What is the perfect age difference between kids?

I am 29, my husband 28, and we had planned on having three total. After a few years of struggling to conceive and a miscarriage, we finally had a baby, who is now nine months old. My cycle now is regular for the first. Time since middle school, so I am hoping that getting pregnant the next time comes easier. I also think that maybe I want more than 3… Haha! I feel like I was just meant to be a mom! I am worried because I just have that feeling of "I better hurry and have babies, cause I’m not getting any younger… " But I don’t want them all to be so close together that it’s super overwhelming. So if we want 2 or 3 more, what would be good spacing to try for the next one?


People live to be 100 now…you have plenty of time.

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I have 3 and they are 2 years and 6 months apart… wouldnt have it any other way. Theres pros and cons to having them close and age and further apart… regardless they will be your babies and you will get to experience being a mother no matter how far apart they are

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I say when ur lil one is round two I had almost all mine close together and lord knows it was rough lol … My first two how ever were a few years apart

Mine are six months and my oldest is almost two. I wanted them close in age so if we have another it will probably be within the next year or so… But I don’t personally want them super spaced just so they are close but also so I go through all the baby stuff at once and the big kid age at once.

I’d say 18 months
Mine are 2years 4 months apart in age and I wish they were closer in age

Mine are 8 years apart

I had my daughters at age 34 they will be 7 on the 27th

Please don’t feel like you are getting too old to have more children if you want more my suggestion is have them each 2 years apart that way your body has a whole year to heal

My mom had me and my brother two years apart and my little brother and my little sister is two years apart to but my little brother after me is 11 years apart from me and my little sister after my little brother is 5 years apart so it is up to u guys

I think the age gap between my first 2 babies is perfect, I have 4 total and the easiest transformation was having the 1st & 2nd 4 years apart, My 3rd is 17 months apart from my 2nd, the only easy part about the 2nd and 3rd being so close together is they were pretty much in the same sizes for awhile once the younger one got a little older, same size diapers etc. And they are both boys. The age gap between my 4th and 3rd is almost 3 years, and with my 3rd baby wanting my attention all the time and my 3 week old needing me a lot also, it’s very hard to manage time with the two. If one isn’t on me the other one is, I can handle it but it’s definitely difficult sometimes with those two.

I forgot to mention their older brother is 21

My kids are 5 years apart and So were my sister and I…works great, in my opinion!


My boys are 3.5 years apart, no matter the age gap there will always be pros and cons.

Oldest 2 are 17 months apart 12 and almost 11 now, it’s a challenge but the gap between my middle and last is 8 years it was easier for my older 2 to help but I wish they were closer in age

I’d say have one potty trained before having the next. Either that or have them within a year of each other.

My kids are 9 yrs, almost 4 years, and almost 3 years apart.

But if you plan to have 2-3 more then i would say start trying at age 1 to 1 1/2 of each baby

I had my son at 34 via IVF. We did another round and conceived a boy when my son was 1 yr old but we lost him. I am now 37 and 6 months with a suprise baby girl. While I am extremely happy and blessed 37 is a big difference from 34 I am actually 80 pounds lighter then my first pregnancy but boy is it ruff!!! So don’t only think about the kids spacing but how u will feel cuZ the struggle is real

I had 5 kids by the time i was 26 it was rough when they were small but their all the best of friends today i wouldnt have it any other way i suggest just let it happen when it does

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Plans never exactly work out.
I had 5 kids.
Their ages now are 40, 36, 33, 32, and 24.
I had my oldest at 20 and the last at 36.
I am 60 now and have 4 grandkids.
Sometimes nature determines spacing.

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My oldest is 3.5 and my 2nd is 7 months. I feel like this age gap is perfect. One is starting to become more independent but still needs help while the other is extremely hands on. It helped me actually give my first his space to be independent instead of coddling him since I also have his brother to deal with.

The closer in age they are the closer siblings they will be and best friends, they will experience things together have a play mate that relates to what they are doing and attend the same schools share interest etc… & sometimes it harder with two in diapers etc but, when they get older its better… then if you have them 4 or 5 yrs apart you can just have one in diapers at a time… one in school and one not. One in day care ( expense) and one in school but, they also are less likely to have same intrest or really hang out together because of the gap in age… etc… so decide if you want them to grow up & share almost everything or if you want them to have separate baby time with you and less expenses at a time diapers, day care etc… what ever is most important to you & what you know you can handle at a time. But in my opinion its better to have them closer in age & let them experience everything in life together.

