What should I pack in my hopsital bag?

Only 9 more weeks until my baby is born and iv been told I should start thinking about packing a hospital bag. I’m completly lost as too what I should pack. Iv looked at so many different hospital bag check list and everyone iv looked at seems like it has way too many unnecessary things it says to bring. I would hate to over pack things I feel like I will never need. Mamas can you help me create a good check list without all the unnecessary stuff? Please and thank you!


i took quite abit, but only used my facecloth (cold/wet) on my forehead whilst in labour and my personal CD player with cds, magazine or book

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Easy pullover dress or sweatpants n comfy shirt easy no zippers tight buttons that’ll be uncomfortable;”)

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Trust me it’s better to have it and not need it then need and not have. Comfy clothes, water bottle, lotion, hair ties, chap stick, socks, robe, baby clothes, snacks, shower stuff if you want to shower and you probably will.


Phone charger,camera(with batteries or chargers) socks, robe(i had a c-section and had to walk around after so I was so glad I packed mine!) Hair ties, lounge pant,babies take home outfit plus your basic fulled diaper bag


1 “going home” outfit for baby, 1 pair of footie pajamas for baby, a robe/comfy lounge clothes for you, chargers, snacks for after labor (you’ll be starving)-I ordered a pizza immediately lol, toiletries, headphones…you don’t need very much the hospital provides diapers, formula if you aren’t breastfeeding, blankets, socks/underwear (for mom)…I totally overpacked last time


You need to pack everything you and the baby will need. EVERYTHING! the hospital will over charge you for everything they supply. Bring your own diapers, lotion, soap, shampoo and conditioner. Everything!

Clothes for me , Baby clothes , Clothes for dad in his bag , toiletries, Games , Chargers , Slippers , Socks , Hair ties , Baby going home outfit, I brought at least 4 bags with me… But I was also admitted for 10 days too.

When I had my son I brought comfortable clothes for me pillow and blanket. Clothes and blanket for baby. Boppy pillow. My hospital had everything I needed. Maybe you could call where you’ll be delivering at and see what they provide.

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Pajamas, any of your hygiene items- my husband laughed because I brought my makeup but I didn’t with my 1st and regretted it when I look back at the pictures (but I also felt great after my 2 littles and went home the next day) a couple onesies and outfits for the baby and you and baby’s going home things

My favorite thing to watch before I delivered was must have for hospital bags on YouTube lol

Chapstick, hair tie, comfy pants (black fold over yogas), slippers, if you’re picky your own shower stuff. I packed snacks for me because I’m super picky on what I eat. Camera, chargers, lap top.

Formula just in case!
Diapers and cream for rash
A few t shirts and outfits of different sizes in case
Bottles just in case
Burp rags

Phone charger. And going home outfit for baby…

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What’s wrong with over packing, it’s not the end of the world lol honestly I just packed sweat out fits and didn’t even pack make up. Those two days in the hospital were the most exhausted days of my life. I remember crying in the middle of the night because I was so tired and I couldn’t sleep because they decided to do shots for my baby at 3:30 am.

Over pack. You never know what you’ll need. I ended up having to stay 4 days just to monitor my blood pressure because it was slightly elevated. It was nice to not have to worry about sending someone home to get things for me. We had a bag for mom a bag for dad and a diaper bag for baby. Pinterest is your friend.


Hair brush/stuff. Toiletries(shampoo,deodorant toothpaste toothbrush) change of clothes for you. Chargers.

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Baby stuff , nappies, pads, change of night gowns for you( easy access for breastfeeding, ear plugs and eye mask (are a must! ) snack bag for you and dad. Pillow , dressing gown Wallah

Deodorant is a must. If you wear it.

Sweats,baggy shirt,underclothes,brush

I always go over prepared. After almost dying during routine surgery (not child birth) I’d say take it all!

