What parenting plan would work for us?

Hi mommies. I am going to be mediating a parenting plan with the father of my child soon. He is not the most cooperative person, he wasn't the best partner to me, and I need to be prepared. My child was born where I live, and he has moved 4 hours away. Can any of you please share any parenting plans that you would say work well in a similar co-parenting setup? Thank you in advance!

Depends on the age of the child.
But if he lives 4 hours away that is a bit tougher since the child cannot see him all the time.
I would every second weekend should be a good starting point. He should be the one doing the traveling since he is the one whom moved 4 hours away.


My childs father lives about 4 hours from us. She goes every other weekend. He makes the full trip 1 weekend and we meet halfway for the second. He works weird hours and isnt always able to make the trip. Holidays are suppose to be shared but we only follow that for xmas. I get every Easter and he gets every 4th of July. He will now start having her 2 weeks in the summer but 1 week at a time. My child is turning 4 btw. We have been doing this the last 2 years and works well for us! I try to make things easy on him so my daughter can have her time with him.


Our parental plan is simple. He stays 4 hours away from us. But his parents stays not far from where we stay. Once a month he spend a weekend with her(5 years old) at his parents house. During school holiday he goes to him (4 hours away) at his place for one week. The child has a nanny who comes in the morning and leaves in the afternoon when Dad comes back from work. Father’s Day he spend the day with her. Christmas we rotate. If it’s me with me this year,it will with him the following year. Birthday mostly she’s at day care. We do party at day care. And we both join the party,takes pics then done. If he wants to spend the afternoon with her on the birthday,I don’t mind.

Again we are flexible. Every chance he wants to spend weekend with her,I allow. Last weekend he took her. He took her again today for the whole weekend because he is around.

1st, 3rd and 5th weekend. Split drive time. If you drop off, he brings back and vice versa or do halfway meeting spots. My boys dad gets Father’s Day no matter who’s weekend it falls on and I get Mother’s Day no matter who’s weekend it falls on. We alternate major holidays based on even or odd year. Same with taxes if he’s paying support. Two weeks in the summer is also what we do.

Get a lawyer. Do not assume he is going to give you anything you want. My ex was “difficult” to say the least but I assumed he would play fair because that’s the type of person I am. I got SCREWED. Protect yourself and your baby.


In some divorces a maximum mile limit to move sometimes is included. If not 2x a month. If you want to meet half way its up to you.

Would you be able to move closer to him?