What Should I do?

So I met this guy on social media. We are from different cities and haven’t met ever in real life. We started to talk slowly and gradually. When we were talking 3rd or 4th time, he proposed me for marriage. I told him to make things official ASAP and he said ok I don’t have any problem. But the very next day I realized that we should take a month or two to understand each other upon which he agreed and said as you wish.
Everything was going smoothly in the start, we used to call and text regularly and almost whole day we used to talk and send each other memes and romantic posts. Mind it he didn’t used to be that busy in those days. Upon asking, he told he had 3 to 4 relationships in which he was serious with all the girls, he told me he had been into drugs and all but now he’s left that path and now is on the right path.

He valued me so much that he removed the girls from his account because i didn’t like them flirting on his profile. He said i don’t want to lose you and you’re more important to me.
Fast forward, i told him to tell his mom about me. After some days, he told me that he’s talked to his mother that he wants to marry me and she said okay i don’t have any problem. My mom will talk to ur mom in a few days.
Then I told my mom about him but she wasn’t ready at that time but after a few days she got convinced for him and kept a few conditions to be fulfilled if the guy wants to marry me. He agreed to those conditions. Those conditions were supposed to be fulfilled after sometime and he made sure that he’ll fulfill them.
Then I asked him to make his mother talk to mine so my mom will be sure that he’s not just jerking but really serious about me and due to some reasons, his mother couldn’t talk to my mother therefore he himself talked to my mother and made her sure and told my mom that i will make my mother talk to you in 10 to 12 days. In the meantime, we discussed things related to our marriage, future etc. He used to tell me about his family, family problems. I have vibes that he was serious about me. Or may be not… I’m so confused. He used to say he loves me and other romantic things but I never believed them as I believe that u can’t fall in love so quickly with someone.

After sometime, he stopped texting, sending me posts like before and only called me late at night. Late night calls also ended After a few days and we went days without contacting. Only if I used to msg or send him something, he would reply and we would talk otherwise not. Mind it he is always always online on every site.

I realized that may be I not important for him anymore and he doesn’t value me. So i said k let’s end everything upon which he 2 times called but i was not available atm after that he asked me on text that He wants to talk and I said i don’t want to because i was badly hurt to which he said okay i won’t force you. In all this time, he was all normal, sharing memes and all. After 2 days I realized that may be I wronged him by saying let’s end it and i should talk to him. I texted him and I realized that he was totally ok with what happened.
We did call and cleared the dust between us but he said Now i have to think about our relationship that i should continue or not then I’ll let u know. I gave him space and waited for 5 days but he didn’t respond. Last night I asked him and he said I don’t know what I should do. Then I said to him ok I’ll take it as a No to which there was no any proper response from his side neither he defended himself. I wanted to talk to him but he said I am so much into my work, I have problems, my mother is sick and all he wanted me to leave him alone I guess.
I didn’t text him then. Today morning, I blocked him by saying that serious people do not do such things you’re doing and many other things.
He has my number and I didn’t block him from one site he could text me or call me but he didn’t. Instead, he’s sharing memes and all.
Seems like he doesn’t give a damn about what’s happening. Now I am so confused I did right or wrong by blocking him? I am so confused.
Can anybody guide me or tell me that what do they feel about this whole situation?

In all this shit going on more than 12 Days have passed and he already had excuses before even I asked him to make both the moms talk in order to make things official.