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Im due in 4 weeks with baby number 2
3 pairs comfy clothes
Shampoo and conditioner
Hair brush
Toothpaste and toothbrush
Phone charger
Roll of quarters (vending machine, dad might need snacks too)
Hair ties
If breastfeeding also take pump and boppy pillow.

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Better to overpack than underpack

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Clothes to go home big bag to take pads diapers etc free crap home… baby outfit for home
Hair tye brush phone and charger

Take your personals and for the baby, only what it will need to wear home and a bottle…if it is using one.

Lots of underwear! And ones that are comfy to wear pads in. Pads! A few nighties that are easy to breastfeed in (if you are) face wipes, deodorant and snacks Are all a must have!

Robe, flip-flops & comfy sweatpants (mine were great even after my C-section because they were loose), chapstick, your own shower stuff/toiletries/brush, your own pillow (if like me, you have trouble sleeping on a flat one), phone chargers, a blanket for your husband if he is staying in the room overnight (they provided a sheet), a going home outfit for you and baby, and something cute for photos if your hospital has a photographer come around (Holmes uses Babyface portraits, and they did an amazing job for us), breastfeeding pillow.

Dont stress yourself out overthinking it! I went in assuming they’d tell me it was Braxton hicks. Turns out, preterm labor. I had a brother bring me a change of clothes and then worried about the far seat n outfit later. You never really know what’s going to happen!

Device chargers comfy clothes. Travel size bottles of your toiletries and hygiene stuff. *CHAPSTICK LIKE 4 OF YOUR FAVE. You wont need diapers or wipes with you until the day you leave if you plan on bottle feeding bring the type of bottle you want to use to try it out, if breastfeeding bring youe pump just incase your milk comes in quick you can pump in between feedings and get a stockpile going. House shoes my hospital gives new mothers a congrats basket with a robe cookies, baby book and a gift card.

All i ever brought was a pair of clothes to go home in and a few out fits for baby. My music and books. Hospital provides rest… never once did i take a bag…

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  • Change of clothes. Multiple socks and under wear just incase. Loose fitted clothes you dont want to wear anything tight.
    -Hair brush
    -Tooth brush and paste.
    -Extra pads
    -Your may want to bring some thing to do while in labour til you start to actually push. Could be there a while.
    -Hair ties if you have long hair. You will want them.
    -Phone charger
    -They only have so many pillows so you may wanna bring one.
    -Don’t forget to bring your baby bag. Diapers, wipes, baby take home clothes bring two sets 1 preme size and 1 newborn. (My daugter came out much smaller then expected.) Bring a blanket and hat incase.
  • wallet with your id and health card, also maybe some change incase of vending machine purchases for your partner.

Honestly, you dont need a hole lot the hospital has stuff there for you and the baby for the most part like diapers, formula, bathwash and vasoline for bum changes. They also put the baby in swattle blankets and a hat usually . Also if you do need stuff after the baby is born. You can get some rest and your partner or labour person can do a run home for anything you might think youll need.


Toothpaste and toothbrush come house slider pj baby clothes at least 2-3 outfits that’s all you need

O and don’t forget clothes foryou

Definitely the essentials. Mama needs to feel fresh and clean after all that hard work. Shampoo, Conditioner, body wash, toothpaste, toothbrush, facial cleansers, baby clothes, some comfy clothes for you, hair brush, hairband, nursing bra (even if you dont plan on nursing) underwear, they provide the best pads, no worries there. Chargers, roll of quarters, if you like read, definitely a book. I’ve kept the baby with me each and every time so i was always busy aside from the time the nicu nurses had to change shifts, they close for an hour in the morning and at night.

