What is the recovery like for a tubal?

I recently had an emergency c section. Due to the religious views of the hospital, I gave birth at my dr could not do a tubal ligation at the time of birth. I have to go to an outpatient center to have it done. My recovery was rough from the c section, and I’m worried now about the tubal ligation and the recovery time. I have a newborn, toddler, and three school-age children. My husband works 60+ hours a week, and I’m a SAHM. I don’t want any more kids, so I’m just looking for tips/and insight on the procedure and recovery time.


I imagine everyone heals differently. Cause one person may heal in a month or two, you might heals in less or more time . :woman_shrugging:


Time for hubby to step up, you have done your part mama.


I went back to work the next day :woman_shrugging:


What recovery time? A tubal is an in and out procedure. I attended a dinner that same evening and work the next day.


I woke up during my tubal it hurt… My doctor was late… The soreness only lasted a short time afterwards…

It heals differently from person to person, but it took me a couple of days. Just gas x is your friend because the gas cramps were brutal for me and my only problem. I got mine done as my 40th birthday gift to myself. But I was almost 40 when I had mine done.

Mine was 40 years ago but a few days of soreness… don’t pick up the kids or strain … be nice to have some help if you could get some… at least that is how I remember it… good luck

I had my tubes removed after my last child. I was uncomfortable for a few days, but it wasn’t horrible. They gave me ibuprofen and it helped. I didn’t need the stronger meds I was prescribed.

Have your husband get a VASECTOMY!!! You went thru childbirth 5 times and his recovery time is easier and shorter and much less invasive. It’s the least he can do since you gave him 5 children!!!


It hurts like a mofo!! I had it done during my csection. Ive had csections before and NONE hurt this bad. After a few days I was fine though.

I was in pain for a month… But I had mine 9 hours after I delivered.

I was tender and bruised for a couple of weeks

I had mine last year April. Took me a few days to recover. The gas pains were the worst. I had the rings put in.

I ended up with a hysterectomy in sept of this year. Turns out it made my adenomyosis and endometriosis worse.

I had no issues at all… I had it after my 6wk check up and was able to resume normal activities… I was also a CNA at the time.

I also used a hospital that didnt allow them. I had my tubes fully removed. It took a few weeks to fully recover but it probably wasn’t anything near the pain of a c section.

It was very uncomfortable bruised for weeks

I got home later that day and did laundry and cooked and took care of my then 4 year old…minor cramping discomfort like a period for a few days but otherwise no issue

I just had one done on Oct 31, it was done by a robot, I was handing out candy on Halloween, I worked on Friday, I have in home daycare my Husband and one other person was their to help. Sat through a class on Saturday for 6 hours, Sunday was a quiet day. And I’m back working my daycare, only thing I can’t do is pick up anything 20 lbs or more, no pain pills scene Monday.

Was a little sore had mine about 6 hours after having my youngest

I have both csection and rival at the same time, my healing time was considered longer than normal. That pregnancy to a serious toll on my body though. My closest friend also had a difficult pregnancy, delivered naturally and had her tubal a few weeks later, she was recovered(ya know at a functioning level) within 3 days. My point is that everyone is different. Call upon your husband to support you during this time. Communicate your needs and desires (honestly we know me are kinda slow and need that firm direction into these things sonetimes). And overall, trust yourself! You are awesome momma!! Best luck and much love.

But that was almost 9 years ago

I was alright the next day. After the surgery I wasn’t in pain either, but understandably, they wanted me to take it easy. They put u under so u don’t feel a thing. They make 2 or 3 tiny (approximately 1") incisions…one at the naval and one or two on the abdomen. It didn’t hurt a bit. It was an in and out procedure. NOTHING like the pain from a c-section (I’ve had 3…one emergency and 2 planned). You will be just fine.


Eh time for hubby to do his bit. It’s a lot easier on a man than a woman. Mine got the snip a few months back. Hary any pain at all x


I had mine cut tied and burned I haven’t had any problems and my last baby was 24 years ago

Mine was also in and out, that was 40 years ago.

