What is the best tablet for a kid?

I’m not sure if this is something you can help me with. I’m looking for a suggestion on a tablet for my five-year-old son. I currently have a VERY old iPad that I have some appropriate children’s games on. I cannot afford a new one. I want one that is made for kids and has parental controls on it so that he cannot access things that he shouldn’t. I also want it to be something that he could possibly use for school work. I am considering the Amazon Fire Kids. I know there are two types - one is for ages 3-7, and the other is 6-12. Would it be better to get the one for 6-12? I know it has a different interface, but he is 5. I want it to last a while. I am open to other suggestions as well. Thank you!


the kids fire tablet sucks IMO. I would just get an iPad mini or something similar

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What is the best tablet for a kid?

Amazon kids tablet and it has a 2 year worry free warranty

Right now the Amazon fire tablet for kids is on Amazon prime deals. My 8 and 4 yr old have the 10.1 inch screen with double speakers… they love it!

Comes with a case on it too

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You can put family link for free on any android tablet

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Honestly? My kids both have android tablets and google family link. I can control everything from what’s downloaded to when they get locked out. Also can limit time spent on certain apps. The kid ones they outgrow quickly IMO. They are both Samsung and if when you set it up you can set any parental control you want.

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Amazon fire tablet and get the older kids one

Get the fire tablet. I have one for my 3yo and hes done everything under the sun to it. The 2 year no questions asked warranty is well worth it! He soaked it & it wouldnt turn on. We sent in our old one & they sent us a new one. This was last week.

  • the tablet itself is the same no matter which one you get. If you get the 6-12y one it’s just a thinner case than the 2-6y one.

Amazon fire kids is what I have for all my kids

Amazon kids fire tablets. It comes with a 2 year warranty. I have 2 they are absolutely amazing

I have gone through six Amazon tablets with four kids. The tablet crack easily and you can only download Amazon apps.

Amazon fire kids tablet with kids unlimited.

Amazon fire kids tablet for the win. The case is durable and it comes with a worry free warranty!!

Love the amazon fire tablets, we have 2 and haven’t had any issues

Get an Amazon fire and call it a day

There is one at Walmart I bought my 3 year old son it has a rubber case and all I believe the name is PBS kids tablet and it has the parental controls and also an adult can use it with a pass code to go to adult mode and it is :+1:

We have Amazon kid tablets and man those things are resistant :rofl:

2 years and going and still works great.


Sometimes you can have monthly payments if you purchase a device on your cell phone plan.

Fire tablet. They are also all on sale with prime day right now!!!

Amazon fire tablet & their on sale right now on Amazon for prime days! my 3 year old is a monster with that case and it’s durable.

Amazon fire is great…my daughter has had them in the past.The parental controls are amazing.Hook it up to your Amazon account…the security is amazing

Amazon fire tablet kids edition. It comes with the 2year warranty, 1 year free subscription to Amazon freetime unlimited, the parental controls are great, you can add content to their tablet on top of the content that’s accessible to them through freetime unlimited and you can filter their content based on their age or set it to your desired age range. They have access to tons of books, apps, games, videos, shows and even some movies through Freetime Unlimited. You can also download apps and videos that your child can watch or use even without internet access. Some games like fruit ninja and tic-tac-toe give them free unlimited credits to buy extras in the game. My children each have one and they love them.

Staples kindal for $50

Learning toys and playing with him Play dates. People. Watch any and all screen time. Not always healthy


No! They suck you cant put anything on them! Just get a 50 dollar phone you have a ton on space and can also put parental controls on it!

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Amazon fire and its prime day so get one now!

I bought a Samsung for $100 and it works great

My kids have Amazon fire tablets. I bought a big rubber case off amazing for them. They have lasted awhile

Amazon fire tablet has withstood my 9 year old sister and 10 year old brother for the last 3 years. Highly recommended, just make sure to get a good case (the foam one with a handle is good)

Kids kindle for sure

My kids have fires. We liked them at first. But now we’re having trouble downloading new games to them. I’ve cleaned out games they don’t play any more & put a SD card in. Any ideas?

For the OP any android devise can have parental controls if you want. I put family link on their phones. I suggest watching for clearance phones (around Oct/Nov at Walmart). It doesn’t matter what company. You don’t need service to use it on wifi like a tablet. Put family link on it & block searching.

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Amazon fire tablet !!

We’ve had the Amazon Fire for a few years with no issues

Amazon kids fire are great!

Our kids used the RCA Voyager tablets.

My five-year-old and three-year-old have iPads, and I love them because you can set all the parental settings

I like my Samsung tablet. Paid $120 for it and all my kids have one also!

Amazon fire tablet.I bought ours from argos when it was down from £50 to £30 last xmas.Best £30 i ever spent for my 3 year old

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What is the best tablet for a kid?

I got my son an Amazon fire tablet, you can put the parental controls on :slight_smile:

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I got my kids the Amazon fire tablets when they were the same age. You can get the normal ones and change the controls as they get older

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My two year old son got this for his birthday he absolutely loves it. Has prenatal control and a timer for how long child can be on it. And super cheap!!

Fire tablet can be put in kids mode.

My 3 year old recently got the kurio next android tablet. I got it because of all the parental controls. They usually vary at walmart from like 60-100 depending on the generation I’m guessing. I bet amazon has it cheaper!

I guess I am too old fashioned, as I am not in the majority, but, I was thinking a 5 year old is too young for a tablet.