I had a csection with both my kids so I was there for a few days
For you: slippers, robe, towel, wash cloth, makeup (some probably say this is silly I know but you’d be surprised how much better it makes you feel when you feel pretty), gowns instead of pants/or shorts, snacks for you and for visitors, formula if you don’t plan on using the same kind the hospital provides (breastfeeding doesn’t always work for everyone right off the bat), ponytails, bobby pins, clips, headbands, facial wipes, chapstick
For the baby besides the clothes and socks… Mittens bc their little nails can be long, a boppy pillow, pacifier(s) if you don’t like the brand the hospital provides

Honestly girl, visit the hospital your delivering at, they’ll do a walk through and you can ask what all they don’t provide.
All three of my kids all I had was carseat, bag, and clothes for me and baby because they supplied soooo much.
That said things to remember are, if you want those cute hospital pics a blanket or cute something for babes pic and anything you want those first footprints on (nurses are awesome at getting them), and phone charger plus anything your partner will need if there’s one staying.

Comfy clothes any bathroom necessities because I hate to tell you this the ones at the hospital kind of suck. And with my first daughter I am so glad I packed my own underwear because I’m a small person and the mesh underwear that they gave me could have fit 5 of me. And I also brought my own pads because once again I am such a small person( I’m 4’9 just a FYI) that the pads that they gave me literally went from my back to my breasts because they were so large and very uncomfortable. But that’s my personal opinion on the underwear and Pad situation! Don’t forget your camera cell phone charger or any Electronics that could make you more comfortable but make sure that you keep them in a bag because I did have a couple items stolen at the hospital.

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Comfy clothes to go home with, toiletries, baby outfits, charger… beyond that, it’s your preference

It honestly depends on where you live what hospital you’re going to deliver at and what the hospital provides for yourself and the baby so maybe you want to start out there and calling the hospital and asking them what they provide for you at the hospital after baby is born and what they provide for the baby at the hospital after baby is born and go from there. It also depends on if your having a vaginal birth or a C-section birth. You definitely want to bring hygiene stuff for yourself, a comfortable outfit change to go home in preferably something you wore while you were pregnant because your belly will not go down immediately after birth, comfortable slippers sandals or non-slip socks, if the hospital does not provide pans you might want to bring those and some high-waisted comfortable fitting Grammy Penny type underwear or you might even buy some depends adult diapers for after birth, nursing pads, comfortable nursing bras or sports bras without the wires, hair ties lotion hair brush basically your toiletries, cash or credit card especially if they do pictures at the hospital of your newborn that is something else you might want to find out before you deliver and prices of everything if they do that, your ID social security number your significant other’s ID and social security number because you will need that to fill out the baby’s birth certificate and request a social security number for the baby, Chargers for any devices that you want to have at the hospital some headphones, two or three complete outfits for your baby including the one that you’re going to take your baby home in car seat cover or blanket if it’s called there, put a head and body support thing in the car seat if you haven’t already or the car seat doesn’t come with it to help stabilize the baby’s head when the baby is in the car seat, install a car seat, bottles wipes diapers formula if you plan on giving formula nursing cover if you plan on nursing, get a baby on board sign and put it on the inside of your window in your car in the backseat where your baby is going to be get a mirror to put in the car in front of the baby so that it gives you peace of mind and you can see your baby while you’re driving. Chapstick and hand sanitizer. If you have a C-section or are planning to have a C-section you will need a abdominal binder right after surgery especially when you get up to walk that will prevent a lot of pain and feeling like your insides are going to fall out of you. Any important medical history paperwork that you need pack that to so you don’t forget it. I can’t think of anything else.

Diapers, swaddle, receiving blanket and an out fit to bring the baby home in and a change of clothes for you.And if you think you need it bring something to focus during labor

I just looked at a couple of pinterest lists. They will provide you with everything if need be, but I Def wanted my own hair stuff and clothing. Plus I went ahead and packed baby’s stuff into the diaper bag.