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I had my son on a Wednesday, had my tubal on Thursday and went home that day.

He should do a vasectomy.


30 years ago they did it six weeks after you had your baby. To be honest I thought it was worse than having my baby! I had three kids all natural no pain medication or anything so I can tolerate pain fairly well. But my tubal ligation was very painful! I couldn’t walk up straight for a week! And yes it was an outpatient surgery. Meaning I went in that morning and got out that afternoon.

I had mine done on a friday and went back to work sunday night.

I got a reaction from the anesthesia so it was horrible. I didn’t go back to work until 4 days later. Should have taken more time since I had to do some heavy lifting.

I understand hubby works 60+ hours but he needs to help also!! I would ask for help from some family members too if it’s possible.

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It took me 6 weeks. 4 of those weeks I couldn’t even stand up straight. But I did have mine the morning after I had a vaginal delivery. And they did it via laser surgery through my belly button. No visual scar

I got a Tubal Ligation right after my Repeat C-section no choice, Recovery wise was very rough for me, I had to be put on medication that I didn’t want to take but I had to because the pain was unbearable, I had to be extra careful walking & moving around because yet again I was in pain, My man helped the best he could but couldn’t take time off of work, Our oldest son helped the best he could before & after school, Recovery wise took an extra 8 weeks I was exhausted & in sooo much pain,

I had my daughter in early december, had my tubes tied Feb 13th. I also went back to work the next day. Just took it easy, which was possible at my job. But its been almost 2 years later & had to be put on birth control a few weeks ago to help calm my periods down. They are consistent but VERY heavy & painful, like i was in labor every month. & i have heard from multiple women that i mention it to, that its common for that to happen. So now not only do i have my tubes tied, i have the mirena. If i get pregnant itll be a damn miracle. :joy::joy:

In and out,sore for a few days. Easy peasy

The man needs of myself to me snapped tucked tie for woman to have to go through all that it’s so much easier for a man

I had mine laparoscopic and I was back at work the next day.

Have your husband get fixed!!

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I had a tubal done in my early 30s. Recovery was really 2 days-and I had 3 children under 5 to care for!

As I had a Csection and a tubal about 9 months ago I’m still healing and it’s rough with the newborn and toddler bit. Try to get as much rest and I know it’s a laugh but
You need to much movement can hurt you more then

They did my tubal threw me belly button I was fine the next day

I was in and out queen lil discomfort but nothing major … the stitches fall off … no scars

Mine was nothing…no pain, no issues

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Couple of weeks like 6 to heal

I went dancing the day after I had my tubal. Easy peezy!!

Recovery is pretty quick and simple for a basic tubal.

Nooooo. Please do your research thoroughly. If at all possible have your husband go in and get a vasectomy. Please take the time to read up on this information. This is what you should be worried about. It’s not the recovery from the procedure, it’s the lasting effects on your body.



Of course they told me not to but I did. Just take it easy for a few days.

They can go threw your navel
Only four little holes. Easy and fast healing


Tubals aren’t a big deal, but I’m concerned about the repeat incisions through your muscles. Be careful-

I was trying to get one but my doctor recommended having my husband getting a vasectomy done cause of all the high risks that could happen when a women has a tubal done & longer recovery & recovery time for a man is only a day & the procedure isn’t as long

I had my tubes cut and tied when I was twenty-one .
I had no prombles had hysrecton when I was twenty eight .now I am sixty’s eight afnd don’t feel fill any different

I was back to work after day 6

I swear I could’ve written this post. Except the religious part. Reading all comments

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I had no problems I cleaned my house that night I just didnt do alot of bending

I had mine done a year after giving birth and I was tired, but manage to get up after a couple of days.but that was back in the early nineties.

Most do it Laparoscopic which goes thru the belly button only restrictions is lifting a certain amount other than that you’re back to ur usual routine.


