What should I do about my childs nap time?

Need a bit of advice on toddlers and weddings Molars are coming in, nap time is CRUCIAL, and every day is a flip of a coin on whether it’ll be a good one or a terrible one. Mornings tend to be pretty good but afternoons are where all hell breaks loose. Last weekend, bub woke up early so nap was early and then we tried to go to a family bbq. He fell asleep in the car (he really needed it) and we sat in a park parking lot for an hour to let him stay down, hoping that would make the bbq more enjoyable - nope, it was freaking hell. Just screaming and needing to be held and just no fun at all. We should have just stayed home.Now tomorrow we have another family event - but it’s a wedding!! Can’t miss it or else we totally would. But honestly I’m dreeeeeaaading it. Normally naptime is 12-2, but lately he’s been fighting it until 12:45 ish and sometimes stretches that nap for 3.5 hours. I like to let him sleep as much as he needs, and bedtime is usually always the same, no matter the length of the nap. Well… the ceremony is at 2, and a half hour from our house. I’m wondering if we should just skip the ceremony… I know no one is going to be happy with that decision, except hopefully bub. I just don’t want a miserable toddler at the reception - it won’t be enjoyable for ANYONE then. He’s meeting a lot of extended family we don’t get to see often.I’m also thinking maybe waking him up a little earlier, putting him in the car and driving around for a while so he can finish sleeping in the car? But that runs the risk of ending the nap early and him not ever falling asleep, making the entire day even more of a nightmare. I just don’t know what to do. They already wanted us to come early at 12:30 for family pictures and I 100% will not be doing that. I’m stupidly and overly stressed about this…


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What should I do about my childs nap time?

I just wouldn’t do it.

If it’s really stressing you out that much find a babysitter


Just wing it babys gonna do what babys gonna do deal with if it happens don’t stress now


Go and when little one is unsettled one or the other parent take him out of the area. You might even ask someone else to help share the care with your little one on the day. If the wedding is including kids then go and enjoy. Will your little one sleep in a pram? Go and do what you can, to be a part of the day. If there are some teenage girls around they sometimes like to help with little ones. Just take turns in who walks /rocks the pram and just steps outside so the ceremony isn’t disrupted.

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Just take Bub along and if he acts up in a crucial point just take them outside for a bit of a walk or something my son was 6mo at my sisters wedding and he was alright :slightly_smiling_face:

I wouldn’t go. Or if I had to I would get a babysitter…
Or have one “on call” so that if things went a little crazy then you have a back up plan.

I would either find a babysitter or skip the ceremony. Otherwise you’ll be walking out mid-ceremony with a screaming kid and miss it anyways. Let him stay on his schedule. If family can’t respect and understand that he needs his nap well then :fu: they aren’t the ones who have to deal with the backlash of no nap.

If he’s going to be unhappy even with a nap and showing up late it better to stay home. My son hates going places too. We usually show up late and leave early.

Take a “sitter” with you to the Wedding…
Has to be a really reliable responsible person…

If possible I would get a sitter to go with you or else one who can bring him to you for the reception so family can meet him but keep him while you do pictures and attend the actual wedding

I think the bride would appreciate you skipping the ceremony over a screaming bride. I’m also sure the minister would too

If this is a family wedding then presumably it’s from either your or your partner’s side, so have you no relatives from the other side, who aren’t going , who could sit with your child until nap time is done then bring him to you?

Sitter, pick up after ceremony

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There is no reason you have to go unless you are the bride…

The ceremony is only half an hour from your home? Leave your child at home and anybody who would like to visit him can do so after the events by stopping at your home.

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Tylenol or motrin. Dunno if you’ve given it yet but try it it’s helped my kids.

With molars coming through and baby not feeling well , l would get a sitter and go to the ceremony .

As a Nan
I say go with your Moma Bear instincts
Bubs needs to come first before a family event

Leave him with a sitter, why ruin everyone’s day

I say get a sitter that can help you out, or one of you (you or your spouse) stay home. I’m sure most will understand if one of you can’t make it. You could try Tylenol and or Motrin. I’m thinking that’s mostly where his disruption is coming from. There are also teething tablets and such that are natural. Do what ya gotta do to get through the day.

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Hire a babysitter and pick him up later on maybe? Yeah, it’s always difficult juggling a toddler with their naps lol. My son needs his naps still too, so I get it. But with molars coming in, he could be grumpy af even with a nap. Bring tylenol/Advil and a small cooler with some cold chew toys to help soothe him. And most of all, trust your instincts.

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