It really is a bunch of unnecessary stuff on those lists. I packed a change of clothes for.myself to go home in, an extra phone charger some of those enormous pads and then a few baby outfits and a few diapers and wipes. And like deodorant and a few things like that. Both of the hospitals I had my two at provided a lot so really I just needed to worry about the ride home. They even sent me home with a few diapers so I wouldn’t stress to much. Just do the necessities. I’m 35 weeks and am starting on my hospital bag too

I put hygiene products in it for a shower change of clothes clothes for my baby to wear home the hospital should usually give you most of what you need but maybe like a hairbrush toothbrush deodorant you’re the one some big comfortable underwear extra big pads the hospital should give diapers and an outfit for the baby

Hygiene products for yourself, loose dress or pajamas if you don’t wanna wear hospital gown, clothes and blanket for when the baby goes home. You dont have to over pack. The hospital will give you plenty of diapers, hats shirts, and blankets. Also bring a book or music to listen to if you’re dont wanna watch tv.

Things to remember that I always forgot:

Hair ties
Flip flops for shower

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Chapstick, hairties and slippers… in addition to what the other ladies have already posted.

No guarantee you will fit into pre pregnancy clothes so bring something comfy for trip home

Loose pajama pants, 1 size larger cotton underwear, makeup. Baby outfits for pics , toothbrush, change for vending machines… they have everything else…

I over packed with my first a literally use less then half .

I used…
tooth brush
Shampoo + conditioner
2 Comfy outfits
Baby going home outfit
Hair ties
Packed diaper bag just in case
Phone charger

You don’t really need to bring much. Clothes for you and the baby to go home in, slippers and toothbrush, toothpaste and a brush. The hospital supplies everything else you need.

For you and in no particular order:
Going home outfit
Dressing robe
Socks or slippers
Back massager if some kind
Hair ties
Nurses gifts
List if people to call (sounds easy to remember but…it ain’t)
Phone and charger
Deodorant and any other toiletries

Husbands change of clothes,
Toothbrush and paste

Snacks for you and he, drinks

Diaper bag

Couple comfy loose outfits for you (including slippers and socks, it can get chilly)
Couple outfits for dad (if hes staying with you, but he can always run home for more stuff)
Couple outfits for the baby
Phone chargers
Maybe bring some snacks

Honestly I lived in my robe, my own gown, and socks/slippers until my labor started.
I’d say comfy clothes/underwear for going home, phone charger, tablet/book (something to keep you entertained while you wait for the REAL deal to start). I also HIGHLY recommend your own pillow with a distinctive pillowcase.
Bring some snacks, as you can end up waiting some time if you order the “room service”–trail mix is great.
You don’t need much for baby as they’ll be mostly swaddled while you’re there-baby’s take home outfit and car seat is all you really need. Good luck!!

BIRTH PLAN ON PAPER(give to the nurses on arrival)

Diaper bag…Phone charger…headphones…chap stick…a blanket and extra pillow for your SO… outfits for the new addition to come home in…carseat… change for the vending machine for your spouse…extra panties and comfy clothes to leave in. They likely won’t let you eat, so I wouldn’t bother with food. I brought suckers, though!

Chapstick, comfy clothes, socks, tooth brush and hair brush. Makeup if you want.

I packed 2 outfits for baby, 3 pairs of comfy pants and 3 comfy shirts and some socks. Also pack breast pads. And toothpaste tooth brush. . I forgot those but the hospital had them.

Outfit and blanket for pictures and going home(do different sizes)
I used adult diapers… so much better than the mesh!
Bring a blanket for you.
Extra loose clothes if you don’t want to wear the gown. Also some for yourself going home.
Cash for vending machine

It’s way easier to pack small since you’ll have to bring it in and out.

Make sure you know that everyone knows and understands the rules for visiting and to let you know when they come.
My husbands brothers family just walked in when I was about to finally sleep for the first time in 2 days and they did not know the rules and tried to hand their tiny kid my baby! It ruins the mood.

