What should I do before a glucose test?

PLEASE HELP!! I have my glucose screening test tomorrow and I need any tips, tricks, advice you mamas can give me!! What to do/not to do, what to eat/not eat??? I know this has been asked many many times before, I’m sorry I cant scroll so far! Please any advice or tips. Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance :blush:


Chug it! Just drink it. Don’t focus on it. Ask your doctor if you can eat or not.
I was allowed to eat because I have low blood pressure & low blood sugar. I only had to do it because I wanted too, it wasn’t needed for me.

Lay down when they take the blood drink lots of water and eat protein !! I fainted during mine from not eating left a big bruise on my arm :grimacing:

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All I did was drink water

I just had my test the other day. I had to fast from midnight the night before. I was allowed to drink water only until the test begun. Take a good book with you as it took about 2 1/2 hours of waiting there :disappointed:

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I didn’t eat anything always went fasting I am pregnant with number 6 first three were normal the last three pregnancies I have had gestational diabetes with :neutral_face:so know matter what everything will be fine don’t stress because stress can rise your blood sugar good luck :blush:

Doesn’t matter. Numbers will show if you’ve had high sugars the last few months before your test. Can’t trick it.

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You will never look at orange crush soda the same again :nauseated_face:

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I fast before I go just to make sure

If it’s the 1 HR one, avoid carbs and sugar. High protein meal is ideal for breakfast. Eat a pickle tonight and with your protein meal in the morning.

I did the 1 hr one and failed it was in the afternoon and I ate all day long without any direction on what I should and shouldn’t eat. I took the 4 hr one right away in the morning not eating anything for 12 hrs I was super hungry by the end but I passed

I am diabetic. Stay away from anything high in sugar like yogurt, dairy in general, easy on the fruit. Eat lean meats and vegetables. Also stay away from juice, soda, most energy drinks, breads, tortillas, rice, pasta and starchy things like potatoes. Oh and no (alcohol, but you’re of so that’s not an issue) candy, granola, muffins…I promise there is still food you can eat. Some things you can have in small portions thought, your doctors should have literature for you. It’s all about carb counting. Good luck at your dr appt