What middle name goes with Margaret?

I’m 34 weeks & 1 day pregnant. My name is Margaret & I’m actually the 6th Margaret on my grandmother’s side ( my mom being the 5th, my grandma being the 4th, etc. ). We all have nicknames except my grandma (Margaret Ann), mine is Maggie Mae, my mom is Margie LaRose. I have two boys & am currently expecting a little girl (Margaret the 7th). I’m totally stuck on middle names or nicknames. Suggestions, please!!


Anne, Lynn, Nell, Jane

Rod Stewart made a song Maggie May and that’s all I think of when I hear Margaret

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Margaret Alice was my Nanas name.
Margaret Iris is a good one too.
Similar tradition in my family that everyone was a form of Margaret. So my Aunt is Mary-Ellen and I’m Megan.

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I have a friend, her daughter is Margaret but they call her Moo. :cow::relaxed:

I have a friend named Margaret Grace!


Renee… Maggie Rae for short?

Margaret June if your baby is born in June

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Elizabeth. Nickname Lizzie or Beth.

Margaret Mary (thats my nickname … Long story).
Mary Jane.
Mary Ellen.
Maggie Lynn.
Margie Marie.
Maggie Jo.

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I am Margaret Mary. I am called Peggy.


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Margaret Leann… My great grams name was Maggie Lena

I had a registered English dalmatian named Margaret Elizabeth. I called her Maggie lee

Margaret Amelia is cute

My sister is Margaret but we call her Peggy

Margaret Grace was my great grandma , love Margaret Rose , Margaret Rae

Margaret Mae sound cute!!

Margaret Louise (Lulu)
Margaret Anne

I would say Maggie Grace or Maggie Rose :rose:

Margene Millie billie.:heart::heart::heart:

Mary Margaret or Margaret Elaine

Margaret Lou, Rose , ray, love, sky, pearl

Meg, Maggie, Marg, Margo, Mae
Middle name
Anne, Mae, Marie, Ruth, rose, Mary

How about Rose for middle name and Magpie as the nickname.

Margo as a nickname!

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Margaret Ella, or Gracie

My daughter’s middle name is Jean. Would be pretty with Margaret.


Elizabeth or Elaine as Middle

My name is Margaret Grace :grin:


Margaret May
Maggie May :heart:

My daughter’s name is Margaret Grace.

Ember, Avery, Rayne, Skye, Dawn, Paige, Phoenix,

Margaret Rose
Margaret Renee
Those are just a few I thought of immediately.


My name is Margaret Sue

Love that name! If my boy was a girl, the name we had picked out was Margaret Elizabeth May :two_hearts:

Margaret Jade nick name you can call her Margie

Anne would be nice for the one who got it going :heart:

Margaret Lee then shorten to Maggie Lee.

I like Margaret Grace. (Gracie for a nickname)

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My sister is Margaret Marie

Mary, Elizabeth, Ann

Margaret Roseann and call her Mini Maggie Rose

Susana for a middle name, Margra sue for nickname !!

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I like the nickname mag pie

Margaret joy
Margaret taylar

Margaret Raye
Margaret noelle
Margaret Louise
Margaret Leigh
Margaret Cove
Margaret June
Margaret Quinn
Margaret Reese
Margaret Paige

Margaret Rose came to mind

Roe …Maggie Roe Margie Roe

Rose, Ann, Katherine,

Margaret Louise… Maggie Lou


My sisters name is Margaret Mae and we call her “Garrett”

Margaret Roseanne after you mother and grandma

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Margaret Leigh…Marleigh


Elizabeth and call her Mary Beth

Margaret Marie (nickname M and M like the sweets)

Margaret Jeanne (MJ)

Ann, Anne, Leigh, Ophelia. Consider her initials.

My name is another name for Margaret lol my great granny was named Margaret my moms name was Peggy as an alias for Margaret. Lol

Margaret Rita nick name… Margarita
Okay okay.

Margaret Noel

Margaret Anne, Margaret Rose, Margaret Renee, Margaret Aileen, Margaret Elaine, Margaret Nicole, Margaret Joy, Margaret Elizabeth… so many good combinations come to mind.


Elaine, Reece, Leanne, raylene, brianna, louise

My mom’s name was Margaret Lizzie

Margaret Ann is my sisters name we call her Peggy Ann or meg my mother didn’t have a middle name but you can pair it with Ann

Margaret nevaeh or Margaret jayanna

My great grandma was Margaret Annabelle

Anne, Rose, Elizabeth.

Margaret (Grace)
Margaret (Rita)
Margaret (Leah)
Margaret (Rose)
Margaret (Faye)
Margaret (Jo)
Margaret (Claire)
Margaret (Elizabeth)


Margaret Jane

You can always call her Maggie Jane for short

Margaret marie … Margo

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Margo for a nickname

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Ann, Brooke, Marissa, Mae, Lynn

I like Margaret Dawn.


Margaret Rae
Margaret Joy
Margaret Lee-Anne

Maggie grace, margret Ann, Maggie lee,

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Margaret Marie or Margaret Anna

Etta - The Scottish Gaelic version of Margaret is Maretta, shortened to Etta for a creative nickname.

GiGi - Whether a young generation or older generation, Gigi is a cute nickname for Margaret

Molly - Molly can be used as a nickname for many “M” names, a little less common for Margaret which makes it a great creative option.

Maisie - The English name Margaret was turned into Mairead in Scotland and Ireland. The nickname Maisie, also spelled Maizie and Maisy, derived from Mairead and has become a great nickname for Margaret.

Gertrude, May, Marie, Rayne, Faith, Hope, Joy

My Mother was Margaret Annie… nick name Annie…

Margaret May…short would be Maggie May. And if you’re due in May, a double meaning.


Margaret Grace, Margaret Rae, Margaret Faith, Margaret Rose, Margaret Elizabeth, Margaret Sue, Margaret Jade, Margaret Lynne, Margaret Quinn, Margaret Layne, Margaret Rayne, Margaret Leigh

My mother’s name was Margaret Judy, my sister is Margaret Jane

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Hiii im a margret Alexandra!!!

I already saw it on here, but I just want to add how much I really like:

Margaret Leigh (& call her Marleigh for nickname)

Margaret Noelle (& call her Margo for nickname).

Theresa. Mary. Marie. Adele

Margaret Marie…M&M

She could be Margaret Elizabeth…and ni knave could be MARGEE

Margaret Kaylee or Kylie
Margaret Christina
Margaret Rose Ann

Margaret Jo…Maggie Jo

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My mom’s name is Margaret Louise lol

A nickname could be Mag Pie

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Margaret Roseann (to cover both your Nan and your Mum)

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Kathryn and call her markie

Margaret Elaine
Maggie Lane
Or just let it naturally occur.

I like nicknames:
Mags, Moe, Meg, Melee

Marge,Margy for nicknames. Margaret Renee,Margaret Marie…

Margaret Jean (MJ for short)


Margaret Claire
Nickname Greta


Margaret Roseann
A combo of your mom and grandma’s middle name

Margaret Ann mae larose

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Margaret Elyse
Margaret Rose
Margaret Jane

MJ for a nickname if you go with Jane. Otherwise, I think Meg is cute. Or Pearl (that’s the meaning of Margaret).