What should I pack in my hospital bag?

Ideas on what to pack in hospital bag for baby #2, I way over packed with my first but I do not wanna under pack either because I know the hospital provides a lot!


2 pairs of loose, comfy clothes
Thick socks
Larger undies
Baby going home outfit (& socks)
Throw blanket
Bathroom necessities
Fav snacks

Pack for daddy too!

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Long Charger, slippers, robe, outfit for you and baby.

If wanting minimal that’s it really. I packed a whole duffel bag because I want more comforts like snacks, nursing bra, stuff for hubby, more than one baby outfit nb and 0-3, a delivery gown, etc

The things you packed last time that you used. Lol

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Charger cord, you and baby an outfit that’s really all you need