What should I do about my family?

In 2018 myself and my son moved with my grandparents who are in their 60s and my aunt uncle and cousin. My son’s dad would live with us off and on until officially leaving and haven’t heard anything since January. Upon moving in I was receiving 350 in food stamps and 600 in cash aid. The deal was pay no rent just give them food stamps. That was fine. This caused huge problems between my aunt and uncle and cousin because they felt it was unfair and they argued with me nonstop. Came to the point where I would only come home to sleep and during the day trying to deal with breastfeeding and soon toddler I would sit at the park all day or find free events at libraries and community centers to kill time. I was struggling with separation anxiety from my son and dealing with an in and out boyfriend that promised the world. Right before my son turned 2 I decided to go back to school to begin a career and live alone. My grandparents watched my 6 year old cousin all the time but when I asked for them to watch my son they didn’t want to and I had no other family around to help for 2 days a week 4 hours each day. Eventually they said yes when I got them approved for caregiver payments by the county to watch my son. That lasted a year and I was thankful. Then my son was able to go to preschool and things got easier. I graduated with a bachelors and got a great job. Making about 3800 a month. The moment I got the job and my family found out how much I made my rent skyrocketed alongside my aunt /uncle and cousin moving out. They paid 500 a month while living at the house and I was forced to pay 1500 a month or I needed to move out to shelter until I figured it out. So I went ahead and did so. I tried applying to apartments and houses and kept getting denied. My credit score was a 550 and everyone wanted 3x the rent for income. And where I live rent minimum is 1800 for the ghetto and anything decent is 2000 plus. I struggled looking for someone to live with me but everyone already had someone they already lived with. I talk to my grandparents about going back to school for my masters. Another 2 years so I can make the income required to leave alone. They agree but still wanted the rent. Since I had to move down to part time to complete an internship this would be near impossible. I was able to get approved for food stamps again and due to inflation I was now getting 500 a month. They dropped my rent down to 1000 a month if I gave them the food stamps card. So I did but I only make 2000 a month now and I’m drowning in my small amount of bills, food costs, and gas. I can’t save any money anymore because all my savings went to paying for 2000 worth of books each semester. My other uncle just moved in and he is only paying 200 a month for the room and when I asked if I could do that so I can save and pay my debt to move my credit up it once again turned into a fight that I need to leave if I don’t pay. Now they are saying I have until may (the month I graduated) to move out so my other cousin and her kids can move in cuz they need it more than me. I’m stressing out and scared we will be homeless for months before I gain the income to get approved for a place. My parents aren’t an option. They are busy with their own partners in different parts of the world and won’t answer my calls. I’m struggling and the only answer is to beg for rent reduction or ask for more time until I get kicked out. Trust me I understand that I have overstayed my welcome. I feel that everyday. The sny comments the constant gossip between family about not being able to provide or messing up and choosing a bad partner and going to he ll for it. Thank you for reading this far but is there a way to ask them in a specific way for the rent reduction or more time that I’m not doing correctly? I have promised them I won’t bother anymore after but they say I’m destined to come back begging for a room. Idk why they have this idea of me I really don’t. I have never done drugs, have never been to jail, and the first in my family to ever go to college, let alone graduate with a masters.