What is the cheapest camera I can get for my sons room?

Hello, moms so I have a question my six-year-old boy just moved into his room, he cries because “he’s scared “ and I feel horrible … My question is, what night camera would y’all recommend so I can see him through my phone? I don’t want to buy a really expensive one. And also what tips would y’all give me so he can stay in his room?


Kami it’s affordable easy to use and you can talk to him through it 60 bucks at Home Depot

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Amazon.com :slightly_smiling_face:This on on Amazon works very well.

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A night light , stars that show up on the ceiling, hall light on, closet door shut and checked by you every night to make sure nothing is scared in there, Have shades down and curtains closed. Check under the bed to reassure him all is safe. A flashlight of his very own and some soft music so he can relax and whatever stuffed toy he loves the most.

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Also have any stuffed animals he has in his room covered up or in the toy box so his imagination does not cause problems.

Go back to basic! Old school living how your parents grew up. Read a book or two or have them read to you!! Bedtime schedule every night! Reassure nothing is going to hurt you or monsters. Unless there’s fighting and negative stuff going on daily he/she is afraid of during the day and evening (adult life)


Make him a spray bottle full of glitter water and label it “monster spray”… Or whatever he is afraid of spray.


Use a night light.
Give him his own torch so he can use it to look around.

If you use a purfume/ body spray some on a soft toy so he can cuddle it and it will smell like you.

Maybe spend a night or two in his room with him.

those wireless cameras freak me out. too many times on the news I’ve seen pedo’s caught hacking into video and audio feeds people have going into their babies rooms.

Cameras can be hacked.

Dont buy a cheap camera… find one that’s hard to hack unless you want some creeper watching your son as well.
Also, friends of mine used a 2 way radio for their toddler… They could always hear what was going on in his room and their son could always talk to mom and dad w/o having to press a button … and mom and dad could talk back by pressing their button. Being able go talk to mom or dad always seemed to work.

How can I ask a fan question?

Wyse cameras on amazon

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Yeah Wyse is pretty cheap and works well got it for $25 on Amazon.

I filled a spray bottle with water food coloring and glitter with lavendar oil and labeled it “monster spray” we would use a few sprays of that before bed time
And I gave him one of my special fuzzy blankets and called it his super blanket


Do you have any pets? I told my kids that the cats and dog eat the scary things so we can be safe. Worked for mine


U can use an old phone u have laying around and download an app on both the phones yours and the old one. I done this once with iPhones for my living room

Also nightlights, my sister got my son a nightlight/essential oil diffuser and I’d buy calming scents in it and he liked it and helped him sleep better.

Monster spray, glow in the dark stars, a glow worm (yes you can still find them) they make glow in the dark paint

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Water bottle fill with water and food coloring moster spray worked for my boys


Does he have a favorite superhero? If so you could get him that miniature superhero and say he recieved it in the mail along with a note as to where to put him at night and he will keep his room safe day and night


Did you try asking him what is making him feel scared? My son just needed a little bit more light so we got him an avengers night light from dollar tree

Why do you need a camera on why not just get him a night light and put a baby gate in his doorway, that way the doors open but he can’t get out

What is he scared of? If he’s scared of monsters or such then use his imagination. Make a monster spray (water & glitter). He can spray the monsters away. Hang something “special” such as a cheap gemstone that will repel the monsters. What worked for kids is flashlights. They learn that things that look harmless in light can look scary in the dark. Just shine the flashlight on the “monster” to learn it’s a stuffed animal or whatever.

If he’s scared of something bad happening to him or you that’s more complicated & may require counseling.

I’m not sure why you think a camera will help him overcome his fear.

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You don’t need a camera just say a prayer with him and tell him that God will take care of him that’s all you need


Nooie cam. 30 bucks on amazon

Glow in the dark stars

We used anti monster spray. A spray bottle with water & a drop or two of Cologne

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Night light like star one or music one

I got the momentum camera from Walmart. It has night vision, motion and sound alerts, you can speak through it and it streams directly to your phone. Need WiFi for it though

Pillow Pets! They light up the ceiling with stars & turn off after so long.

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I promise he’ll move past it. My son did the same and got up a million times but he’s been sleeping alone now almost a year now. He definitely has to have a light or 2 on but otherwise he’s good.

We got a nightlight and a dreamcatcher. And left the bedroom doors open. Problem solved.

We used a dream catcher too. Every once in awhile I adjust it to “reset” it so no more bad dreams get in.

Blink amazon $99 works awesome I have them everywhere outside/inside 2 way talk

Camera??? Get him a nightlight or something…

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You could set up security cameras instead of a child monitor so if there’s actually something going on you’ll see it outside of his room when it’s going on.

