What should I do?

why is this even a question???

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Tell her you appreciate the offer but feel this is a special moment and your children should all be together

See it as a blessing that she’s never available to babysit…


Grandparents aren’t built in babysitters

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I will not not trust her with my child

I wouldn’t allow my children alone with her, ever. Sounds unreliable and alcoholism is a nasty addiction.

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Nah. Sounds too sketchy

Mom can come visit at our house, supervised. It is probably better that she doesn’t follow through!

If she is can’t do it explain to your daughter( whomever) she’s busy,Don’t take the grandparents for granted things come up or happen.

She can come see the kids but they cannot go with her.

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I wouldn’t trust her with an alcohol problem

Big hot oh hell no. Just because she’s related does not make her a healthy part of anyone’s life

Visits yes sleepovers no

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allow her to come to yall’s place and spend the night while y’all go out for a date night

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Personally, I wouldn’t leave my kids with her. Nothing against your boyfriends mom; but there’s a lot that could go wrong if she decided that she wanted to drink instead of babysit and I wouldn’t be willing to risk my kids on that chance. I’d much rather pay someone I trust a little more to watch my kids for a few hours while we went on a date.

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She can spend the night at your house and have a sleep over, but I wouldn’t be letting my baby go to hers for the night alone lol no way


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That would be a hard “NO” for me. Wouldn’t want me child sleeping from one to another depending on where the Grandmother is staying. Invite her to stay at your home, and you go out somewhere for the night or weekend.

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NO, protect your child from her!!!

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No! Why would you send a small child to be looked after by an active addict? It’s not safe at all. Do not teach your child that grandma is a safe healthy person.

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I would not let my kids be around her unsupervised.


Forget it!!! I wouldn’t trust her, especially if she has drinking issues.


I would find a permanent alternative to daycare.

Keep your. Children close to you. No to her.


As someone who use to be an active addict, who’s in recovery. That’s a no go. I wouldn’t trust my own children around myself in active addiction even though I know I have their best interest at heart. (I wasn’t in active addiction by the time I had children) but just saying. Protect your daughter. Mil can’t be who she needs to be for your daughter unsupervised while being an active addict. Mil probably wants to but truly can’t

Yeah no thx idc If family or not don’t trust addicts with your children she decides she wants to drinks gets drunk doesn’t look after said children said child dies or gets hurt don’t risk it

What if you offer to spend the night over there with your daughter and make it a girls night? That way you’re not leaving your young daughter there w her alone and you all get an opportunity to bond together? If she has a drinking problem, it makes total sense not to leave your child in her care alone for sure.


You are responsible for her safety and will be held accountable. Be a true mother and nip this in the bud .

Kids would definitely not being going to stay with her. My MIL is alittle on the wild side relationship wise. But she doesn’t do any drugs or alcohol. She’s the only one I trust to watch my two older kids 5,&3. But her living situation isn’t the best so she comes to my home and watches my children while me and my husband go out for a few hours once a month. We can take the youngest baby with us because I’m not ready to let people watch him.

What I’m getting at is if you absolutely need a sitter and she’s your only option. Maybe look into her coming to your house and making sure no alcohol is available to her at all. And make sure she knows now to leave your home with the children etc.

That works for me. Good luck :blush:

Definitely do not do that!!!

No. You can’t leave your child with someo e who is not dependable.

That’s a definitely not your mil drink’s and she is on again off again with her bf she can’t be responsible for your children

I wouldn’t care what my partner thinks or his mother. You are aware of this, and absolutely should protect your children, before you worry about what the in-laws or your spouse thinks ! If you don’t protect them … who will??

tell her she can visit as long as she calls first

  • unstable relationships
  • Unstable living arrangements
  • Unstable time management
  • Drugs

Any of them is an instant no no to taking care of my kid!

Put your kids in daycare if you need a sitter.

If “granny” wants to see the kids, you need to chaperone them, together. Children do not need the drama, or the insecurity, or the unsafe environment that an alcoholic can provide.

Does she drink when she has the kids? If not then not harm done if yes then you say no

Drinking problem and living off and on with her bf, no stable home and you’re asking what to do?
You better tell her NO! Red flags everywhere! You don’t know what will happen to your baby while she’s passed out drunk or what house they’ll be at with what kind of people. And if your boyfriend gets mad, let him. Your baby’s safety comes first not anyone’s needs, special bond or feelings. YOUR BABY’S SAFETY FIRST!!! Don’t risk her safety or life!!!

She can come spend time with them at your house.