What is the sickle cell trait?

Recently I had a baby and his newborn screening showed that he has the sickle cell trait and my question is at what time would I have to explain it to him and how would I explain it?


Probably around puberty. And definitely add it to your birds and bees talk.

I saw a specialist for my son. And they said kidney failure and muscle deterioration can occur with the trait. So if he pees a lot it’s actually a good thing and muscle doesn’t build until the age of 5 so that’s when you want to keep up with exercise. My son just turned 5 so we have a daily workout routine nothing serious and we make it fun. We are in PA and his specialist is awesome.

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U have plenty of time to figure that out

As a specialist when is a good time.
I’ve known a lot of teenagers (I teach) that were told very early because their parents wanted to make sure they had a strong handle on their condition.

Basically they need to know to be selective when choosing a partner, if she has the trait also, they will produce a child with sickle cell anemia. I have never heard of any other problems that result from it. My son is 10 he has always known he has it. I have openly asked his Doctors if he could have any other issues from it and they have all assured me that he can not.