Have yourself check if you are diabetic since you are taking longer to heal and to recover so it will also easier for you to decide if you are going forward in having that tubal done asap or to just do it another time.

Everyone is different,consult with ur doc. I had mine,4 very small incisions,heal fast.Also my ex got snipped also! Lol!!

Wasn’t as hard to recover as the c section. I had a c section with my first child. My 2nd and 3rd were vbac. About an hour or 2 after I birthed my last I had the tubal. Small incision in the belly button was sore obviously but wasn’t difficult

Why not a vasectomy for your husband? Recovery is quicker & it’s less invasive.The only downside is he can still have live sperm until he’s emptied any remaining swimmer’s so you still have to be careful until the semen analysis comes back at 0.


I had a tubal ligation done 21 years ago … It is a tiny incision in your belly button and a tiny incision just above your pubic bone. Recovery time for me was about a day and a half.


I had not an emergent csection but unplanned after a failed induction in February and also could not have my tubal done at the time of my csection due to hospital policy of consent having to have to be signed 24 hours before or some such nonsense. So I came back 9 weeks postpartum and they went in with one stab incision in my bellybutton to do the tubal as an outpatient but guess what? From the only abdominal surgery I have ever had, my csection 9 weeks prior, I had formed too much scar tissue to complete the procedure. My OB said she could not even see my tubes they were so fused to my bowel by scar tissue and she was afraid to perforate my bowel so she didn’t continue (which I’m grateful for because a bowel perforation is no joke). The moral is, it was a pointless surgery for me and I can still have babies and I want NO MORE. I just looked at it as a higher power doing me a favor and saving me from some of the not so pleasant side effects I have heard of and who knows, maybe I’m meant to have another down the road. So good luck, I can tell you my recovery was nothing compared to the csection. Literally a lifting restriction I think of 10 lbs for a couple of weeks which I obviously didn’t follow bc my 9 week old was over that. Lol. Best of luck.

It’s not that bad. I got a tubal 3 years ago. It’s basically called a band aid wound. I was sore for 2 days that’s it and I didn’t even realize my stitches came out

Your husband should have a vasectomy. Less down time

Recovery is quick.its laparoscopic,2 tiny incisions.one naval & one below.worst part is the gas they put n first,it’s painful & ur bloated.sutures dissolve

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I had mine on a Friday afternoon and was back to work the following Monday.

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So I see a bunch of ppl saying it wasnt a big deal for them/quick recovery and I wish it was for me to :frowning: but it hurt so bad the 2nd and 3rd day! I have a pretty high pain tolerance to! :frowning: I think it hurt so bad for me because I have 6 kids I have to tend so I wasnt able to actually rest… it sucked…

Had it, minor surgery, in and out, no stress, no pain, no worries! C section and tubal, 2 very diff operations! Just as simple as a vasectomy or tonsillectomy!

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Easy peasy :hugs: I had mine done on a Thursday… was back at work Monday, but was feeling almost normal the next day… just a little bloated feeling lingered a couple days

Do. Not. Do. It! I suffered for 10 years with post tubal ligation syndrome. Things still aren’t 100% but they’ve improved after my reversal. I would have never even had it done had someone told me once what it can do to your body.

Sounds like BS to me. They should have done it while you were wide open. You should not have to go through a 2nd procedure. I had it done after my 3rd C’section. There were definitely some lingering issues.

It’s an easy procedure. And healing time was fast. Just take precaution because of your c-section. Discuss with your doctor how soon you can have the procedure done. Good luck. I had it done when I was 29 and I am now 71. Was my best decision for me.

Use condoms until your husband can have his vasectomy. You’ve given birthof no he can stepin up and stop future pregnancies. A mans down time is minimal. Good luck.


Vasectomy would be much easier.

