What should I do about my daughters father?

My daughter hasn’t seen her father in a month and a half do you being on a vacation in Florida. I ended up going on a vacation down in Florida a week later then he came down and he asked me to bring his daughter to him when he has a car and he can come see his daughter but instead he rather just FaceTime her but when he FaceTimes her my daughter acts like he’s not even there. She ignores him whenever he talks and she runs the other way when he calls. Also the nights that he calls her she has nightmares but the nights he doesn’t call she doesn’t have nightmares … what do I do?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What should I do about my daughters father?

If he wants to see her than he needs to come to her let him see her at your place or a public place since she hasn’t seen her for awhile and see how she acts if she keeps having nightmares maybe counseling sessions

Find out what the nightmares are all about

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Can’t really give advice without knowing the child’s age and what the custody/visitation arrangements are
I mean not seeing her because he was physically away on vacation makes sense, when you also went on vacation to the same area maybe you guys could’ve met up halfway


A lot of good answers would come if age was determined. It’s really hard for younger children. Face time can be extremely harder for younger children. Nightmares could be from a traumatic event. And also do to age this could be problematic to get answers. You could put the child into play therapy and see if the child will act out their trauma. That would be my only suggestion. Because he attempting some communication he can’t be taken for alienation. Unfortunately this isn’t what helps children. You’re doing your best. Good luck.

Yes talk to her about her nightmares and what they are. Ask her why she doesn’t want to see or talk to her dad. My oldest is from a previous relationship, he knows exactly who his dad is. I never down grade him in front of my son, I don’t call him names or anything, I do tell him the truth though. At 10, after not hearing from his father in 5 years, he made the choice of not wanting to talk to his dad. I said that was fine it was his choice. I also told him if he was making that choice he had to be the one to tell his dad that. Due to court papers and custody agreements, I myself couldn’t say “your son doesn’t want to tall to you” because he could have taken me back to court saying I wouldn’t let him talk or see his son. So my son has taken on that responsibility of being the one to tell his father if he wants to talk or not. Kids are not dumb, they know exactly what’s going on. They see who’s there and who’s not. My now hubby has been there for my boy since he was 4. Has treated him no less than he treats our youngest. To my oldest, thats his dad. My oldest has made it very clear that I’m not even allowed to refer to his biological father as his dad ei: “found out your dad is in the area”. When I say your dad, he thinks of the one he has now. So I have to refer to his bio dad with his actual name. Talk with your daughter. Find out what’s the reason behind her nightmares and running the other way when he calls. Again I’m sure age comes into effect as I don’t know the age. Don’t underestimate her little feelings though. My son has been begging for a name change since he was 5. The age of his bio dad basically walking out of his life.

Prayers for her dad. Amene