What should I get my 9 year old for her birthday?

Ok moms, I need advice on what to get my 9yr old daughter for her birthday. She got everything she wanted for Christmas, I’m at a loss. Help please

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Ask her first what kind of bday does she want? Possible scavenger hunt where each client leads to small gifts last clue could either lead to like a bowling,skating or slumber party


Yes, always possible, but just give it time. You’re stressing yourself out which doesn’t help.

You could also start with getting her a new outfit, a small gift, then take her out to eat or out on a outing if you do t have a party
planned. It also wouldn’t hurt to ask her if there’s anything she wants for her birthday.

Do an experience gift with her. Aquarium, zoo, nails/facials. Etc,

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Take her to a movie, out for dinner, shopping, bowling, manicure and pedicure at a salon.

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Maybe just a small gift with nail polishes and facial masks and a gift certificate for a Spa day with mom!

Next year…maybe try NOT to get her everything on her list…Leave something for her birthday…At 9…she may want a new outfit or shoes.or art craft or a new book perhaps…Discovery Microscope…I recall when my Grandson was 8 he wanted one…

She’d probably like a decisive mom.

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I got my daughter an mp3 player with her favourite songs downloaded and I’m taking her to the zoo on a special date to walk the wolves; she love wolves :heart: than just gonna let her pick up a few things in the gift shop

Take her to get her hair trim and styled and get her nails painted at a salon


Take a day trip somewhere fun where you live?

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Maybe an adventure instead of a gift and if they have a gift shop she can pick something out from there

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Do an experience gift… Zoo, sporting events, museums things like that. For Christmas my kids asked for experience gifts instead of toys cause they get bored or the toys break. They are 6 and 8 years old boys

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Pedicure and lunch alone with mom.

Get her an apron so she can do chores around the house …

An experience instead of a thing.

You’re asking strangers who don’t know your daughter at all what to do for her birthday?