Call them and see which is covered, and get an rx from your OB for a double electric breast pump.

I got a free one through my insurance

My daughter went thru issues with her insurance, she was on medicaid, but she kept being told she qualified for a pump. Finally her doctor called in a prescription for a pump to the insurance company & they sent her one within the week, free rush shipping.
Call you OB office & ask them to get it taken care of for you!!!