Someone told me to bring a boppy pillow in case of c section but I forgot it and wish I had it

1.) Diaper Bag: 2-3 outfits for baby. A few diapers and wipes, (IF planning to formula feed) formula and 2 bottles and one water bottle. 2.) Your Bag: Change of clothes, Cellphone&charger, mild lotion, hairties, brush, toothpaste and toothbrush, pads, comfy undies and maybe a book. IF you’re planning on Breastfeeding some nursing pads.

Definitely bring a few outfits. I only had one packed and kicked myself. My son was in NICU for several days and so I was alternating clothes. Had no visitors so I had no choice in the matter.

Maybe jogging pants for trip home . a soft top. Bra . a baby blanket a sleeper or outfit to bring baby home in.

I overpacked first time but always do…for everything…I resolved this by packing a small overnight bag for me and baby (hubby on his own lol) and then having another bag of “just in case” things which I left in the car. The “just in case” were extra clothes, toiletries, and misc in case the stay was longer than expected and I didn’t want anyone to have to find/retrieve from home.
I found I didn’t need very much at all. I was comfortable and home soon.

I’d say if you have a small blanket that you like more bring it. Just remember you have to take it all home and then some

Clothes and underwear for you and your Own pads. And outfit for the baby to come home in…


Going home clothes
Outfit for baby

Dont forget snacks…


Pack clothes for you and the baby to wear home. Blanket , diapers and wipes bib and bottles and formula if you don’t breastfeed. Possibly some chapstick in case your lips get dry . Also , don’t forget your baby car seat . That’s all I would say

5 more weeks for this momma :girl:t4: I’m patiently waiting for her arrival The day is getting closer

This is what I copied down from another woman but I still have nine weeks left myself and is still lost on what’s actually needed so I haven’t started hospital bags yet.
Baby bag : 3 outfits preemie , newborn , 0-3 months , pacifiers , bibs , wipes , diapers , body wash and lotion , two receiving blankets and one big blanket , two bottles just in case , grooming set

My bag : two gowns , pajama set just in case , slippers , underwear , socks , pads , lotion , deodorant, tooth brush and tooth paste , unscented soap just in case , headphones , snacks, chapstick, mints, hard candy, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, hair ties,

Fiances bag : soap , tooth brush & tooth paste , pajamas , slippers , socks , underwear , deodorant , a couple of face towels , headphones , snacks , extra spending money, cell phone and charger of course …

Blankets and pillows


Loose lounge pants, thin robe, slippers, misting fan (was a life saver for me while I waited for my epidural), hairbrush, hair ties, Chapstick, depends (way comfier than the mesh undies), shampoo/conditioner/body wash, going home outfit

For hubby I packed:
His switch, lounge pants, several t-shirts, jeans, lots of change, list of who to call and send pictures to, socks, slippers, books

For baby I packed:
Hypoallergenic baby wash and lotion (hubby and I have extremely sensitive skin), swaddle, sleep sack, recieving blanket, pacifier, going home outfit.

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Comfy baggy clothes! 2x sets.
Phone and charger (lots of waiting)
hair ties
Tooth brush and tooth paste
Lotion for momma
Blankets for baby
Hat for baby
Hand mittens for baby
Two or three outfits for baby

Bring an outfit for home in 3 sizes

Wow some people packed way too much haha i was out the next day i couldnt imagine having all sorts of suitcases, bags and baby bags haha pack 1 big bag with essentials for u and bub (a few good suggestions above) …u r having a baby not a holiday so things like make up etc r not necessary. The hospital provides lots for the baby as well!


Not sure where U are but most hospitals in the US provide pretty much everything besides baby clothes and your personal necessities (clothes, hair brush, tooth brush, etc.)


