What should I do about my toddlers sleep issues?

Has anyone taken their toddler to the pediatrician for sleep and behavior issues? My 3 year old takes hours to go to sleep with consistent routine and up every few hours and up for the day at like 4AM. refuses a nap and is extremely cranky and irritable throughout the day. I have an appt with her doctor but will they even help or is this just my life now I’m 17 weeks pregnant and puking all day and exhausted and can’t sleep at night.

Sign of autism ? Napping too long during the day ? Red dye 40?

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My son was the same way. Found out he had ADHD. Now at 11 is the same way but gets melatonin and another sleeping medicine. He also had a behavioral therapist at that age. Bring all this up to your doctor. Ask if you can do melatonin. The lower dose works better. Started my kids off at 3 now they are on 5 because 3 stopped working.

My youngest slept 20 minutes at a time all night and day. I was told to deal with it. He started sleeping all night at age three

I’m almost in the same boat. A little difference is say mine goes to be at 9pm he will be up at midnight. And stay up until about 5am. No matter what time he goes to bed he will be up within 3 hours

My second one did this when I was pregnant with my third. Once I had her, he went back to his normal sleeping habits

Mine has to be full and have all her energy out Or she won’t sleep.

We had to resort to cry it out for a bit and now she will go down. But we do a light workout , play games have a hearty dinner and snacks and everything in between and she will go to bed at 9 and wake up around 2-3 for a bit and Then go back down. Till 6

If you have grandparents or other trusted family members nearby, could you schedule sleepovers at times just to get some rest?? He will get through this eventually but you need rest now.

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I’m sure you probably already do this but, mentally wear her out. Try feeding her something hearty at bedtime like oatmeal. Keep your head up mama you’re doing a great job. :heart:

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I did this. Took her to the doctor. They told me to put her in daycare and no tv an hour before bed and to read at least 20 minutes prior to bedtime. Said her brain wasn’t challenged enough throughout the day to allow her to go to bed.