You could always have a “sleep over” and sleep in his room with him to see what’s going on. He may just be having night terrors but it could always be something else or worse.

I have 3 kids…they are 5, 3 and 2. My 2 yr old :boy: doesn’t care of its dark or if the door is closed or open he just falls asleep. My 3 yr old :girl: wants the door closed and light on…before they had the light she would be scared and always ended up in our bed… My 5 yr old :girl: just wants the door a little bit opened.

I bought the LED lights at ross for $2.99 and it’s great. All you need are some batteries. I wrapped them around a small box with a fake candle inside and I loved it. I had tried the kids nightlight but, my little ones would want to unplug it.

My kids have tvs in their room they fall asleep watching

I think it is more about him wanting you with.him , rsther than you needing to see him
As someone else suggested., bed time routine Set a time that he is to brush his teeth, go to the toilet have a drink .Having done all these things before going to bed , he dies not need to get out again . . Choose 1 or 2 story books that read to him in bed … & maybe 1 that he can read to you .
If he has a special toy that he would sleep with , put that in bed with him as . Have a night light in his room , or close his door so that it is just open & he can see some light .( reassurance that you are there .)
The suggestion for a ** monster ** spray os also good .
It will take some rime for him to settle in to the routine .

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A night light worked for my little one💡

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I made “sleepy spray” for my kid. In a spray bottle, I put alcohol, lavender and frankincense essential oil and water and I spray it in the room when he went to bed. I also made an “anti-monster” spray when he started being scared. I used peppermint and cinnamon essential oils for that. He LOVED that. He actually still loves that smell sprayed in his room. He is 15 now.


Night light and a noise machine. Works wonders. My 14 year old now uses a lamp and a radio. She just don’t like the dark. She says it freaks her out not to be able to see. And I get it. The dark makes me un comfy.


Not sure what he’s scared of so this may or may not help, but when our kids moved into their rooms we made monster spray. Just a spray bottle with some glitter and scents in it. We told them that it keeps the bad stuff out. Worked like a charm!


My youngest son went through this and I bought him a bed tent. I got one from an online site called Privacy Pop, but they are pricier than others, although the quality is fantastic. He went from begging to sleep with me every single night (and truth be told, I usually gave in because it broke my heart to see him so scared and upset) to actually being excited for bedtime. Good luck!!


I know it’s not really an answer to your question, but just a suggestion. If he has always slept with you maybe get him a twin bed and put in your room away from your bed just a few feet. Then if room allows a little further. To let it build trust with out so much fear all at once.
Yes I was the mom that let all 3 of mine sleep with my husband and I for as long as they wanted and one day over night they were ready for their own room, no tears etc.
I hope it helps even though it wasn’t really an answer. Just what worked for us.


You can leave the tv on or use a nightlight. I also had little fish tanks in my kids rooms with one fish in their tank in each of their rooms. It had a filter and a small light on top of it which served as a night light. These tanks really helped. They both named their fish and felt ok sleeping alone in their room. Just an idea of what worked for us.


We have nest cameras in both of my kids rooms and we have KEEKOON cameras in the living room and play room. Both brands have night vision and you can also talk through them. The KEEKOON is less expensive and I actually like them better because I can move it and scan the whole room from my phone.

We use the “wyze” camera. Amazon 20 dollars works off wifi and is great. I can see him wherever I am and talk to my son as well


My 6.5 year still uses a monitor. Well I use one for her. She knows she can just start talking and I’ll hear her. I never used a camera one.


No judgement here! Mine all went to beds right from cribs. With that being said not all children are the same and I love that about people as well. I’d buy him a stuff animal that he really likes and ask him to keep it safe at night for you as you did for him all this time.


We let our daughter pic out a new lamp and told her it had magic powers to keep the bad dreams away and keep her safe. My son had a fish tank instead of night light/lamp when he was younger and now uses a weighted blanket.
Then again, im in my 30s and still run & jump onto my bed because I’m scared of what could be under it and I leave my master bathroom light on :rofl:


Always leave his room door open, leave night light on. Let him sleep with favorite toy :teddy_bear:, it would also be comforting if he sleeps close to a room near parents…
we’re catholic, so I put a guardian angel frame in their room to “keep watch”of the kids, a little prayer before bed helps.


One of twins always have trouble falling a sleep at all since he was a little baby. Now they are 10. Just recently he was able to sleep in his own bed without his brother :wink: my take is that lots of exercises and summer school! :sweat_smile: keeps him busy during the day time really helps him sleep. Good luck!

We use Arlo. It records movement and sends an alert to my phone. It’s not in a bedroom but I understand why you’d want one. My kids think of they see my face that means time to exit the bed.

Get a spray bottle fill it with water/ lavender oil ! Spray it all over the room before he goes to sleep! Tell him it’s magical spray to keep out whatever is scaring him!( my daughter was afraid of monsters when she was 5 it worked for her ! Hope this helps


Each of my kids have a stuffed puppy and a special blanket(small lap sized) that’s just theirs, my 7 yr old and 5 yr old have outgrown the “linus” stage(needing to take it everywhere) but still sleep with them at night and my almost 3 yr has a rough night now and then and cant sleep without being wrapped up in it… having a security item to “protect” them made a huge difference when we went through transitioning to their own rooms

Perhaps just buy a set of walkie talkies for him
This way, he can talk to you if he’s scared, but they will be more like a toy…puts the fear out of his mind and reframes his situation all at the same time!:grinning:


Monster spray. Or whatever he’s scared of.

My son sleeps with a night light, with his door open, with the bathroom light (across the hall) on all night. I also gave him a flashlight :woman_shrugging:t2:. He is easily scared in the dark.

We also have a bedtime routine, same thing every night around the same time.

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You have to find out what he is afraid of. Sometimes it helps to admit a silly fear you have first. “When I was little I read a scary story and now I always sleep with my closet door closed even though I know it was just a silly story.” If it is noises, soft music might help. If it is the closet, put a lock on it. If it’s the dark, a night light would help. If he misses you, a photo next to the bed and a pillow with a dab of your perfume. If he is afraid of intruders, one of those cheap magnetic door alarms. My daughter has anxiety so we use a child safe blend called night night (plant therapy) about an hour before bed too. Good luck!

My boys are 9 and 11. They have slept in my bed until last year. Ugh 11 year old has disabilities and brother just follows and says he was the last born so if his brother can so can he lol well we managed to get them to sleep in their beds but through the night we find them on the couch and by morning on the floor in my bedroom. Ugh. Not sure what a camera would do to help. We have tried music but they always end up in our room.


Many people have different living situations, I couldn’t afford to give my son his own room until he was older and it’s completely fine! Wyze, blink, even to link has affordable cameras that work well at night. Also , a cool nightlight maybe with soft music will help do the trick. I put stars on my sons ceiling so he can count them to help him sleep! That’s a big step mom, he’ll work through it


Walmart has a great one for 20. It’s easy to use, sends alert and can record. You can hear and talk thru it. I can even check from out of town.

My son always hated to sleep alone when he was with me always came to my room or my mom’s room when we live with her. With his Dad he was fine because he shared a room with his two older brothers. Then we got a dog like to sleep with him and he never spoke with me again. He just didn’t like being alone. I was the same way when I was younger I shared a room with my sister but always crawled into her bed. I got to the point where my mom got her double bed and me a twin bed so she would have room when I crawled in


He probably needs a nightlight. My grandson has one that looks like a turtle and puts stars on his ceiling.

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My youngest son is a twin… He HAS to sleep in the room with someone, no matter what , we lived in a house where he had his own room, he got to pick the color paint and everything
…he never slept in it and will never sleep alone (thus far, he’s 8)

To help my boys transition into their own room, I would let them fall asleep in my bed then move them to theirs, then I would start putting them in their room with night lights, an lay with them. Then my boys do have a TV in their room so I would let them watch a show 30 min (if that)and they would be out. But I do leave the TV on for noise and or light. But now they can sleep with out TV an or anything else. I have a 6 yr old and a 9 yr old

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Everyone has really good tips with aquarium night lights to “monster spray” or “sleepy spray.”

Weighted blankets can always be an alternative. They’re supposed to, of course, add a little extra weight to make you feel like you’re sort of being wrapped in an giant bear hug. My best friend bought one recently, and she loves it! She feels more comfortable and safe at night with it on, and she’s 20 years old. :relaxed:

If you’re searching for a camera, I can’t really give tips on those. I’m not tech savvy… :grimacing:

My grandson was seven and wouldn’t sleep by himself. I bought a tent that fits on a twin size b d and from that point on he slept by himself. I ordered online.

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my son reacted the same way too when he got his own room. He didn’t sleep in bed with us, but we did share a room (single mom for a few years). He missed having someone in the room with him so it was a tough transition for him to be all by himself. Night light and soft music did the trick. Now he has a baby brother on the way, and he’s excited to have a roommate :blush:

Our daughter’s behavioral therapist gave us awesome advice. Get a chair as start with sitting next to their bed til they fall asleep and gradually work away from the bed and length of time you are on their room. We are doing this with our 4 yr old.

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I would not recommend any kind of camera for your home, at least the inside, that requires an app.
Those things can easily be hacked and put your family in danger.


Get him a comfort source. Special flashlight, nightlight or star projector. When I was little my mom would make me a teddy bear brigade. Showing my age but remember when et blended with the stuffed animals in the closet? Same thought process.