I have 3 and they are all 3 1/2 yrs apart. In hindsight I would have had them closer in age.

I was 34 with 1st son 35 second son they are 11mos apart on the day 6~4~99 & 5~4~00 worked out great!

I’m almost 6weeks pregnant, I have a son that just turned 2 and by the time my next baby he’ll be 2 and half

Your body needs 18 months to heal so… figure out with your birth control.
Your oldest should be 2 and a half when the other baby is finding it’s way to your Eggs.

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Do not have them back to back…OMG I have a 7 month old and a 2 year old and I’m tired all the time…well maybe I’m just old…I’m 39 and I have three older children 23, 19, and 13 sooooo I started all over

My kids are 2 yrs 5 mon apart

Around 4 or 9 years is perfect lol
I have one that is 19, 10, 6, 4 and 19mths.
The 4 and 6 year old fight OVER ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING
The other gaps were perfect. Still little squabbles but nothing like the other 2 hahaha

There is no “perfect age”. What works for one couple may not work for another.

Every person and family is different. You will know when you are ready for another one.

I have 4 kids. First 2 are 2 years and 2 mos apart. My 3rd was 19 months later. Then 7 years and 7 mos later I had my 4th.

Well, here’s the thing… there is no specific number. Babies are born on their terms, not yours lol. I lost a child, then I had a healthy son, got divorced, remarried, and tried for 5 years with no success in conceiving. When we gave up, I was pregnant with my daughter. The age difference is 14 years. Not what I wanted, but what I got. They love each other to pieces and now I wouldn’t have it any other way.


All mine are 5 years apart… gave me sufficient time with each of them before they started school and alone time while their sibling/s were in school with each of them. Mine are (nearly) 15, 10, and 5 for reference.

Go with the flow. I wouldn’t try to plan. But that is just me. Otherwise when first is potty trained would make it easier for you.

Dont ask me. My boys are 22 years apart in age! 28 years old and 6 years old.

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Mine are 13 years apart so my advise is closer together than that.

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I had 8 under 8 yrs…


I have 3 all a few weeks short of 2 years apart and I love it

Whatever the age diff number ends up being they’re bond will be different, not necessarily good or bad. I have a 4, 2, and 8 mos for me it’s perfect as they’re so close but they have their moments of fighting

My kids are 22 months apart. We got pregnant again when my oldest was 1.

I say take your time. Don’t have kids so fast. I LOVE LOVE my babies. I wouldn’t trade them for the world, but looking back I wish I would of spaced them out. I’m 27 and I have 3. 5 1/5 2 1/2 and 10 months almost.

I don’t think there is any “perfect timing”. We have two, exactly 3 years apart, and love it. My husband turned 30 in August and I turn 30 in 2 weeks. But we know we don’t want anymore. I say do what you’re comfortable with and go from there.

I like a nice 2-3yr gap. It feels like a long time, but its sooooo much easier.

Its suggested to wait 2 years after birth to allow your body to really heal. Your hips separate up to 2 inches when giving birth. It takes seven for them to close back up

If youre gonna do two close together, do it now. Bcuz having a toddler and THEN two close together is suuuuuper hard.

There is NO perfect distance!

My kids are 18 months apart & middle and last 3.5 years apart had my last I was 39.

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I have them 19,15&14. So I’ve been 4 years apart and I’ve been less than a year apart and honestly the closer together was harder but to me the most rewarding. They’re like twins which they are. They’re just called Irish twins when born within the same year. Plus I got it over with lol
I say 1.5-2 years apart is perfect. But I loved mine -1 year apart.

I had 3 in 27 months They are 30 31 and almost 33


Have them close together. No less then 2 years apart. If you decide on 3-4 then they will be all best friends… they will still drive you NUTS but sooo worth it. Aka… took me and the hubby 15 years to have our first child and
Now we have 3… and planning to adopt maybe 1-2.

Mine are right at 4 yrs apart and I gotta say it was the perfect age Gap she was old enough to understand babe be helpful and they get along pretty well

I have a 5,4,2.yrold these boys keep me on my toes won’t stay out of anything fight constantly I’m always kissing boo boos and breaking up fight I love every minute of it but I’m exhausted at the end of the day and my house is always a mess no matter if I clean it while they are at school it’s destroyed before bedtime and pick up the house at night and have to start over the next morning. I wished I would have spaced my first 2 out a little more. But either way I’m a blessed mama

2-3 years. I only have 2 at the moment & am 25, but my husband is a lot older. I have a 5yr old h a 2yr old. It is a good gap for us

I have 3 kids. My oldest is 4 my middle is 1 and my last is 4 months

No perfect ages…whatever works for you


My first two are 22 months apart. My second two are 16 months apart. I get very overwhelmed at times. Especially when they are all not feeling good or whatever

Mine are 5 years apart. That was perfect for me.

