What protein bars are actually yummy?

I’m in desperate need of a TASTEY weight gaining protein bar! I’m steadily losing weight and it’s awful, my doctor can’t find any medical reasons behind it. So any protein bars/tasteless powders that you’ve personally had success with would be GREATLY appreciated. My self esteem is at a serious low.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What protein bars are actually yummy?

Cookies n cream bar from Herbalife :heart_eyes:

Quest bars are really good and low carb😋

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Following have the same problem

I use thrive protein bars.

I love RX bars. Or make your own hemp seed and date bars. Hemp seeds are full of plant-based protein, dates are full of calories… and other good things, too. :slightly_smiling_face:

I used to love the peanut butter powerbars

I have the shake in the morning and the protein bar at night, it has helped me gain weight

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Chef-Irvine’s Fit-Crunch

I drink the ensure high protein shakes. Chocolate is the best I think even tho I’m not suppose to have it. I’ve always struggled with gaining weight

Sooo I use gold standard whey double chocolate protein powder, with whole mix, pb2 & a banana blended together. You honestly can’t even tell it’s a protein shake. It’s amazingggg

I prefer cliff or kind bars!!

The Cliff Builders Protein bars in mint chocolate are amazing.

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Quest, cliff and kind bars are pretty good. Not sure how good they all are for you but I believe the quest one is the best.

Following for my son. He has ADHD and needs to gain weight. He’s 13 and only 73 pounds

I have the same problem…have no appetite…

If you wanna gain weight, eat LOTS of hemp seeds and also do muscle building workouts. Legs, arms, butt, chest, wherever you wish there was more weight

Whole milk yogurt, also.

Perfect bars. My son runs XC this time of year and plays ball as a pitcher/SS at the same time. He has to compensate with these and loves them.


Drink a protein shake before bed add banana n oats

Try to eat lots of carbs like pasta and rice, so they’re healthy but still pack on weight lol cliff bars are pretty good! You can make some home made too theirs tons of recipes on Pinterest! Also buy 3.5% milk to drink if you drink cows milk, it’s good to help gain weight they give it to ED patients

Pure protein bars and shakes are really good. High protein (28-30 grams) and very low sugar (like 1 gram) and actually the taste better than most brands in my opinion.

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I don’t do bars I hate them all but for breakfast I take some black coffee and mix it with a premier protein shake.

I drink boost,chocolate it’s not tasteless but it’s good and doesn’t have that chalky aftertaste like most

Good luck :muscle::muscle:

I like tiger bars but I haven’t seen them in a while

I love all of these

Quest Nutrition- High Protein,… Amazon.com

I. Drank. Half. And. Half. And. Pumpkin. Pies instead. Of. Evaporated. Sweetened. Condensed. Milk and. I. Went. From. 80 pounds. To. 115. Fast. And I tried. Everything. Ensure. And. Now. I. Drink. Starbucks. Grappa. You. Buy them. In the. Store. It. Keeps. The. Weight. On. You. Never. See. Anything. How. To. Gain wright.

I use carnation breakfast protein as a calorie addition for un the mornings. It’s cheaper than boost

What helped me go from 80 lbs to 110 was eating a lot of red meat, pasta, and potatoes. I wasn’t really a fan of protein bars. Eating at the very least two meals a day every single day, making sure I was actually full after every meal. Avoid instant foods or fast foods and eat HEALTHY fats and proteins.

Power Crunch bars…the double chocolate is delicious and they have other flavors as well

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Premier protein drinks are awesome. Get ot by the case at Sam’s Club or Costco

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Try carb and protein shakes. Go to a GNC store and they can help you.

ONE is my favorite I can eat multiple in one day and now I can’t eat any other ones. Try the birthday cake and the maple donut


Thyroid problems can cause weight lids so can parasites.

Girl I used mammoth mass protein powder 1250 or 3000 calories if you double it! It’s not the best tasting but it isn’t horrible. It is definitely worth it cause they get the job done ! I gained 5 pounds in 2 1/2 weeks

Add avocado to your meals. Add peanut butter to your shake.

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I like kind and mountain bars

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Luna and Kind bars are good.

These are really good!! And I hate protein bars

Boost nutritional drinks might help and they taste good. I prefer the chocolate ones.

My hubby loves cliff bars

Cliff bars are absolutely amazing!!!

Following! same issue as well!!

I like GoMacro bars. 270-290 calories each. They’re great.

“Kathy Cooks” by Kathy Hoshijo has a recipe called “Bet ya thought it was chocolate pudding” that’s nutrient dense: carob powder, honey, a banana, grain coffee, tofu, peanut butter all blended together, maybe some yogurt. Delish. I make it for people going through chemo who have no appetite.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What protein bars are actually yummy?

What about ensure drinks the chocolate ones? I used to drink them while I was pregnant with my twins because they were under weight. They grow on yiu after a few of them.


I absolutely love Built bars!! It’s legit like your eating a candy bar but they are good for you!

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If you have any health issues that are causing you to lose weight, be careful with processed protein bars—there is tons of stuff in there that might have an adverse impact on your gut. My doc recommended pea protein powder shakes with full-fat coconut milk—get a good pea protein with minimal ingredients, and add nut butters, seeds, and fruits/veggies as tolerated

Well I don’t have that problem but some of the Quest bars, Up bars and One bars are really good

I was very skinny most of my life, tried shakes, powders, & eating more just made me feel sick.

Honestly, I added half and half to my diet, in coffee, cereal, mashed potatoes, mac & cheese, smoothies, anything that I use milk for, & it actually helped me gain weight & keep it on. I went from 95 pounds to 115 & it’s amazing how much healthier I feel.

pastas breads rice and taters seem to help me pack on the curves

Think! Brownie bar is delicious and tasty

Boost…chocolate is good. Drink cold or with ice…can put brandy etc. in the drink.

Can you drink protein shakes? Muscle milk has good flavors…

Ladyboss Protein bar’s are good! And they have flavored Protein powder. Vanilla cake is their original flavor. But I have salted Carmel, mocha cappuccino. They just came out with lemon meringue. Strawberry shortcake. Blueberry cobbler. You can make shakes with them or bake with them. They have all the vitamins and minerals for a whole meal. People do use it to gain weight as well as loss weight. It’s the best I’ve ever tasted! So many different options with it. Not the same thing every day.

Following. I have the same problem. I’m a size zero/one in jeans and I feel disgusting. :frowning: :frowning: My fiance tells me I’m beautiful every day but I don’t feel like I am… I haven’t felt like I am in a while…

Luna bars hand down!!! Everybody introduce them to end up loving them too. I’m so picky about them and my toddler loves them as well.

RX bars are my go to. They have 12 grams of protein and taste great! Ingredients list is short. I’m a clean eater so they work for my lifestyle.

One bars are delicious!!! And low on sugar ! The birthday cake ones are the best tho !