What is the recovery time for a tubal?

I’m most likely getting a tubal ligation. I’m more worried about the recovery time; my bf works full-time Sunday-Wednesday. We have a toddler who will be 4 in April. I already saw a doctor who gave me two options ten year IUD or tubal, and we chose tubal, but I don’t know how much recovery time is needed a week a month idk lol.


:paw_prints: I need to know the same thing

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Everyone is different but I was in agony for about 5 days then I was ok.

I was very very sore for the first 7 days. It subsided abit but was still sore for a month.

have him get a vasectomy much easier no general anesthesia no long ranging complications like bad menstrual cramps and longer heavier periods.


I was up and moving around the next day. Just took it easy with lifting. I have an 18 mos old, 3 and 5 yr old.


Had 4 kids, had help the first two days with supper and the kids, then it was back to normal just slow moving and a lot of pain but just gotta do what you have to


A couple days and you’ll be good. I was sore the first couple days and took it easy after that wasn’t bad at all

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I’d talk to your doctor… 🤷🤷🤷🤷

I was fine after 3 days, and I had both tubes and an ovary removed. Ibuprofen and a heating pad were all I needed.

Honestly I was fine right after. I had to keep reminding myself to take it easy and not to lift my toddlers. I still did all of my housework no problem just a bit slower than normal. I have 4 kids all 5 and under. But everyone is different! You should be good within a week though if not sooner

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When I got it done, I had it done on a Wednesday and was back to work on Monday. The 2-3 days after we’re hard to get up off the couch, but after that I was able to to do light chores around the house. But everyone’s body is different.

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I had my tubes removed 2 days before Xmas and it was easy. I also had a 3 month old at the time and a 5 yr old. I was holding baby the same day. My belly was pretty sore the next day but nothing unbearable at all. It’s pretty simple.

I was up and moving the next day with light lifting and moving a little slow. Everyone is different, just listen to your body.

I had a tubal and uterine ablation together. I was sore for about a week. I have five kids the youngest being 15 months at the time. I only had help for the day after surgery. It was rough but made it through ok. They should give you a few pain pills for home to help with the worst of it.

Have him get a vasectomy. Recovery is much easier & it’s easier to reverse if he changes his mind. Plus you already endured pregnancy & child birth. His body can take a physical toll for the family.

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Thanks Everyone! This was my post. I plan on getting it done. We have some other health stuff going on so we are dealing with that first. But Hoping to plan it on Wednesday or Thursday so my bf is off. Wasn’t sure about recovery time and if I need any work days off. Sounds like I should be fine. I have a very high pain tolerance but more worried about caring for the toddler.

I cramped for a couple of days that’s all
BUT I won’t recommend it! Mine has caused me way more problems now than I ever imagined.
It’s easier and less hassle for the man to get fixed. Now when/if I have a period I hurt so bad I can only lay in a ball in tears.

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6-8 weeks for the majority

I was up later that day cooking. By the second day I was good.

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My tubal was supposed to be through the belly button. I woke and it was a full incision. Took a good 2 weeks before i didnt need help anymore but i had given birth to a 12 poung baby 3 weeks earlier. I wonder often if i would chose it again as i hear my story isnt exactly rare. I have been pregnant twice since my tubal. The 1st burst and i was walking around, internal bleeding they estimate for a week. 1 1/2 liters of blood in my belly. 2 weeks in the hospital recovering. Went to the er and they didnt know what was wrong but literally told me i smif I was spiritual it was time to pray and say my good byes. My BP was 34. I became pregnant again almost exactly to a year later. They thought it was good. At 15 weeks i had to ago in for another surgery so i didnt end up like before

Mine was like 3 days. Doesnt hurt that much. Still able to do light house work. Couldnt pick up the kids for a few days tho

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Maybe discuss with your s/o to get a vesectomy? recovery is wayyyyy easier and the procedure took just over 20 min …tiny incision as well… My husband got one he was perfectly fine in a day or 2. . Just a bit of swelling.

My friend had her tubs tied and she was normal right after just a little pain , but I’d say for her she just relaxed for a few days 2 days and she was ba k at it again , it’s a in patient out patient thing so ,

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IUD are dangerous ! My Friend was hospitalized bc of one

The iud can fall out but I wanted that instead less evasive and lighter periods

No recovery time !!!

