What side effects did you get if you didn't get nexplanon taken out when you should have?

What side effects did you get while your birth control (nexplanon) was passed the three year removal date?

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1st one no problems. Worked great. Took me a whole year to conceive. Then I got it again after my second pregnancy but lots of cramps and bleeding for months. Not normal for me since I had it before and didn’t go through it. Had it taken out.

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Might be wrong but it’s probably just a loss of medicinal efficacy. Like it’s only rated to last three years. Although I think it’s longer. Anything after that is probably not reliable contraception. With that said I wouldn’t leave it in forever either. It can become grown into your arm and migrate.


Mine did not agree with me at all. I was a bit “out of sorts”. Turns out it was migrating towards my heart. The difference between the injection site and removal point scared my doc.

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I went a month past the 3 years mark and I felt no different. I got it changed and I’m year 2 with my second nexplanon. I’ve had 0 issues.

I replaced mine 4 times.
Took it out, not even a week I am now pregnant :laughing:

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I had non. Stayed in my arm for 6 years bc I was chicken shit and didnt want it out.

As long as it’s still in place you’ll be fine. It’s just less effective.

I had mine for 7 years and never got pregnant. Had it out, 2 weeks later got pregnant lmao

I had my nexaplanon in 6 months passed the expiration time. No side effects other than the ones I already experienced before it expired and didn’t get pregnant either.
I had to wait because my OB was booked so far in advance and they didn’t act like it was a big deal.

I didnt get mine removed till 2018 it was placed 2012. It took months of trying to get pregnant i had to start a pill form of birth control. I gained weight insanely fast and also had extremely bad periods.

It can become less effective so it’s best to use a back up method like condoms until it’s replaced.

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