What is the best carseat?

Hello, Mommas! Our first is due in a few months (a girl: yay!) and we are in the market for a car seat. Any recommendations? I was initially kind of interested in the ones that you clip in the base, then you can remove/put back the seat as needed, but some friends have told me they’re not as easy as they seem. Is that true? I’m open to any kind though. What worked for you? Keep in mind we’re probably going to be in the car a fair amount. #Products


I love the one that clips into the base. It’s very easy to get in and out depending on the vehicle. I have troubles with my fiances truck because it’s higher but my car is good

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Once the base is in place, they’re super easy - everything has a green indicator on an isofix to show its in correctly and the seat if bought as a travel system will clip right into the buggy and back again

I have that kind and I love it! It’s a graco one and even came with a stroller that it connects to

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There’s a great group on FB called Car seats for the littles. You have to consider a lot of things when picking the right seat for you and your family so I recommend starting there. Good luck.

I was all about the base lol.

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I will always have the infant carry along seat until they are to heavy lol. So convenient for getting around. Clips into the base, the stroller, most shopping carts, without having to remove baby. I’d suggest getting a second base for dad or care giver because those can be annoying to put in but once in, easy peasy.

Convertible seats are worth the money! Only have to buy one :wink:

CarSeat Safety is ranby CPSTs and can help you answer all your questions and get the perfect seat

We have a britax snug ride something or other with the base and it’s pretty easy to snap in and out.
We got the stroller that matches that you can snap the carseat into.
I personally prefer to be able to take my infant in their handy dandy baby Carrier especially into the store or appts when they’re asleep.

We love ours and it clips right into our strollers. We have a graco clickconnect. The biggest thing is the brand you want and the compatibility with the stroller if you’re looking to go that route


Graco click connect.

We used that one and we are now on the Graco 4ever convertible car seat.


I love the kind that clips into a base for infants. I’m expecting baby number two and will go with that kind until he’s out of his sleeping most the day then I’ll transition into the grace forever Seat because I love that one also

Bucket seat is great for newborns, but my son is 4/5 months and I prefer the convertible especially for road trips.

LOVE LOVE our chicco keyfit 30! It clips in to the base and the base fits snugly into the seat when using the super cinch latch system! With my first (twins) I used evenflo and hated them they were very flimsy and the bases didnt secure good! Went with chicco with our 3rd baby and will be doing the same with baby number 4! Chicco is def worth the money.

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I prefer a reversible car seat instead of the baby car seat. I like Britax Roundabout! I found the combination of car seat and baby too heavy to carry. It was simply lighter to carry baby possibly with a carrier.

We used the graco travel system has car seat base n stroller. We never had any issues he now has graco extend 2fit n we love that one too best two car seats in my opinion ive used

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We had the one with the base when my little girl was first born and it was easier. We had the graco but I like the evenflo brand a whole lot better. We moved her up to a evenflo triumph carseat once she got older and it’s great. I like the ones with the bases when they’re smaller

I have the graco click connect and I absolutely love this carseat and I’ve never had any trouble popping the seat in and out of the car

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Click in base is a life saver!

Graco extend2fit is great. Awesome safety reviews, the straps never have to be taken out to adjust as baby gets bigger all’s you do is push a button, so simple! It’s not too expensive and my 9 mo daughter looks safe and comfy in it I got one for my car and one for her dad’s.

I used infant seat up till around 7 months, then went to a 4-n-1 convertible

Much easier and safer to have the kind that clips right into base in car and then clips right unto stroller instead if carrying a. Separate baby carrier into store and putting it into shopping cart which isn’t really safe to do anyway …my granddaughter had the kind that goes from car base to stroller …easy to do and safer

I had one that clipped in the base and I loved it the only thing is that the clip is sometimes hard to do but other that that it worked perfect

Love our Urbini travel system! Car seat and stroller combo that also has a bassinet option

I had one with base once you do it few times it gets easier

I recommend seeking advise from a specialist place … Purely as not all car seats are compatible with all cars. …

Click in seats are extremely easy…I had graco with all 3 kids and never had any issues…

You had the right idea to begin with, don’t know what your friends issues are but I never had trouble using the infant carriers that you click into the base. I 've had 5 kids and used that kind for at least the first 6-8 months and they’re a lifesaver. Babies tend to fall asleep when riding and then you can just take whole carrier without waking baby, with the convertible carseats you wake them when removing them from the carseat to go in a store, then you have a fussy baby.

Graco modes stroller and car seat set!!

I used infant seat for the first year then switch to a 4 in one

We have a car seat which clips into the base and also clips into a stroller for when we go shopping or have to walk longer distances so we dont have to look over the car seat

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I have a uppababy but find it annoying with the straps that tangle a lot.

Click in infant seat was amazing! If you gotta run any erron it makes it super easy. Now we’re in a toddler seat that isn’t portable it’s much harder.

Click in infant seat was so easy I used britax and had the click in stoller.

I think ( correct me if I’m wrong) that you have to use in infant carrier to leave the hospital

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I love my graco click connect! But my friend has the cicco brand one that clicks also and she loves it. Unless you have an elderly person who cannot lift the carseat with just their arms who will be driving her around regularly, I would go with the click in carseat. However, my MIL is incapable of doing this, so she is not able to drive in her car without one of us.
(That’s just my own rule. You can still just buckle the seat in with the seatbelt if you are in a car without a base.

I loved my infant carrier. I used the stroller car seat set with all three of mine

Yeah the carrier was easy for me till my kids were able to hold their heads up well without support.

I have the Graco Snug and ride I believe and but next one will be a maxi cosi

Not only are they not as easy, babies tend to grow out of them sooner

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We used Graco click connect and it was awesome! My only issue is I went with a cheaper stroller, I wish I would’ve went for a better one…but Graco has ALL kinds of strollers with this click connect thing, I was just trying to be economical

Not only are they not as easy, babies tend to grow out of them sooner