What should I do about my apartment?

I renewed my lease in June and with that renewal came upgraded appliances (and rent increase of about $300). A few months later, I moved into another unit and was told that they would switch the upgraded from my old unit into the current unit that I am in (it has outdated appliances). I was told this 6 weeks ago (I moved to the new unit on 10/1). This has yet to happen. Despite the current unit having outdated appliances, they charged me the rent for the upgraded package. I paid it, thinking they would switch everything sometime this month. I just got the rent balance for next month…and again, I’m being charged the new rate for the upgraded package.I emailed the property manager yesterday and I’m waiting for him to respond.Do I have any recourse in this matter? I really don’t want to pay the increased rent for next month again while they take their time to hold up to their end of the deal.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What should I do about my apartment?

Hopefully you have that written and signed in your lease . Otherwise not much you can do . I would ask a lawyer advise on this matter and would not have waited a month.


She diff, needs to give you a credit for not having upgraded units as promised on the lease take her to court but try and settle with the corp management office or regional manager! If the appliances are still in a unvacant unit or back ordered she needs to give you money back credit your rent asap! I wouldn’t pay the rent let her take you to court and tell the judge was was on the lease and promised and not done! They would do it to you and make sure you make the landlord in the management office pay your filing fee.

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You would have to have their commitment to swap out the outdated appliances in writing to have evidence that was the arrangement. If you do, then you need to email the ownership of the complex if the manager doesn’t respond.


Put the increased amount into an escrow account and when they ask you for it, remind them of the upgraded appliances that come with the increase.

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Get everything in writing!

Keep paying the increased rent to avoid late charges and breaking the lease. Send the property manager a letter detailing the situation and your position on handling it by registered mail with return receipt requested. File a claim for all the extra rent in small claims court. This way the manager will have no counter-claims available to argue in front of the judge and you will look golden.


Only if it was in writing. Call your local legal aid, why did you move to the 2nd apartment

It’ll get figured out fast once you stop paying the upgraded amount.

Did you get it in writing? If not there might not be much you can do. If it’s not written down then in most places “it didn’t occur”. Written can be email, text message, note or letters, lease agreement. Really anything to prove your agreement.

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Have you got the agreement in writing ? Never take anything verbal from landlords.
Personally id be withholding the extra rent until it was sorted out. You dont pay for what you dont get

Move everything yourself rather than being lazy no everything is handed on a plate