What is the best carseat?

Hey mommas just looking for a little advice. This might be a stupid question but I’m a FTM and kind of just winging it 💁 my daughter just turned 5 months old she weighs about 14 pounds but she is pretty tall and when she is in her carrier her feet almost hang off the end… is there a certain age/time you changed carseats? She usually falls asleep during car rides which is another reason I am a little hesitant to switch… TIA


There is a weight and height recommendation on the car seat somewhere but most carseats last until around 1 then you need pay attention to height

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Look on carseat has specifications to height and weight per each car seat

Look into convertible car seats since ur lil princess still needs to be rear facing

It is safest to keep her rear facing until age 2 and/or when she maxes out the seat weight/height requirements. 5 months is WAY too early to turn her. Lots of kids sit rear facing comfortably until age 4. A convertible carseat will keep her rear facing longer than an infant seat will.


I switched to a rear facing convertible seat when my son was around six months old. He was insanely tall and I was tired of carrying the carrier around everywhere. He stayed rear facing until he was almost 4. Then I turned him and kept him in a 5 point harness. Max out your current seat by height/weight then look into the next seat.

I would say the carrier would last quite a big longer for you :blush: my 6mo old is 16 pounds and 25 inches and still fits well

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We switched to a convertible car seat at 7 months when she could safely sit up in the shopping cart cause our daughter is also very tall for her age and had her legs sticking out :slightly_smiling_face:
Meanwhile my niece didn’t get a convertible car seat until a year cause she’s much shorter :slightly_smiling_face:

Usually it’s 20 pounds. She Will be fine with her feet dangling. :blush:

It’s not about the feet hanging over the edge, it’s when the top of her head starts to go over the top of the car seat

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My twins are almost 8 months and we had to switch our son out of the infant car seat a couple of weeks ago because he was exceeding the height limit. Check the info about your specific car seat to see what the requirements/limits are. He also sleeps in his new car seat, so likely won’t be an issue. She is probably sleeping because of the motion and sound of the car itself, not specific to the car seat.

Check the recommendation on the car seat. Just because other moms switched at a certain age doesn’t mean your baby meets the same requirements

Most infant car seats are 22lbs I believe. But my son is long like that and was ready for a convertible car seat at 4 months old. Before the weight requirement because he was so big. Still rear facing of course.

If ur worried they have a rear racing seat at walmart that is quite similar to a carrying infant seat, its also quite cheap about 30$. My daughter was very tall and chunky. Still quite tall she’s 2 but often mistaken for a four yr old. Im also a FTM i switched at 4 months to the rear facing seat after discussing my fears with my pediatrician. I was actually relieved that i didn’t need to carry the seat around anymore.

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I have the safety first 3-1 carseat reverse is good for 6 to 60lbs it reclines and the head piece adjusts.

Most seats are good until 30-35lbs. We switched my son at 1 1/2 because he was 35lbs and no longer fit in the straps. No he’s not fat. He’s just muscular and extremely tall for his age

If you read the side of the car seat it will tell you the weight and height cut off. After she outgrows the infant carrier, youll switch to a rear facing convertible car seat. And she should stay rear facing until she reaches the max height and weight for rear facing before turning her forward facing.

And you should never leave her asleep in the carseat after getting out of the car. It increases risk of positional asphyxiation.

This!!! It’s rear facing my daughter is 5 months old and only 9 pounds! She loves this seat!!

check your car seats manual for the weight and height maximums, usually feet hanging out from the side is okay. most infant seats go to 22 to 35lb, 30", or when their head is 1" from the top of the seat.
if you’re looking for a good convertible car seat to put your little in, try the Graco Extend2Fit keeps her safe longer as the weight limit is 50lb rear facing and 65lb forward facing in the 5pt harness. my lo was 4m when we made the switch.

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My daughter is pretty tall herself. We kept her rear facing in her infant seat. We got a convertible at 1 year. We switched her to front facing at 2. Granted all kids are different size and shape. So check with your seats spec’s.

I’ve switched both of my babies from the carrier seats to convertible seats around 8 months
My first was tall and my second got tired of being so reclined

We have a safety 1st convertible carseat it goes from 5 lbs to 100 lbs for our granddaughter she’s been in it since birth

Rear facing til 2. You can switch to a convertible carseat though

It goes by where the straps sit across the shoulders. Dangling legs don’t make a difference.

You probably need a backwards facing convertible car seat we have the graco milestone and love it.

Both of my kids hut the height limit before the weight limit so i just switched from the infant carseat to a convertible seat. Gives them a little more leg room but still should be facing backwards at least until 2

If you feel uncomfortable, go and seek someone with knowledgeable information. I’m sure there is someone carseat trained in your county. Usually the sheriff’s office has someone or knows who to get in contact with. They can help you far more than anyone else as they are educated in this area.

9months normally, rear or forward facing is fine.