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I was in so much pain for a couple days and hen fine. BUT I’ve had lots of problems since with horrible periods and hormones being out of whack.

I had a tubal after my 3rd. No problems. So glad I did! Oh my middle child was 2.

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Move around a lot after u have it done that helped me but it took about a week

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Snip him. He just needs to sit still with a bag of ice for a weekend. He can do that during super bowl weekend

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It took me two good weeks.

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I had mine along with my csection so my recovery was a little different. But I was back to normal from both in less than 2 weeks with having a 4 year old, 2 year old, and newborn☺️

Get them removed. 100% effective and prevents ovarian cancer. No side effects.

I had mine done on a Thursday afternoon and was fully functioning and back to work Monday morning

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I had mine on a Friday and relaxed the rest of that day. I was up cooking and doing normal stuff the next day. I was a little sore but not bad at all. I was just really careful about lifting heavy stuff for about a week.

Why are people suggesting having him snipped? She didn’t ask for any advice about that?? You constantly find people giving advice on topics people don’t even ask about. She clearly is having the surgery and just wants to know everyone’s experience with recovery. Shes not asking whose husband got snipped or why she should make him do it because it’s easier. I swear people love to give unsolicited advice. Just answer the question it’s not hard. It took me 2 days to recover from mine.


I was out for 2 weeks.

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I’m scheduled for one this Thursday! She’s going thru my belly button and c section scar to “burn” my tubes and create scar tissue. She said to rest the next day but that I should be fine to go back to work 2 days later, and I’m a barber on my feet. She said wait one week before working out.

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Get the IUD, tubal will basically push you through menopause. My friends that have had it done regret it so much, the paraguard works awesome.

I was in HORRIBLE pain for atleast 3 days, I constantly wore an ice pack during that time, and was taking prescribed pain killers(pretty sure it was just tylenol with codeine). But it took a week to just be uncomfortable, but atleast 3-4 weeks to be completely back to normal.

3 days of being a bit sore and slow then another week before you should be back to fairly full speed. Its the no lefting that is a bit of a pain to deal with. That being said everyone is different in how they heal and all answers you get will only get you so far

She asked for information on recovery time… not for everyone else’s options as to why she shouldn’t do it. It’s her body. It’s her family. Dont tell her to get IUD or tell her her husband should be snipped. That’s not what she asked.


Had mine removed.was on weight restrictions for a few weeks but got around just fine the day after it was done.


Im looking at getting mine during my csection but GP said they dont do it anymore? Have my first antenatal appointment on Thursday so will be discussing it with them… Not sure which way to go? Fiance is also getting the snip once this bub is born so we are both covered… We’ll both be 33 with an 11 yr old, almost 2 year old and new baby… Cant imagine being told no… Which is the best way to go?? Neither of us want it to be reversible

It’s not bad at all. I had my last baby who is bout to be 4 on a Wednesday night, had my tubal Thursday at 12 and went home friday. It will feel weird for a while but no pain really just have to be careful with lifting and movement for about a week or 2 till healed good


I went in at 6 am I was home by 2 pm I had 7 year old and a 6 month old, my mom helped me day 1. By day 2 I was back to lifting and taking care of the baby by myself. I went back to work as a CNA 5 days later…


I had complications so mine was a week, normally about 2 days. I think if I remember right no lifting or sex for a certain about of time. I actually went home same day just had to stay down. Many are back to work in 2 days.

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Tubal- a couple hours- the pain after the tubal and the extra stress when a clamp unlatches but the doctors don’t listen and then proved wrong from explore surgery 5 years later- that never really leaves you.

The first day after sucked alot and i had pain…the next day after walking around and stuff I felt a little sore but the staples bothered me more than the actually surgery

Don’t do it unless for medical reasons ok get another option, recovery time is up to your body, but after mine my sex life was different as a few nerve endings were interfered with and after that couldn’t feel my partner come, so your choice, l also after 5 years got them reversed. Think long and hard​:heart::heart::heart:

It really depends and depends upon when you have it done. If it is laproscoped or not. Health issues. It can be anywhere between 1 and 6 weeks. Just so you know vasectomies and men’s recovery time is both faster and cheaper.