I suggested to wait…I learned my lesson to much Haha but I love my kids dearly neways my youngest girls are one and two :joy:.

2 years. They grow up being close & look after eachother for ever. Best friends for most of their life anyway. My boys were. They always had eachothers back.


You need to let you body heal before trying for anymore

My first 2 are 19 months apart and last is 5 yrs from the middle I love the bigger age gap I’m 29 and don’t plan on anymore but if so before I’m 35 for sure

My husband and I always said that we would have 2 or 3 kids. I had my first when I was 27. Then we started trying for #2 when my first was 2. It took us 6&1/2 years to get pregnant with #2 and now I’m 36 and will be 37 when this one is born. I am hoping we can have 1 more, but since I have to have repeat csections she thinks I should wait 18 months before I start trying for #3 and that will put me at 38 when I have #3. So I need to take my age into consideration. Before trying for #3. Also since this one is a boy and my first a girl I may end up saying that I’m done at 2.


Take the blessings when they come. :pray:

My first son is 2 years older then my second son. My second son is 11 months older then my third son. And my third son will be 1 year older then my fourth son. There current ages are 4, 2, 1 and I’m 22 weeks pregnant.

Mine are 16 months apart and it’s been perfect not to have an age gap. When my now 9 year old nephew lived with us it was a lot of work and it seemed we did things twice, once for big and again for little. The kids got along great and still do, but maybe it was having him move in as a toddler when we were used to school age. My sisters’ boys are all 8 years apart and they love it. No perfect gap, just families. I’d trust your intuition.

Doctors don’t recommend less than 18 months due to a higher risk of prematurity, low birth weight etc ours are 23 months apart and it can be difficult and sometimes I think a larger age gap would have been better but I wouldn’t trade my two for anything

Give your self at least 18 months for your body to recover im dead serious youll feel better when your body has that break to get back to normal

I have 3 kids ages from 11-4

Ours are 21 1/2, 20, 17 1/2, 15 1/2, and 12 1/2. For the most part, they are pretty close. They hang out together, especially the boys. The girls are the book ends but are still close. We were a military family for 12 years, so I did a lot of it myself. But, I can’t complain. They are wonderful to others and great kids in general.

I was surprised at how much I enjoyed being a mom too! My oldest is 6.5 and I’m 7 months pregnant with my second. I want to have mine early too (I’m 26) so I understand. I didn’t want to wait either but struggled with getting pregnant. I wish I could offer advice, I love the gap between mine because my daughter is a huge help right now! I hope whatever you do you enjoy it and give your babies all the love and support you can:) good luck!

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My and brother was 18 months a part and my older sister is 19 years older then me. My kids are 8 years apart

Stsrt trying when baby is one so when the second one is born the first one will be 2

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Mine isn’t going to go as planned…it may be 10 years apart…cause my husband has a 9 year old from his previous marriage but I’d say 2 years

just think there are people in there 40s just now having kids dont worry about the age thing you will know when your ready to have another. i spaces it so they are two year plus apart

My two are 3 years almost apart. 3 weeks shy of 3 years actually and it works out pretty well. Sister helps with brother a lot and they play together pretty well now that brothers a bit older

My first 2 are 11 months apart they are best friends it wasnt planned.

My kids are 10 years apart at 28 and 38. If I had the money and I wasn’t waiting to see if my son has the same special needs as my daughter, I’d have another one now. You have plenty of time. Don’t rush. Let them each have time with mommy. 2 years, 10 years. Honestly it’s all whatever in the end.

Mom of a 11, 5, 4, 3 year old here.
Make it a 2 year gap minimum and a 4 year gap maximum.
Also. I had everything together with 3 kids. We had a smooth routine, I didn’t feel overwhelmed. I felt like I was made for motherhood! But then…#4 came along and everything just went out the window. I’m overwhelmed and exhausted. Why am I telling you this?
Because I though “just one more…”
2 year gap lets you evaluate how you feel and adjust. Also, you wouldn’t be the first mom that thought she was “made for motherhood” and then end up over her head.

