What sleep schedule should a 3 month old be on?

What kind of sleep/awake schedule should a 3 1/2 month old baby be on? My son is still doing the “awake one hour, sleep one hour” routine during the day, but I’m worried he’s getting too old for this sort of schedule. To break it down a little more…He sleeps 7-9 hours through the night (about 9 pm - 6 am, give or take) wakes for a bottle, goes back to bed for a couple hours (until about 8:30-9:00 am) then from there he does the awake one hour, to eat and play, and then an hour nap, over and over until bedtime. Equals out to be about 5 one hour long naps. So he’s getting his recommended 14-16 hours this way, but I’m worried about how broken up it is. But, if I don’t lay him down after about an hour he gets very cranky and just wants to sleep. Plan on asking Dr. about it at his next checkup but just looking for any advice/experiences with this in the meantime. Thank you!!


He is fine. Listen to his body.

Thats normal as he gets older the sleeping pattern during the day will change

Both my boys were sleeping 10 hours a night by the time they were 10 weeks old but I admit, I was very lucky to have had that!!..I think as long as their tummies are full, nappies are dry and they’re content, they should sleep. You get to know when they’re looking for attention and nothing is wrong. That’s when you ignore them, keep running to them and they will continue doing it.

He’s 3 months old and growing ever day. He isn’t “too old”. If his body says he needs sleep then he does.

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Eat, sleep, repeat. Lol… Sounds perfectly normal. I have 5 girls and they are all big sleepers, they all had different sleep patterns too. So wouldn’t worry, but definitely would want him on a more normal schedule where he’s awake for longer than an hour that way he sleeps longer than that. Just keep him up longer, he might fuss at first bc he’s tired, but after a week of doing that you can get him on a better routine.

Let that baby sleep when he needs to.

My son love to sleep like that. As long as he don’t get his days and nights mixed up he is fine. My son is now 23 and still loves to sleep. My girls never slept

Whatever he wants the sleep alot let him sleep when he sleeps he will get a better schedule once he gets older :slight_smile:

Whatever schedule they decide to be. You can’t schedule a 3 month old baby

Holy crap you are lucky. My kids never slept that well. They were up every 1.5 hours around the clock