What should I buy before my baby shower?

What does everyone recommend buying BEFORE the baby shower for their little one?? We’re having a little girl and we have a few big things. Crib/mattress, chair for nursery, changing table/pad, and some outfits for her. Shower is at 27 weeks so it’s enough time for us to get what we might not get but we’re concerned we put the registry together for no reason, people have told us they won’t bother looking at it they’ll just buy whatever they think that we need for her and we don’t want to be ungrateful but we just want everything perfect for our first little one. Also, how do you approach that you’re specific on certain things? Such as wipes? My husband and I have extremely sensitive skin and want to use fragrance free/water wipes on her, and I plan to breastfeed, so after doing research we chose a certain bottle with a nipple that closely matches the flow of the breast. Should we just ask people not to buy those specific things and handle it ourselves?

*Please nothing mean! We mean well and we aren’t stingy nor are we bratty, it’s just our first baby and we want to make sure we have everything and everything right


Just say thank you then return/trade for items you need/want.


Gift receipts for everything!!!:two_hearts:

Most people will give you the receipt to exchange if you need. I found everyone got me exactly the brand I put on the registry so don’t be too worried. Just ask for receipts just incase. No one will be offended

On the invites we put that we were going to be cloth diapering and exclusively breastfeeding
And then I did a small registry and put the kind of wipes and baby shampoo and such on there :slightly_smiling_face:

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Register at Target & spread the word around.

I would let it play out and see who buys what and then go buy everything you want/need after that

I returned a BUNCH of stuff that I didn’t ask for. No shame in it at all.

My husband and i bought any specific items we wanted and didn’t include them in the registry. I also included in my Facebook event invite and I’ll include a small card in my baby shower invite that says something like “items we need the most” and then list things. My husband and i got all of the big items and are mainly asking for gift cards, wipes, or diaper sizes up to 3s. We put blankets, hats, bibs, socks, and things like that on there. But things we were picky about we purchased ourselves. And you can always trade something in if it was bought at a Walmart or somewhere without a receipt. They’ll give you a trade in card :slightly_smiling_face: this is my second baby. Remember you are the mama! You cannot be upset about offending people because you’ll do it from now till the time the baby is grown and even after that. Message me if you have anymore questions or would like more advice!


You can exchange the things you don’t want for what you do, no big deal.

I’d put your specifications on the invitations! I’ve seen other mamas do the same. It doesn’t come off as ungrateful and you get your point across. I’d also put on the invitation that you’ve picked out everything you’ll need for the baby in your registry.


The target baby registry has a checklist, so it’s easy to go down it and figure out what you need. Do the registry though. You would be surprised the number of people that actually got the registry items. You can always return things if anything.

What bottle did you guys choose?

Maybe just ask for money instead.

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I got a lot of diapers of the same size, so I took them and traded for different brands and sizes. Just be thankful and like most have said just trade or exchange the items, most stores are pretty good about letting you.

Honey whatever you get n don’t want just take it back. Goggle the product n find out where it came from. No biggie

Get gift receipts!!! I use tippee tommee bottles! Anything fast flow should work though! Boppy pillow for breastfeeding, was my saving grace! If I could go back and do mine again, I would’ve included infant tylenol, Gripe water, nose frieda!!! Don’t forget MUSLIN SWADDLE BLANKETS!!! They’re a must have and soooo expensive! Burts bees has amazing natural baby products! My little one has very sensitive skin too, just like me! I use cloth diapers, and when I need to, like out and about I use Hello Bello organic diapers, they’re also amazing! My daughter also has a very touchy tummy. Honestly feel free to message me with any questions or needing advice! I love to help, just had my first little in December, ebf.

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I found that I had people asking me what I wanted so I had a few things in mind to tell them. I would definitely spread the word that you’re breastfeeding and that way you won’t get things you won’t need or want with regards to that. You can always exchange, return or regift items you don’t want to use.

For sensitive skin wipes and diapers Honest company is amazing

To be honest my next child I will be more pushy towards the things on the registry as well as what they want. We had maybe 7-8 things nought off ours and we still had to buy a ton of stuff. I really appreciated all the gifts though. We made it so it wasnt a requirment to bring gifts but people did anyway

Its not a big deal. You can exchange things for what you want. Stock up on larger clothes. Newborn sizes wont last long. Stock up on different size diapers and wipes. Get some lanolin ointment for your nipples. Bottle liners. Get several different kinds of nipples for the bottles, you never know, they can be finicky. Good luck!

Make a registry put it in invite… Let people buy as they please and return what you dont want to use. Including in opened wipes and diapers… Also wait to buy more til after shower unless you want to buy diapers and wipes in varies sizes bc you will need them for sure.

Just explain the things you are planning for your baby that’s important to you. Still make the registry. For those people who dont plan to use it just give ideas in the invite maybe? And wait to buy thing unril after the shower, at 27 weeks youll have some time to finish putting stuff together.

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We waited until after the shower to buy anything. Then you can take back what you don’t need/want. The registry definitely isn’t a waste of time even if no one purchases anything from it. Most places offer discounts for items on your registry. After the shower, we added anything else that we needed to get onto our registry and shopped directly off the registry and used coupons. For example, Target offers a 15% coupon for items on your registry. If you couple that with the 5% Red Card savings, it’s 20% off anything on your registry. It was perfect for our big, pricey items! I really don’t push the registry stuff on people. Most people are going to buy whatever they want… or think you need for your baby. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Just put in ur invite what brand u plan on using!