Playing outside is the best kind of tablet for a child :woman_shrugging:t4:


We love our iPads each kids has the new generation and my son actually used it for online schooling when we traveled during pandemic! We won’t use any other brand as this has been the best we have used for them


My kids have the Amazon fire 7


If you can’t answer the question keep scrolling jeez she didn’t ask for parenting advice


This what my 5 year old daughter has. She loves it.

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Ipad mini 4, got it when my son was 3.

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Amazon all three of my kids have Amazon kids fire tablets! You can monitor everything and if they break or what have you amazon replaces them for life!

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Amazon fire tablet for sure


The only difference is the size, I’ve bought the 7 and the 8, but you can set an age group that only shows apps made for that age. You have to download other items from the App Store through the parent account. Def worth it for the money.


We don’t have decent money so my kids have the cheapest tablet we could find and just set restrictions on ot

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We got my 11yo an Amazon Fire, because it can “grow” with her. The kid’s mode has age appropriate settings and even books to read.

My son has a kindle fire and a leapfrog epic

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My in laws got my kid a Lenovo tablet when she was 2. I didnt let her have it till 4. I DO NOT SUGGEST IT! It’s cheap, gets torn up easily even though we had a case 4 it, doesn’t keep a charge, and almost impossible 2 use even 4 a kid.

We bought iPad on cyber Monday! I even use it for work we love it

My kids each have a Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 10.4 inch, with Wi-Fi, 32GB memory, which are going for $165 on Amazon right now. It runs like a phone but bigger. I love the Samsung devices because they’re SUPER easy to set time limits and content restrictions per app all from your device with the Family Link app.
You can set bedtimes, limit total tablet time, time spent in each app, control content, in game purchase, etc. It’s phenomenal. You can lock the tablet at any time as needed, from the app on your phone.
My kids had Amazon Fire tablets and they sucked. All the apps would take forever to load, app control and content restrictions were too generalized, and you have to subscribe for the kid’s program for enhanced features and content.

Crayons and paper just like we had

I got my daughter an amazon fire tablet for around 30-40 pound

Waits for all the know all judgemental parents to arrive saying kids shouldn’t have tablets … :roll_eyes:


The Amazon fire is amazing ! Hold the charge well and there’s loads of kids games and books and apps to watch kids programs on !

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PBS kids tablet, we got ours from walmart

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What is the best tablet for a kid?

Amazon fire tablet! My son got one for his birthday and it has all the learning and fun things for it plus parental controls! Definitely worth the money and they come with very good cases

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the kids tablet by amazon. comes with preset games and can set it up for the age group. my kid has tons of fun on it. it does have settings u can limit the times on the play and a sleeping period where it can turn off at a time u pick and wake up at a time u chose. comes with its own case.

My 8 year old has a Samsung Tab. It’s going strong for 2 years now. Buy a good padded case and it will be fine.

My son is 4 and has a galaxy tab A. It has kids mode so it can be used for kids or adults. He uses it to watch cartoons in the car and to video chat with his dad.

Amazon Kindle Fire. There is a kids model that comes with a padded cases

I just bought my 1 and 2 years olds tablets last week. We got them the Amazon fire tablets for kids. They are great and my babies love them. They also come in different color kids proof cases.

Our 5 year old has an amazon tablet, that thing is indestructible

I got my grandson the amazon fire kindle 8 lots on it but even reads a bedtime story on audible

My two year old has the 10in Amazon tablet , it’s great

My son loves his tablet but if he is 5 I would go with the 6 to 12 because he’s close to 6 and the younger kids one ends at 7.

Paper. Paper tablet and colored pencils…


I’m old school… too young for those types of electronics


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What is the best tablet for a kid?

We like the Amazon Fire! You can download movies and games for offline use, too. We usually only let him use it on long car rides or when we’re on work meetings, so we keep the settings pretty tight. No kids YouTube.

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None. I’d say a book and some blocks over a tablet any day… but that’s just me.


How about water color painting, action figures, hot wheels track, puzzles, color by number books, lego sets, trivia balls, etc to stimulate his brain❤️ at 5 i loved blocks, dress up, playing outside with chalk, moon sand, a kaleidoscope, ant farm, butterfly garden, etc


Def do an Amazon tablet especially today and tomorrow with the prime day deals!

Mine has the kindle fire for kids. It comes in a hard case and everything


Amazon fire 10 tablet. We got that one for my son for Christmas. He just turned 6. And it’s prime days so win win! :rofl::grin:

Kindle! 2 year warranty and they will replace for any reason

I have the Amazon one for my son and it’s great

Amazon fire for sure. Comes w 2year replacement and bunch of shows music games etc

My son is 9 and he has a.samsung

Amazon fire tablet :blush:

Amazon fire tablet. You can set the age range, and set up parental controls

Amazon has their fire tablets on sale right now

I’ll sell u an Amazon tablet for $30

I got my kids the kindle fire for kids. Sadly the one broke and we got the onn tablet and that broke in literally 6 hours. The whole thing literally came apart. Nothing my kids even did, the case came off the one side so my husband tried snapping it back in place but as he was doing that the back of the tablet started to pull away from the screen and then the screen cracked, it was the most ridiculous thing. We shoulda stuck to the kindle tablet lol we learned our lesson.

Right now is the last day of prime day too so they should all be on sale

I did not love the fire tablet for mine. We finally ordered a Dragon touch tablet and we love it

What happened to buying young children books and board games to keep them busy? It’s like everyone wants to shove a screen in front of their face as soon as possible. :woman_facepalming:t3: