What is the most effective birth control?

Uhm, momma’s what is the best and most effective birth control you’ve found? I’ve heard positives and negatives about most of them… I’m just worried because some say if you have them for three years you may not be able to get pregnant for five… is this true?


I personally did the nexplanon. All together I had it for 4 years and got pregnant within 3 months of being off of it. I didn’t get pregnant while on it and the only side effect was a little bit of weight gain and I could be most here and there like when you are on your period

Not true. I had the IUD for 6 years and then Nexplanon for 2 1/2 years and then 3 months on the pill. I got a positive result 3 months after stopping the pill at 5 weeks pregnant.

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Personally, Nexplanon. I’ve had it twice now (after each child) and I’m not very careful otherwise and its been good so far🤣 I also havent had bad side effects from it like I have with others and for the first time ever I have a regular period every month

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I always liked the patch. The pill was a pain and I never wanted any foreign objects in my body. I was able to have kids within a few months of trying.

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I was on a combination of Megestrol & Estradiol for 4.5 years. My doctor moved and it took me awhile trying to find a new one, and ended up pregnant within 2 months. Lol

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I gave birth to an 8lb baby boy 3 yrs after a tubal ligation. He is one of the best things in my life along with his 2 older sisters :heart:

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Love my Nuvaring… Was able to conceive a few months after being off of it and testing to know when I was most fertile. I’m back on Nuvaring now and I appreciate how it helps with my moods keeping my hormone levels even

I think it’s a personal thing. My sister got pregnant the day after she missed her depo shot

I had implanon (rod inserted into arm) for 9 years, fell pregnant within in 2 months

I’ve had 2 Mirena’s. Took the first one out and got pregnant 4 months later (at 41)

I have the Nexplanon arm implant, very affective, but I’m hating the side effects, I’ve had it a little over a year and gained a lot of weight and getting cystic acne.

Nexplanon! I love mine I’ve been on it for 4 years replaced every 3 years, it stopped my periods altogether! I haven’t had one in 4 years!

I’ve had bad experiences with every birth control there is. The nexplanon made me have a constant period for 3 months straight & I had to have it removed.

The depo gives me horrible side effects. Weight gain, fatigue, etc.

The pills interfered terribly with my depression after I had my son so I decided to stop taking them.

I’m going to try the kyleena IUD this time bc it’s non hormonal & wont interfere with depression.

I would ask for information regarding each birth control option at your OB & just see what suits you best.

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I had the copper IUD for 8yrs before I took it out to have our son. And I’ve had it again since giving birth. Almost a year and a half. I absolutely LOVED it. No hormones to mess with my head or body. I have never had an issue with it personally. Good luck!

I personally like the patch. It was easy to remember since it was just once a week, and my body bounced back from it quickly when I wanted to get pregnant. I’ve never had awful cramps, but they were even less while I was on it, and I could predict the start of my period to the day.


I’d have the pill any day I was on the pill for 8yrs before first child an within of no pill for a month no sign of period I was instantly pregnant, then after had first child(who is nearly 8) I was on the depo for 2.5yrs before deciding to try for another, and it took us over 2yrs to finally get pregnant with the second child(who is 2 now), I hate the depo I gained weight, and my mood swings were so out of whack I got very depressed on it their was little bit if tension between my partner and I, I was getting upset an angry alot I’d hit the wall all while on the depo I hated it, after 2nd child I went back on the pill and I was back to my normal self again. Everyone reacts differently to different things you’ll know what will work better for you, I eventually want to go on the IUD, but it’s not cheap, I would be still taking the pill even on the IUD cause the pill prevents cysts as ovarian cyst run in the family

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Personally no birth control is the best just use spermicide…

So many birthcontrols out there have tons of side effects person by person based.

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I was on it for 7 years off for 8 months bam this guy and his baby brother who was conceived on birth control as well, hes still cooking for 2 months. So I guess it just depends.

I had the one in my arm 3 times 11 years total and and had it removed and got pregnant with in 3 weeks. It can last up to 5 years but if removed you should get pregnant right away

Check with your doc. The bit about being on bc for 3+ yrs and not conciving for 5 is false. Tell your doc about your lifestyle and expectations. I did pills for 10 years preggo after 1 month. Mirena for 4 years preggo after 2 months. On 2nd Mierna no intentions of getting preggo .

