What should I do?

I just found out my sons dad abused my daughter for 2 years. We are no longer together. We haven’t been for over a year. Only my son is his child. Do I let him still see his son? Their is a 9 year age gap.. I hate him and this is extremely Difficult. Deep down I don’t think he should see his son. But I’m also very angry and hurt for me & my daughter. So I don’t want to think off of emotions. Please help me. Again please be kind. This is very new & hard to process.

It happened to my daughter too. Make a police report. Let the court decide about parenting time and custody. It’s been 5 years since this happened. My daughter gets therapy but it has affected the entire family. Outbursts, mood swings, personality change. My other kids ended up needing therapy also. And so did I to be a supportive mom. This ALREADY affected your son. Don’t make it worse with having your daughter and son continue to see the perp in thier lives. Protect them.

I hope your reported him,too get justice for your daughter, please don’t let him see your son what if he would do something to him next better to be safe then sorry