What is the best private health insurance?

Does anyone have private health coverage outside of what work offers? I make too much for Medicaid, and the insurance where I work doesn’t cover hardly anything and is super expensive. Everyone in my family has one health condition or another, and it gets expensive. What private insurance companies do you recommend, and what are the rates?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What is the best private health insurance?

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What is the best private health insurance?

Have you tried your states healthcare.gov? You can see if you qualify for help paying your premium and see how much each company charges for insurance.

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Just be prepared most pre existing conditions aren’t covered by private health insurance, and if it is does raise the cost.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What is the best private health insurance?

I can’t help with private insurance but have you looked to see if you or any of your family members would qualify for a Medicaid waiver? Most states have a waiver program.

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I dont know what state you are in…but AL has Allkids can get kids on for low co pays and everything at drs. Then…i like Blue Cross or Humana bc taken about everywhere. Depends on state. Try looking on websites can calculate different insursnce rates to know how much monthly would pay on each plan in your area and benefits of each package

Just because you make to much for medicaid doesn’t mean you still can’t qualify with possibly just a share of cost. If your health insurance through your employer is unaffordable to you or doesn’t cover your needs they can give you a waiver

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BCBS is a great private insurance . It al depends where you live

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Maybe the chip program?

Tricare is the best, but you need military affiliation.

Blue Cross/Blue Shield is good I got mine through the market place in my state and I pay 0 monthly payments

I would find someone who sells insurance and have them help you

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What is the best private health insurance?

If you make below 75,000
They pay part for you.

I get 800.00
Pay 169.84

United Health is good.\

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If you’re in California Kaiser Permanente is good but everything’s expensive.

Instead of an agent get hold of an insurance broker. They work with many companies not just one. The consultation is usually free.

Find an agent. The rules and laws are different in each state. Cigna stopped offering private policies in our state. We had fantastic coverage for 10 years. They kept increasing the price the past 2 or 3 years, but our agent recommended keeping it if we could afford it. That there was nothing comparable he could offer us. Finally this year, Cigna it cut off totally. We have a new policy now. It’s not bad exactly, but not as good and just as much. $1600 month for family of 5.

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Set down with an insurance agent he can find the best plan for you since prices and coverage vary for many different reasons

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Sunlife is the best coverage I’ve ever come across…:thinking:

Christian Healthcare Ministries is very affordable. We’ve used it for the last 8 years or so.

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I can get you a great plan!!!

It really depends on where you are as to what is available to you. President Biden re-opened open enrollment for the Marketplace until 8/15. I would suggest applying there for your best cost effective plans. www.Healthcare.gov


Find an insurance broker in your town they offer a variety of policies. BCBS offers good plans

Have you checked the marketplace or Obama insurance?


Check with your car/home insurance company

It depends a lot on how old you are. I’m 81 and on Medicare. I signed up with well care my premium is $2.00 a month and they pay for nearly everything.
If you do not qualify for something like this, check out blue cross blue shield.

We got an insurance agent and got us very good insurance at the best possible rate.

I like BCBS and also AETNA

Im a broker in the of OK and in my opinion BCBS is the best private insurance for the cost. But it depends what your state in too

AARP I have only heard great things.

Scan the best o deductible

NO IN CIGNA, it’s the worst insurance to have when you really need it.