The sheer number of women who claim to have magically “fallen pregnant” while on bc, really has me thinking it’s not NEARLY as affective as they claim. That or there’s an insane amount of women lying, either way, I trust gas station sushi more than birth control :sweat_smile:

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I’m very allergic to birth control. I ended up having to just monitor my cycle. 4 kids later and my birth control is no tubes lol

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I love the depo. Dont have to worry about it for 3 months. I do not want any more kids at all ever and don’t like the idea of putting an object in my body so the depo is absolutely worth the peace of mind even if it does cause increase of appetite and tiredness

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I had the nexplanon twice! It was very affective but I hated the side effects. Each time I took it out, got pregnant within two months

Paragard I u d ,no hormones !!

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Not true!! I was on the pill for 12 years, the month after I quit taking it I was pregnant but every body is different

Honestly, you’ve just got to talk with your doctor. Every birth control affects everyone differently.

Most people have wonderful things to say about Nexplanon. That’s why I got it. I bled the first 375 days I was on it, have a period about every other week, and gained 70 pounds that I can’t get rid of no matter how hard I try.

I use the nuvaring. Its so easy and I find it does not make me gain weight like the pill did.

I currently have nexplanon , I’ve been on it since my daughter was born, she will be 8 next month , I always had a period with it , but a year ago when I got a new one put it , my period has stopped , and I’ve gained weight , I wish I could take the pill but unfortunately it gives me horrible migraines !

I fell preggy with my 1st daughter whilst on the Pill! Was 21 and had gone to the dentist for wisdom tooth pain, had an infection & he gave me Antibiotics… medical proffessionals usually ask before giving u them “Are u currently taking any other medication?” But he didnt… and i didnt know that Antibiotics Counteract & essentially Cancel your pill… but i :heart: my big girl & shes the best thing to happen to me, major surprise! :laughing:

You really just have to find what works best for you. I had a mirena iud for 3 years (got it after my first kid) I had it removed and got pregnant the first month it was out

Abstinence put a aspirin between your knees and squeeze or either a tubal ligation or vasectomy

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I’ve had the Paragard copper IUD twice. Love it, hormone free so there’s not any weight gain for me. Slightly heavier periods, but it’s worth it (and it eases up with time) plus, Paragard is good for up to 12 years. Insertion was a breeze. And any chances of it being dislodged goes down after the first 6 months. Effectiveness is over 99.9%. It is expensive though if you don’t have insurance…

I used the diaphragm with spermicide. There’s an inserter that makes it easier to put in, but you have to insist on asking for it. Mostly worked well for me, but you can’t be spontaneous. The one time I didn’t use it is named Mickey.

Mirena IUD… I love it… on my second one. And will be getting my third one next year. Gotta change it every 5 years.

Watching my son tearing the house apart does it for me
But i take the mini pills

IUD! I had the option of the 5 year or the 10 year,I got the 5 year. Worked great, didn’t hurt or feel uncomfortable. Once it’s in you don’t feel it at all. You don’t have to get a refill or go to the doctor every month with it. Once it’s put in, your all set til the time frame runs out or you get out removed. If you get a sharp pain where it’s put in, just go to go to the doctor and they can either fix it to be back in the right spot or replace it with a new one. But after 3 years of having it, my husband and I decided we wanted to have a baby so I got it removed. When I had my IUD, I didn’t always have my period. Instead of having it every month I had my period every 2-3 months. My sister have had a period at all since she got hers and she got the 10 year one 2 years ago. My mother in law has had her period every month since she got hers. Or all depends on your body but IUD is there best form of birth control in my opinion.


Sometimes you have to just experiment. I loved my Nexplanon, but I’ve heard from others that they hate them because of side effects. I liked it because it went in and I didn’t have to think about it until it was time to take it out.

The best and most effective is a fake name! :grimacing:


Can someone tell me how this is relevant to a husband is a blessing


I use mirena (sp) I love it

100 ,% no sex at all!:crazy_face:


I am on my 2nd IUD, Mirena. I love it! I love not having periods. I got my first mirena when my son was 6ish months old, I had 1 period/spotting, that was it for the 5yrs. When that one was replaced, I spotted for 2 days. That was it. I cramp now and then, kinda figure that’s the curse of being a woman. I love not bleeding, no daily/weekly/monthly stuff. Insertion and removal feel the same as a pap smear.