I had two boys 15 months apart . They are 9 & 10 now and yes it was rough at times very busy until school started. We had our girl last year so there is a 8 year gap. I love it! First kid I was learning to be a mom and was scared all the time then bam here’s another! This baby ( she is almost 14 months old) I’m much more relaxed and can enjoy the baby things so much more. Hubby and older two are great helping out whenever I need it. Boys love their baby sister so much. I love that my boys are close to each other too!

There is no “perfect” honestly it’s just what works for you and your family.
My kids are 15, 12 and 2 and I absolutely LOVE their age difference but then again I’d probably add a few more if I could lol

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I have a 9 year old, 6 year old and 3 year old… works for me.

My first 3 boys were 13 months and 2 days apart. Then there is a 4 year gap between my 3rd and 4th boy and a (almost) 2 year gap between my 4th and 5th boys. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be with more than one being little together; but on the other hand it is very helpful that I have a 5, 6 and 7 year old to help with the new baby and the 2yr old.

Mine are all two/ two and a half years apart. I have a 4 almost 5 year old a 2 year old and an almost 2 month old

I’m waiting until my son is completely out of diapers to try for another :sweat_smile: so I’m about 1 year they’d be almost three years apart if it goes according to plan

Mine are 9 (3/18 birthday) 6(11/27) birthday and new one to arrive very very soon. I feel like I wish they were closer in age because my younger daughter seems to not get to do the same things and it hurts her, also things like amusement parks, dance classes etc lol seem small but they really aren’t.

Don’t wait!! I had trouble conceiving my daughter. And now have been trying over a year with fertilely treatments. I wish I would have started trying right after her honestly!!

Mine are all over! 18, 16, 8 and 2.5! 2 older boys were basically best friends since day 1! My 16 and 8 fight all the time, arguing about nothing! 8 and 2.5 are great together most of the time! All 4 boys!!
I think 2-4 is ideal! Good luck! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I have a 2 year old born April 10th and am curently due january 16th.so mine are 2.5 years apart.

I concieved the day after she turned 2

Im 27 and my daughter is almpst 8 months old. My husband and i discussed having another one when pur daughter is porty trained to save on the cost of diapers

Just root everyday and go with the flow

My eldest and middle child there is a 12 year age gap and 15 years between eldest and youngest (19, 8&5) I had my eldest when I was 17 and had my middle girl at 28 and youngest at 31. I love my age gaps x

I was a lone parent to my first kid, a daughter, she is 13 in December. Me and my fiance have two boys together, ages 2y8m, and 7 months. My first and second are 11years apart, 2nd and 3rd, 25 months

Im 30 my son is 2 Nov 4th im due 28th Oct with my 2nd i would like 3 but im finding it really hard this time round the pregnancy has been a struggle with a little one to run round after i lift work early at 32weeks (2 day worker) just couldnt do it. Im a little worried being so close but i didnf want to get too old (i have PCOS) Im gonna have a bigger gap next time i feel my body needs a rest x

I have a 10yr old a 6yr old and a 9 month old, the age gaps are lovely but it can be hard work at times

I have a ten months age Gap between my older two which is easier then the gap between them and my two year old. So many good points to a smaller gap honestly but understandable if you don’t want to do that :grin:

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I’m 32 I had my kids younger. My girls are 10 and 12 they are 22 months apart. I found out I was pregnant after my oldest first birthday. She was an amazing baby and an amazing toddler. Now my youngest she was a challenge lol I will be an empty nester at 40.

Mine are now 6,7 & 8… It is overwhelming, but they are growing up together and are each others best friends (when they wanna be). It would just depend on how busy you want to stay and what kind of support system you have. I dont have a good support system so from day one I done shopping, Dr appts, even bday shopping and xmas shopping with all three of mine. I have been the (not single) single mom where all of that is concerned… But if you have a good support system id say go for it. When they get to the age my kids are at now itll get easier. Its the first few yrs of diapers and having to carry all three around (or trying to shop with three in one buggy) that is really the hardest.

My two girls are 16 months apart. I got pregnant when my oldest was 6 months old. It was a little bit difficult dealing with a little one while being pregnant, but not too bad. My oldest is now 19 months and my baby is 3 months. I’m glad that I had them close in age because they will have more in common then if they were much older apart.

My 3 boys are all 2 years apart and all they wanna do is kill each other lol :smirk: but its good in the way that they are able to do most stuff together, have things in common, and can hand-me-down their clothes without much fuss lol.

2yrs is a great in between. I had my last child at 35.