I honestly refuse to have a baby shower Bc I know I’m picky about things. I’d just rather buy my child things on my own. People have gifted us things that I don’t like/don’t need I just keep it. Return it if you feel you need to

I understand. Your excited and the decisions made when it comes to certain things you already have things you like. There are two ways to do this. The most tact way is to ask for gift receipts. The other way is simply request they don’t buy certain things. Have whoever is throwing the shower do it. If you get some anyway, donate them to like a women’s shelter or something. Congrats on your baby. Parenting can be exhausting, but is also a very wonderful rewarding thing. You will never love a single thing more than your children. Be happy Mama!

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I actually told the lady who was helping plan the shower (now my babysitter) what brands I liked and she sent out a notification to the other ladies. It was very nice of her. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank them for the gifts and then exchange for what you need or want.


Honestly I’d just wait and see what you get. You will get some stuff not in your registry but that’s okay too. If they aren’t doing a super raffle you can slowly start stock piling diapers and wipes! Save receipts though or find out the store policy on exchange Incase they grow out of a size before you use them all! Target has sales that if you spend so much you get a gift card.

On my invitations I simply said please no clothes or diapers!!

I buy all the bigger things for the nursery. Crib, car seat, stroller, swing, bouncer, etc. Those are the things that are most likely not gonna be gifted to you.

A boppy! Awesome if you’re choosing to breastfeed, but also for tummy time, and assisting your baby in sitting up as they get older.

Wait till after shower to get what you still need and if you get things at the shower don’t want then it’s easy to return them or even donate them.

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My sister bought me the crib as soon as I found out I was pregnant then my husband and I went a little to crazy as soon as we found out the gender of my son that same weekend my husband got paid and we bought cloth til size 3t , about 6 pairs of shoes, like 15 towels, the crib mattress, the walker,3 different swings, crib set , bumper, pillows, stuff toy to go with his theme the jumper and all the big things since we wanted our theme we also bought our son’s bottles because we to got our choice I asked for blankets and more cloths and got over 20 blanket even hand made blankets and clothes from people at my work which I used more because that made it more special my sister got me the stroller for my baby shower and the one who got me the crib got me the tub for my baby shower We got diapers and wipes too. I had my son on December 12 I work at Walmart and in December we get a 15% off plus our regular 10% off so we stocked up on more diapers, wipes, baby shampoos, baby lotions and more bottles

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Just exchange the things you dont want to the things you do … you should expect people to buy certain things be thankful they thought about the baby and helping you

Donate what you can’t use. Be thankful and enjoy the love of others. Being too selective comes across as ungrateful.


You’ll need alcohol…Q-tips for belly button cord… Thin socks…mitts so she want scratch her little face up…different size diapers-some babies grow out of the new born faster than others… I think Huggies diapers & wipes are really good.But the “pampers” swaddlers" are good too.- baby lotion…powders…baby oil… Just to name a few things you’ll need. I’m sure you probably already knew…Best of luck.

Make a registry at Target. Anything you get that you want to return (so long as they sell it at Target, which is most things) add it to your registry. Then you can return it without a receipt and buy what you want :slight_smile:

I’m the same with sensitive skin and my son had reactions to target brand diapers and a few different wet wipes. Opened ones I took to daycare and let her use for other kiddos. Unopened ones I sold on Facebook groups or exchanged. It doesn’t matter what bottle you think you’re baby will like bc they’ll probably go thru a few different ones before they latch correctly, don’t suck air, collapse nipple etc. my first son went thru 6 different bottles until he finally took well with Nuk and he didn’t projectile vomit and collapse nipple so for my second I just started with nuk :roll_eyes: I was wrong he collapsed that nipple every time, 3 different bottles later he’s on the Mam bottles. Every baby is completely different and I thought I was a step ahead on my second and I wasn’t lol. Things I personally bought was going home outfit, personalized blanket, Bobby cover etc that I wanted to go with a certain theme. Do not feel one bit bad if you exchange or sell an item you are given it happens all the time. I had to specify not to buy certain items like diapers bc I had already bought a box each paycheck from the moment I found out I was pregnant so I could be prepared, but I still got some and took them back as well as body wash with scent.

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register for the type of diapers and wipes you like. registering at certain stores like Target will help you return the unwanted items. they give you an amount that you can return without a receipt.
i would get a carseat, clothes that you like, breast pump, diaper genie, diaper bag, shampoo, baby lotion, rash cream, baby tylenol, thermometer, baby monitor, burp cloths, receiving blankets, pacifiers, swaddle blankets or pjs, you will need a vast amount of onesies, baby socks, baby towels, dreft laundry detergent, breast pads, nipple cream, a baby swing…

Whatever people are nice enough to gift to you, be gracious and grateful. You can always donate what you don’t want to your local baby center. You sound very blessed to be surrounded by so much family and love.

I’d include it in the invite :heart:
just say due to sensitivity and breastfeeding you’d prefer this brand :slight_smile:

A lot of people will buy outfits only so having extra diapers and wipes is a good thing plus if you’re going to be breastfeeding and you plan to also use the bottle you will need a breastpump and extra parts what we did is if we got something we didn’t need or already had we took it back and put the money towards things we actually needed for the baby

You can always take the stuff back to the store. When I had my son I had a shower where I got girl clothes and a lot of the same things. So I just returned them for a gift card for later. Being a first time mom I got a lot of stuff that I didn’t use or need.

Honestly, dont stress about what people buy. Just graciously accept, & when you get home, gather everything you KNOW you wont use, & either do a swap on Facebook Marketplace, or exchange from the store they were bought from.

We had a ton of pampers diapers, but grandson was deathly allergic to them, so we returned them to our local walmart, explained what happened & exchanged all the unopened packages for Luvs diapers.