What is the best learning tablet?

Im wanting to get my baby a learning tablet for her birthday. Any mommas has ones they love?


The Amazon tablet is good. Lets you have full control over the content.


I just got my son a Leap Pad Jr. And he absolutely loves it. It comes preloaded with learning games, e-books, and music. It can’t be connected to Wi-Fi so he can’t get on the internet at all ( which I Love) and you can download more games, educational movies and other more e-books for a good price on the leap frog store.


Leapfrog and the books with the pens that read along is what my daughter will be getting.

My daughter got a kids kindle fire for Christmas…it has SO much stuff pre-installed! Books, puzzles, games, coloring…
Also, I created my own profile that’s password protected and that’s where you can upgrade the settings when they are ready for older content. It also came with the bumper cover so having it drop on the floor isn’t a big deal.


My son had the Contixo Kids Tablet, now he has an Ipad.

My step son started off on one of these, now he is 10 and is OBSESSED with his tablet. Literally never gets off of it. He is so skinny like skin and bones and does not like to eat because that means he has to get off his tablet. I know it’s bad parenting and his mom and dad is the reason for this, but because of HIS behavior, I will never let my daughter have a tablet. I’m too scared she will be like him.


Pbs kids learning tablet

I just got a cheap one so if it got broken it wasn’t a huge deal for her first one… But did find a lot of free apps that are great for learning… My 3 year old can count and knows her ABC shapes and colors… And then some… Glad i got it for her

I do, leapfrog but I got older one not that newer type

We got our daughter the vtech kiddibuzz phone. It can get on the internet but you can block things on YouTube. It has games and you can also set phone numbers of relatives that they can text when they are on Wi-Fi. She loves it. It also has a camera that can be forward or outward facing.

Amazon fire for kids is awesome. We got a 2 year warranty if anything goes wrong.

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Leapfrogs are awesome.

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Leap Frog Jr. Is good. Its not a tablet…its a learning tool. So great. Both mine had it. Loved it. Please…if possible…dont allow her to be stuck on it all day though (whatever kind u end up with). Learning or not…she also needs to live without it. I see many issues with kids and tablets these days. Say “only 1 hour” and stick to it. And not every day.