What should we do in vegas?

My boyfriend and I are eloping in las vegas next month, i know cliché, lmao but our family doesn’t really know that we want to do it since we never announced an engagement or anything of the sort; but Honestly we just want to do it on our own and make it intimate then after our one year anniversary have a celebration. We are both military, again cliché i know lmao but any tips, advice, or recommendations on what to do see or experience in las vegas?? I went there almost 10 years ago so i have a couple things in mind but would love others input!


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What should we do in vegas?

We went ATV riding and loved it!! In Red Rock Canyon maybe? Groups, fed us lunch, started out last and ended up front, lol.

we had a pkg dea; with limo taking us for license wedding chapel drink champagne and cruise town then dropped us off at our hotel…

Why is this in a Mom’s page of advice!? :angry:


Fremont Street in old Vegas is always lively!!

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EDC festival would be extremely memorable :hugs::crazy_face:

First and foremost thank you for your service. :heart: it’s Not cliché that sounds absolutely perfect for the two of you if that’s what you want. Don’t stress what you guys are going to do. the most important part is that you’re together and remember you can make anything fun, life it what happens in between plans. Take lots of pictures, make sure to bring something home from the trip, and just enjoy each other.

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Take a helicooter ride. Plan a picnic. By candlelight

Nearby is Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, Valley of Fire & Red Rocks beautiful parks, all pretty incredible I hear.

In Vegas itself, Bellagio dancing fountains and Chihuly glasswork ceiling sculpture. Fun to see the volcano, pirate ship, ride up the smaller scale Eiffel Tower, at the various mega hotel properties, and I enjoyed the exhibits at the Luxor. Check out which hotels have roller coasters if you like them; New York New York might be one & their casino is set up like walking through NYC neighborhoods—cute! See some casinos just for the experience—you don’t have to gamble—and the people watching can be interesting there too. If it’s around a holiday, check out any special hotel exhibits, especially at the high-end hotels, and these are all free.

Wear sunscreen and know that walking from one property to another looks closer because of the perspective with which these places were built, but it can be a really long distance. Walking the 4.2 miles of “The Strip” will take you 90 minutes at a minimum because it’s busy as well as far.

Depending on what you like to eat, there are amazing and amazingly pricey restaurants, but the buffets can be pretty incredible for less (though can still be pricey) if those are still an option during the pandemic.

My daughter and son in law got married in Vegas on New Year’s Day with immediate family and a few close friends. They planned a fun weekend of casino hopping, a pizza party & New Year’s Eve fireworks viewing from their hotel suite balcony, the ceremony was at Red Rocks (first choice was Valley of Fire, but there were obstacles), hiking @ Valley of Fire, Top Golf, dancing fountains, some buffets, reception dinner @ Margaritaville for their fun, casual vibe. It was a fun weekend but unseasonably cold, even for winter. If it’s warm enough most places have wonderful pools and water features to float in, and many have spa services—again, not cheap. We also had fancy drinks at a fancy hotel bar, but not many because $$. The Ritz Carlton has a vending machine with Moët champagne!

Shows are amazing though expensive. I saw Cirque du Soleil “O” water show which was life-changing on one trip—any of the Cirque shows would be fantastic. My son in law’s wedding gift to my daughter was tickets to Lady Gaga, which she also said was a peak life experience. You may have to order tickets well in advance to get a seat at the most popular shows though.

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Dale Chihuly glass art

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Museums!! Lol mob museum was fun. Meow wolf, a crazy-trippy-beautiful art display experience. Zip lining….any hotel will do unless you want a pool party…in which case idk because I’m sober now :joy:

Also there is a breakfast place In the flamingo , “hash house a go go “ so good!

Do a helicopter tour at night over the strip. We did it in July truly amazing. Use Maverick. Also red rocks is beautiful. If you can get tickets I highly recommend Chris Angel mindfreak. Saw it last month and hubby and I loved it!
Congratulations and best if luck! :clinking_glasses:

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Helicopter trip over the Grand Canyon is amazing. Rent a motorcycle and go riding in the mountains it’s beautiful. There are a lot of good restaurants in Vegas.

It’s. Your. Choice!!! Just. Be. Careful. When. Gambling

I have no advice since I’ve never been, but I hope y’all have an amazing time! Best wishes!

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I’ve never been to Las Vegas so I can’t advise. Best wishes on your marriage!

Check out Freemont street, they have the light show after dark. Drive the strip; Take a ride on the High Roller at the LINQ, grab tickets to Cirque du Soleil, Take a ride at SpeedVegas, Head up to the Skypod at the Strat. Walk around the Neon Museum, Helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon, Spend a day at the Mandalay bay beach. The possibilities are endless.

You should look up the Vegas apps. You play games everyday and earn points towards free or discounted things. Last time I went to Vegas we went zip lining, up the Eiffel Tower, wax museum, helicopter ride and a few shows for very cheep. You can also get discounts on hotels and food. They saved us so much money

Clarissa Hamilton Regula save all of the ideas…except for the helicopter one. That’s a hard pass, I’m sure you can imagine why :joy:

I haven’t been there in years but lunch or dinner on the Stratosphere!

We got married in Vegas April 15 at the tropicana resort by the pools in a big garden area. So highly recommended! It was beautiful!

I live like 2 hours from Vegas and we visit alot, but if you’re going to walk on the strip wear a backpack or cross body purse. It’s dangerous.

And Dicks is great entertainment, but their food is crap and expensive :sweat_smile:

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