This is what I packed this time for my second baby, for me, baby, and husband, but you might find some helpful tips here as a ftm! :relaxed::relaxed: Congrats and prayers for a healthy rest of your pregnancy and smooth delivery!! :heart::heart:

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I’d recommend to pack some extra swaddling blankets. You don’t know how your baby will fit into the car seat so they are nice to roll up and snug in beside the baby to make him/her more secure

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I just gave birth I took clothes for me, baby and daddy… slippers, my ow depends and pads, took shower and teeth stuff, lotion, hair brush, my own pillow and blanket, my supplement and medications, trash bag for dirty clothes, boppy for breast feeding

Food and lots of it tea and toast just ain’t gonna cut it I had to send my hubby out twice for kfc to fill that massive gap I was starved hahaha

Like all the stuff minus my clothes and stuff and chargers I didnt use the hospital basically provides everything for the baby just bring a going home outfit and carseat

Outfits and blankets car seat and jammies for you and snacks for you as well that’s all you’ll use

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Jogging suit, toiletries, toothbrush & tooth paste, medications, 2 baby blankets, 2 baby outfits, cell phone charger, snacks… basically what you will need in case you have to stay longer then a day. And clothes for both baby and mommy to go home. I had my bf bring the car seat the day we were going home.

My guess ur a first time mom so pack everything lol i only packed a change of clothes and hairbrush of plus charger i like to travel light even now for a baby bag its just diapers and wips not even a change of clothes not gone long enough ever

Tank tops to wear under your gown. Dry shampoo/hairbrush/hair ties. Chapstick. Nipple cream. Phone charger. Tooth brush and paste
For your SO you’ll need a few changes of clothes, PJ pants, phone charger, tooth brush/paste.
For the baby: going home outfit (1 newborn, 1 0-3 months, 1 3-6 months if you think he/she will be big), car seat.
The last one sounds kinda weird- but take a duffle bag folded up inside of your bag. The hospital will be MORE than willing to bring you extra ANYTHING. Anything you don’t use, they have to throw away so stash it away in the extra duffle. I didn’t have to buy any newborn diapers or formula for the first several days after we were home.

After having my second, don’t just think you are going to have a baby and walk out the next day. Be prepared. I had a small bag because my 1st was so easy and planned. My second I had some complications. Went in thinking it was another false alarm due to my complications and had to have emergency c section and was there deff. Longer than I wanted to be. We lived 1 1/2 hours from the hospital so there was a time when hubby had to drive home and back because I didn’t have all I needed.

Honestly I brought clothes for me and baby, my hygiene products and something to entertain me well I had down time.

Mostly stuff for yourself!! An the baby’s going home outfit n blankets an such!! Word from the wise don’t over pack!

I did the whole checklist packing with my first and didn’t use any of it.
Pair of PJ’s/nightgown, extra outfit, charge cord for phone, maybe some overnight pads (as the hospital ones are like diapers) for you. They have all the health and beauty supplies for showering you need.
For baby a coming home outfit, carseat and pacifier & bottle if you want them to use a specific type. The hospital will provide diapers, wipes. Utilize everything they can provide save your stock for when you get home.

Sandlesfor shower and walking around, going home outfits for you and baby (nb and size 0-3m) , and shampoo n conditioner, make up if you want. Car seat, small blanket for baby, mittens for baby. Thats all you really need tbh

Pads! Go to Walmart and buy the large pack of hanes underwear. You’ll want comfort (especially if it’s a csection. ) I had to wear my husbands underwear for 3 weeks after. Jammies that have opening front for breast feeding. I brought all my shower stuff that makes me feel refreshed

Better to be over packed then not. Lol
Hair brush and a few hair elastics. Deodorant, shampoo/conditioner, sensitive body wash, bring ur own pillow, slippers and warn socks,big grandma underwear and big ass pads, toothpaste/toothbrush, your own blanket, snacks, phone and charger, earphones to jam to some music. Bring 2 or 3 baby outfits,baby blankets, change of clothes for you to go home in (Something loose and not restricting).

Clothes for baby to come home In blankets,clothes for you car seat

Weather appropriate clothes for you and baby. Shower supplies. Phone and charger. Thats all i brought