Nope I’ve had people in my Mirena group have their coils for years and conceive very quickly, with multiples, or takes a while… it just depends on your body and when its ready… im a pill baby also, and my mum use to get the injections before going onto the pill before conceiving me so that rules out them rumours on coils, injection and pill… unfortunately I cant have any contraception, none of them agree with my IBD so cant answer that question

I used a plain ole copper iud. Kept me good for 5 years, removed it and within 2 weeks I was pregnant. Thats just me though I’m super fertile, I know some do struggle after having iuds of any kind, or even the arm implant.

I was on different forms of Ortho for over 20 years and for the last few years I was on norethindrone, I stopped taking it when my husband went over seas and he got back and we got pregnant. It was only about 7 months off the pill

I had an iud and got it removed and was pregnant within a month

I cant tell you what works. But I can tell you what doesn’t. I got pregnant with my daughter on the pill, my oldest son on nova ring, and my youngest on mirena. The only thing that worked was getting my tubes tied lol.


Mirena iud is what I use. I had one for 5 years and got pregnant 2 months after taking it out

I had the nexplanon for 3 years and got pregnant right away. I personally don’t like mirena because mine fell out after 4 after a dr appointment and I got pregnant a week later. But I’d say talk to your Dr and partner to decide the best route for you

Abstaining :slight_smile:
Guranteed to be the only 100% gurantee. It’s worked perfectly for me and no crazy chemicals messing around with your body

Depo shot is the worst birth control I’ve been on. Took me a year or so to get pregnant after I got off and while I was on it, it made me very depressed. I had hair loss, weight gain and very bad ache.

I’ve gotten mirena put in at the 6 week checkup after both of my deliveries. We decided to try for a third and I got pregnant exactly 2 weeks after getting it removed :flushed: it was also great because it took my periods away completely, so I haven’t had a regular period in over 6 years (with the exception of the 2 months we tried to get pregnant after taking it out to try for our second.

Statistically? I believe it’s nexplanon which is only slightly higher than an IUD. But every body is different. You may be a good candidate for one thing and a bad candidate for another.

I personally chose nexplanon because I’m bad at remembering pills and I was still traumatized from childbirth so I didn’t want an IUD.

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Hold an aspirin between your legs

My son. By far the best birth control I’ve found to date lol

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Most effective? Abstinence lol

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The most effective for me was tying my tubes.

What are your thoughts on the one that goes in the arm?
Does it make you gain weight?

This is the kind of thing you need to do your own research on and then speak with your doctor about. They know best.

I’m on mirena no issues… getting the surgery soon

I know everyone says toddler bed but I did something different. At 15 months, he started trying to climb out but not completely succeeding. Because I was scared he would fall, I flipped the crib around where one side and the front was facing the wall (The back was higher). And the other side had a changing table and we built an inexpensive box to go on top. I personally am not ready for him to be in a toddler bed at 21 months. And this has worked wonders. He never even tries to climb out now.

Depo shot every 3 months. Your insurance may pay for it completely. Bonus is no period.

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The most effective form of birth control is abstinence!

Iud the one for 10yrs.

Abstinence or hysterectomy​:rofl::rofl::rofl: but seriously

Mirena is awesome. At least for me

I had nexplanon for 4 years then decided to have another baby. I had it removed in January, got pregnant in April and baby was born the following January. Then got nexplanon again. It is by far the best fit for me.

I have also had an iud. It was horrible. I could feel it if I sat a certain way or if it was really cold outside. And my husband has a scar on his man parts because of it.

I think you’ll hear horror stories about anything and it really just varies too much person to person. I was on the pill for 7 year and didn’t get pregnant. My sister got pregnant on the pill twice. You just never know. Double up if you want to take extra precautions. I’ve heard the shot makes you gain weight really bad. Both of my sisters had IUDs get dislodged and stuck in places they shouldn’t have been. My cousin uses the copper one and loves it. I would personally be too nervous not having a period. I’d end up thinking I was pregnant everything month and drive myself crazy. I got pregnant 10 months after getting off the pill. I took the mini pill for a couple months after that, but then never again. Had 3 more babies just fine.

An aspirin works every time, you put it between your knees and keep it there till morning. Lolxxx

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Had mirena for 4 1/2 years. Preggo like 6 months later ish