What is the best sunscreen?

Howdy! Summer’s coming, and so I have a question. What types of sunscreen are best to use for a 2-year-old? We live close-ish to the beach and anticipate being outside a lot. I’ve used a variety and haven’t been in love with any of them. Something safe, of course, and preferably something easy to apply? What have you used that you love? #Products

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We use aveeno sunscreen for babies because my son has eczema. I’d say any kids sunscreen with a high spf is your best bet! Also, reapply after a while to be safe

The only one I’ll use and trust on my children is babyganics!!! It’s absolutely amazing and I habe never heard of a patent complaining about any of the products! They sell a bug spray as well.

Make sure your suncreen is atleast 30% has uva uvb protection and you re apply every 40 mins. I dont have a prefered brand- ive always liked no-ad or coppertone

A lot of my friends use coppertone but don’t use the stick, anything above spf 50 doesn’t work it’s just to make it sound better. But aveeno would have to be my go to baby or adult