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You should have hubby have a vasectomy, I had a tubaligation, I was fine in a couple of days but had heavy periods from then until I had to have my uterus removed at 42 due to heavy periods

I had mine done a year and a half ago 3 days tops is your recovery for it. Like another post said the gas is the most painful part.

It’s not that bad but I don’t recommend getting a tubal for any woman. I had mine done, was back to work 2 days later, your body aches for a few days like you was in a car wreck (not a bad one), and I’m one that doesn’t use pain medication at all. But your periods get worse, and you just hurt differently and every doctor has told me it’s because of my tubal. If I could do over he would have been fixed instead. But everyone’s body handles things differently, just none of the women I know.

Why isn’t your husband getting snipped? He won’t have to have anesthesia and essentially will have no down time at all.

screw it, just get a nexplanon implant they last 3 years.

religious hospital? did I miss something?

I had one during my last c. So I cant really tell you about recovery time because I couldnt tell the difference. But I will say it had made my periods lighter but way worse pms. So it was kind of catch22 to me. But the peace of mind is nice.

My mom had a regular tubal and was back to work (toy section of a department store) the next day. You’ll be a little sore from the gas, but other wise it’s not bad.

I had my surgery at 8am, went home at 11am & cleaned my house. The pain was managed with medication.

Mine was about a week and then I went back to work. The only pain I felt after was from the gas they used during the surgery.

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I had my tubes removed around 6 months after my girls were born. It was laparoscopic and I was out a few hours later, and I never even needed pain killers. I can’t remember anymore if I had any kind of restrictions, but I don’t think I did.

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It was very easy. One week of real soreness but much better after that

I had a tubal 2weeks before brain surgery. Tubal hurt worse. I was down for about a week after my tubal.

I had a tubal after I had healed from c section. Tubal was a cake walk compared to c section

It was super easy. In and out in a few hours. The first 3 days are a bit of a B for trying to get up from sitting or laying down. I managed the little bit of dicomfort with Ibuprofen and I had a 4 week don’t lift over a gallon of milk/ if it hurts don’t do it sort of a deal

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I had mine done laparoscopic 6 wks after my last baby was born. I went home 2 hrs after surgery and was just fine. Still picked the kids up from school and made dinner like any other day.

The gas pains were the worst part for me!
I had issues later but it was a fluke…
Clip fell off and was under my uterus, on my bladder. The other clip adhered to my abdominal wall causing major pain!!
Laparoscopic surgery found this all out! My dr listened to me when I told him about my suspicions of an adhesion!

that is the most ridiculous thing I ever heard. It is so much easier & safer when they do a tubal after the C/S. Now as for a tubal. It was easy, but I would definitely wait 6-8 wks post op. You will go home afterwards, I really had no pain, just tired due to the anesthesia & slept the whole day & night at home, felt better the next days. But no heavy lifting or bending… just like your C/S recovery period. But a vasectomy, the recovery is easier & quicker & very little pain …

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Its not bad about a week of soreness I had mine on a Friday morning was out by 1 picked up my son from school by 230

I had my tubal removal done 36 hours after birth, laparoscopic. A small incision in my belly button and that was it. Recovery was easy and after about a week I was back to normal.

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I had my tubes removed at 8 week postpartum and I couldn’t even sit up or stand up by myself for like 3 days after and it was almost 2 weeks before I was 100% back to normal. I have four kids (5yrs, 3yrs, 2rs, and 6months now) and my husband took time off work to be home to take care of everyone while I recovered. I couldn’t have done it by myself.

You will be a little sore for a couple of days. But I’d say it should be a peice of cake compared to the c-section

I had mine done a week after my 6 week post partum appointment. Mine was an outpatient laparoscopic procedure where they crimped the tubes through a 1cm incision right below my naval, it took less than an hour, I was groggy for about 2 hours afterward, minor pain for a couple of days and took tylenol for it and was back to normal by the end of the week.

Just had one on the 2nd of October. Pain is tolerable with medication I was able to still move around

I couldn’t even tell I had it done

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