Does he like a nightlight? My son has a nightlight that puts a picture of planet Earth on the wall and while it works for light, it’s not too bright that it keeps him awake. Good luck!

Why do you need a camera… Get him a night light. “Great a special monster spray” spray the room or have him spray… Don’t put a camera in there.

My son is 10 years old and has been in our room since he was one. He has a twin bed at the end of our bed. He falls asleep cuddled up next to my husband and I and then when we get uncomfortable he just goes to his bed and falls back to sleep. Time goes by to fast just enjoy them while you can. They will let you know when they are ready to go to there own room .

My 5 yo son regressed to bed wetting when my wasband abandoned us.

We took to cosleeping and then helped a lot.

I still had to do hella laundry, but having me nearby was invaluable.

That was three years ago. We occasionally still do, but it’s less and less, as it should be.

Night light and soothing music in background. Reward him with a chart if he stays in his big boy bed, he gets special time with you in your bed in the morning for example or a treat.

My kiddo went through this - we ended up getting a cheap set of walkie talkies so he could call me if he got scared. I think he called me maybe 4 times. Knowing I was accessible was enough to settle his nerves.

We used walkie talkies! It worked wonders! He felt connected and knew he could reach me when he wanted. After a few nights, he never used them!

I am writing this as I sit in my son’s room (6 in Sept) we redid his room; used to share with his sister. We made it HIS room/ sanctuary, even got a pet but that’s us. But I still hold his hand while til he falls asleep. Sometimes I’ll sit on the floor next to the door; quick getaway. He can see me from his bed but start to drift into big boy sleep not having to hold my hand. Each day is different and will take time but keep going it’ll slowly click together

My daughter has baby animals, My Little Ponies, Dalmatians, Princesses, and Paw Patrol posters on her walls. I tell her they are there to protect her. She also has 2 night lights, and one of those Leapfrog Scout dogs that plays music she’s had since she was little. She passes out fast at night no problems

I love the walkie talkie, posters, sprays, routines ideas and honestly speaking ( just a suggestion, based on my experience, I’m not trying to preach)… what about using a spiritual wellness approach? Religion does help many kids, teens and adults. :woman_shrugging:t3:

Make sure the Door is open, slight on in his room,maybe a dog or cat to sleep with him and maybe he is too young. Remember boy are 2 or 3 years younger than years. Maybe have a 6 or 7 year old friend sleep over night. I wouldn’t let him cry in his room especially if the door is shut without a light. Maybe use. The camera in his room so he can see you .

My son is 5 and he was scared to i did the same as you.he has 3 night lights and a bed side night lantern :izakaya_lantern:leave hall light on and his super hero’s are looking after him lol (he insisted on that)and a nest cam on him…he was still scared…he’s gotten alot better but still at least 5 nights aweek is back in my bed around 4am…im hoping he grows out of it ,his doctor said he should…im going to try the monster/ whatever scares him spray,lol… hope you can find some comfort for him…

The camera baby monitors with night vision work well to see in the room. Especially if you are wanting to have a watchful eye.

I put a label on some air freshener as “monster spray” And sprayed before bed. Made my kiddo feel a little better at night

Maybe a little nightlight he might be scared of the dark

Be careful utilizing one that works through wifi/internet/Bluetooth etc. Because I’ve seen so many reports hackers get in there and can see you all and in some cases find out location and torment people etc.

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Get the book ‘Solve Your Child’s Sleep Problems’ by Richard Ferber, M.D. Used this many years ago when my daughter had separation anxiety and would not stay in her room. Good luck!

Make a sleeping spray and mark it with “kill monsters” or what ever he needs. Zmodo Camaras are great and easy to install.

Nice night light my kids have a regular one and one that projects plantes on the wall and the humidfier lights up and glow in dark pillows ,its ok to have more than one little light in the room till he gets more comfortable about it ,and I allways layed down with my kids in their room then leave when they fall asleep

I put a television in the room and let him watch kid movies till he went to sleep,I do the same and don’t turn off my tv I will instantly wake and you do not want that!My dad RIP DID THE SAME

A pair of echo shows. I can see everything and have it muted in whatever room I have it in. I also monitor my ring cameras. It is all visible from my phone. It even programmed itself in my contacts to call easier.

Walmart has one that’s about 50$…it works really good. I’m a nurse and the mom has one in my patient’s room

Get a spray bottle with water and just call it “monster away” tell him it’s to keep monsters away from his room

Whatever you get, be sure to change the password, OFTEN. Hackers love those things.

Wyze cameras are cheap. We have them throughout our house. You can hear them and talk to them through the camera. We have a nightlight in my kids rooms and we leave their door cracked.

Christmas lights. Sounds funny but my kids love them. Colorful blinking