What is the best car seat?

I am looking for a car seat for a five year old. He is 41 pounds. I don’t know if I should move him out of his five point harness to a high back booster seat or keep him in one? Brands. Don’t wanna spend to much as it will only be for an extra seat


There’s a ton of brands I have a graco for my 4 year old 45” tall 53lb girl. It keeps her in a 5pt harness. It cost $80 at Walmart.

5 is definitely old enough for just a regular booster not with a five point harness

Dont do the high back booster. My son is 43lbs and he can easily move around and itll pull the back. It’s the emergency seat. I’d stick to the harness until heavier. If he can pull the back forward I can only imagine the damage if rear ended

My daughter is in this one, 5 point harness goes up to 50lbs

Please dont take advice on this from the internet. Please go to your local fire station where they can point you in the direction of the correct seat itself, installation, safety guidelines, etc, etc. Please keep your child in a 5 point harness as long as is humanely possible.

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Keep him in the 5 point as long as you can. There is a reason they use them is race cars. Bottom line adult or kid, it’s safer.

My son is 6 and still in a 5 point. We won’t be changing him over any time soon.


My daughter is in this can switch to sratbealt when big enough but I plan to use the harness as long as I can!

Graco 4 ever goes up to 120 lbs.

5 point harness and rear facing until no longer possible. While it maybe not fun for them, their safety is number 1 always.