What is the best stroller?

Hi! I Currently have a 1 year old who’s not walking yet and I’m 5 months pregnant at the same time! I was wondering which double strollers are the easiest to work with? Or I was just going to invest in this wagon that’s at target that has a place for a baby and a place for a toddler. I don’t know really what brands are out there that will make life easier for me!


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What is the best stroller?

I have the baby trend wagon/stroller. I love it! I feel like you get more use out of it because you can use it for long and different things.

I have this and love it!

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We have the baby trend sit and stand double. Easy to collapse. They have more advance options as far as a nicer second seat instead of just the second seat just being a bench


I had the joie evalite duo, it worked perfectly for us

We have a graco sit and stand stroller, duo modes!

We went with a double stroller when I was pregnant with my second. While I loved it, I wish we went with a stroller wagon as they last WAY longer and age with the kids.
We just upgraded to the Wonderfold W4 and plan to keep that until the kids no longer like using a wagon.

Personally, I like the Bugaboo donkey 3 double stroller, just right for an infant(bassinet) and a young toddler. And UPPAbaby Vista makes a really great double stroller that can grow with your family. It’s light weight and a really good investment.

Uppa baby vista or the Thule Double jogger/bike trailer.

Baby trend has the best stroller I have ever gotten! It rides so smoothly over bumps!

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I have the joovy qool and love it

Baby jogger city select!

Encourage baby to start walking till gets the hang of it , save ur money

Get the wagon…I wanted the wagon changed my mind and got a double stroller and now I wish I got the wagon lol I may still get it bc it will fit all 3 of the babies. Definitely get the wagon you can put car seats on them while a bigger kid sits next to it.

I had a baby trend jogging stroller that was a dream.