What is your favorite pregnancy app?

Best pregnancy app you’ve used. The one I had so many years ago changed and I dont not like it any more. I loved reading what was happening with the baby during which week, what to expect with my body and all that. The new updated version dont tell me much.

If you have an iPhone, I really liked “what to expect”

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Its called pregnancy plus! Best ever!

I like using The Bump

I’m using BabyCenter for this one.

My last pregnancy (8 years ago) I still had a crappy little flip phone. Lol

Nicole Kayla Braidic what do you guys use?

Amila I get weekly as well as daily updates

Pregnant +, ovia and the bump

What to expect is really good

I’ve been using “I’m expecting”
It’s pretty good, haven’t had Any problems with it and I’ve been using it since I was 8 weeks.

Ovia… used it to get prego, through the pregnancy and now as my lily one grows 3 apps each a continued from the prior