Out pt procedure. Down time maybe 2 days. No heavy lifting. Maybe not even your toddler. Pain not to bad that tylenol cant help. Hope its not worse then I remember. Good luck

Tell your bf to get fixed, he’ll miss 1 day of work tops, it can be done in the drs office, takes less than half an hour. Easy peasy…much easier and safer than you getting fixed


I think it truly depends on the person. No one person has the same recovery time for something. I wouldnt base it off others experience.

I had my tubes removed as opposed to tied for personal preference. I’d say about 2 weeks. Pain wise was about the equivalent of a menstrual cycle. Lots of tenderness. No lifting the littles for at least a week. I was up cleaning and cooking an hour after being home.

I had a tubal 6 months ago after giving birth to my son. Recovery wasn’t bad at all, no worse than the c section recovery time which is about 4-6 weeks. I also had a 3, almost 4 year old at home. Each person heals differently according to your body and health but for me it wasn’t bad at all.

I had mine done during/after my csection but I’ve heard people say 2 weeks and they feel ok not during the csection.

I had mine done three years ago and I was only down a couple days. Just no heavy lifting for about a week. But it’s all up to your doctor and how surgery goes.

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I had a tubal and my recovery was about 2 weeks to heal. You will have stitches in your belly button and one down above your woman area. It should be a simple surgery and hardly any recovery time, just don’t lift for about 2 weeks because of the stitches. But double check with your doctor.

I had a final very young and yes I regret it but I had a two yr old potty training and my doc recommended 4-6 weeks but a lot of recovery depends on your strength (by what my doc said)

When I had mine done my daughter was 2 and a half my son was a year and a half I went in on friday and monday I was going back to get my stitches removed that first night I think was the worse but I was fine after that just a little sore

I would say no more than a week. A few days at the most. Of course you would have to take it easy and not lift a lot.

Only a few days of discomfort but peace of mind is worth it!

Had mine done on a Friday and returned to a physical job on Monday just fine.

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I had my tubal ligation. I had at the time a 3 year old a 2 year old and a new born baby. It’s doable. The process and healing time doesn’t take long because it’s small incisions unlike it ust to be years and years ago!

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Had my last child almost 18 yrs ago. They did tubal right after her birth in hospital. No down time. Heal as normal after delivery.

Mine I was back to work in two days but taking it easy

I slept the night after getting home and was fine the next day. 2 small incisions below the bellybutton and no issues.

Look me just a little few days. I had 4 children at the time. Give yourself a solid few days.

I had mine done 3 1/2 years ago. I went in on Thursday had my tubal done went home and was back to work on Monday morning on lite duty for 2 weeks due to stitches. But over all I was okay, sore tired from being knocked out. My two children were older and we had decided that we aren’t getting any younger ( I was 42 when I had it done) and felt 2 was good enough for our little family.

2 days… I was honestly up taking care of my three kids anyways

I had a tubal, and an ablation done. I was up and moving around that afternoon. Back to work 2 days later with no restrictions

I got my tubal on a Friday and was good by like Tuesday

It’s a very easy surgery I was only sore for about a week

I had my tubes tied during my csection with my 4 yr old daughter. It was my 3rd csection. With the csection and tubal being done together I was running errands 3 days after my surgery

It took me a couple days to move freely after and I had four little ones one was only 3 months old at the time

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I had a tubal, I was up the same day like nothing ever happened. Didn’t hurt at all.

Took me 2 days and then i was good to go back to work

Everybodys different…but a week recovery is about right…usually just a couple of days.
I had one over 18yrs ago and it just took a day.

I had tubal 2 days after my 4th child was born. I was back to work 2 weeks later.

My tubal was done when I had my C-section… That took 6 weeks to heal

Depends upon the person, your health, your home conditions. I was back to work 2 weeks after a hystosalpingo, which is uterus and one tubal removed. And I was a cook in a fast paced restraunt.

Took no more then a few days but sore for a month… nothing to worry about

Took me a month as got infection ya bf 1 day

If everything goes OK really no recovery time just can’t lifted heavy stuff for a week its a simple procedure I had it done very small incision at bellybutton

Four years old is a child and you should beable to not have to lift her she should be old enough she should not need to be lifted.